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American Idol: Going Gaga

Joy-Allen.jpgSimon sure knows how to kick off a show. When asked who should be going home, the cranky Brit rattled off a list of people who he thought should go, a list which included Megan, Matt and Anoop. And while it was blunt and kind of gloomy, it was almost exactly right, as Simon predicted two of the bottom three.

But before Ryan started lining the contestants up for an hour of fake-outs and "we'll find out, after the break," it was time for the group number. This week's selection was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," one of iTunes top downloads, and it suited our Top 9 well. Every singer got a short solo and almost of all them sounded amazing. Allison and Kris started out with a duet and sang their hearts out, while Scott accompanied them on the keyboard. Pretty soon everyone had sung their solo and I started to wonder why we don't hear this song on the show more often! (In fact I'm singing it now! Don't stop...believing...hold on to that fee-eeee-eeee-ling...)

Next we got to follow our Idols through a week in their lives, which from what I could see consisted of endless photo shoots and red carpet walks. We also learned that Kris has problems making his "sexy face," Matt is the resident impersonator, the singers have their own personal chef and Scott really, really likes chocolate cake. Plus, we got to see a glimpse into how much these contestants actually like each other, as we saw a number of them do impersonations of each other (the best one? Allison doing her Danny impression! Awesome!)

The laughs were short-lived, though, as the lights dimmed and Ryan started dividing up contestants. In the first group were Matt, Megan and Kris, who quickly headed to the left side of the stage. Shoved towards the center were Adam, Lil and Allison. And finally, Scott, Danny and Anoop took their spots on the right side of the stage.

Which of these groups contained our bottom three? Actually, all of them, but first it was time for a special guest, last year's Idol, Mr. David Cook! I was really looking forward to seeing him live again, and he did not disappoint with his latest single "Come Back to Me!" I don't know if it was the cool build-up to the chorus, the fact that Cook was rockin' his classic white guitar or just seeing his mom rock out in the front row, but this was a fun performance. After the song, Ryan surprised Mr. Humble with a platinum record for his CD which just sold one million albums.

But before everyone could get too comfortable, it was back to the eliminations. Kris was immediately sent to the Couch of Safety, and after a fake-out by Ryan, so was Matt. Next in line was Megan, but unfortunately for her, she was the first person to join the bottom three. Not looking surprised in the slightest, Megan flapped her arms and "cawed" her way to the Stools of Doom. At the next set of three, Lil and Adam were both safe, but Allison joined Megan on the stools. Finally, both Danny and Scott were declared safe, with Anoop rounding out the bottom three.

As we headed into the second musical guest of the night, I'm sure Simon rolled his eyes so far up in his head he almost passed out. Of course, I'm referencing Lady Gaga, who is without a doubt the weirdest person ever invited onto "Idol." But having seen her music videos, I knew what to expect. Between the funky interpretive dance backup dancers, the odd see-through piano, the moon suit and the zipper patch pasted over her left eye, I wasn't quite sure what I was watching. So I was surprised to find that, by the end, I was completely entertained. The beginning of the song was odd, but good (who knew Lady Gaga could sing? Or play the piano?), and other than a few "pitchy" parts, I thought it was a very memorable performance.

As time grew short, Ryan decided to send someone back to the couches. First went Allison, followed soon after by Anoop. That left poor Megan alone at the bottom, waiting to hear if the judges would give her one last shot. Simon was not moved by her plight and decided that she didn't seem worthy of a "judges save," so she wasn't even going to get the option. And how did Megan respond to such a crushing blow? By strolling on down and boogying, of course! The news didn't seem to phase her too much and Megan used her last few moments on the "Idol" stage to awkwardly gyrate at the judges table.

So, here's to you Megan Joy! The girl with the signature voice and potty dances who liked making bird noises and made arm tattoos cool again. And remember, even though the show cost you your last name, you can still take comfort in knowing you were one of Simon's favorite auditions! Caw caw!

So, do you think America got it right? Was it Megan's time to go? Were there any shocks in the bottom three? And who should go home next? Post your comments below and make sure you come back next Tuesday for Songs From the Year They Were Born week! -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on April 2, 2009 10:28 AM
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Who should go home next?...

I think it's you Chris if as you state you were really entertained by Lady Gaga. Who TF is that sad moron? LOL!!

-- 1. Posted by: surpriseme at April 2, 2009 11:08 AM

I found myself gaga for GaGa too! She's a weird way. Looks like Matt should be next. They're all enjoyable at this point, but someone has to go. Hail Adam, ever though he's kind of weird too! Good review.

-- 2. Posted by: Tom at April 2, 2009 3:03 PM

Maybe they will now quit criticizing adam for being "over the top". Lady Gaga is a lot weirder than Adam and she is the hottest thing on the music scene right now.

-- 3. Posted by: Steve in Oakland at April 2, 2009 5:19 PM

Gaga made me gag!

-- 4. Posted by: Steve in Oakland at April 2, 2009 5:20 PM

I find it really retarted how people keep saying Christina stole lady gaga's look. Take a look a Roisin Murphy and tell me lady gaga didn't steal her entire image. I mean Roisin Murphy should be credited for what gaga has stolen.

I can actually say that lady gaga saw what christina brought to the VMA's and embraced it even more after hearing the comparison between the two.

I mean, Lady Gaga's look before the X-tina incident was sooo Roisin Murphy like lose clothes and over the top outfits.Now, Gaga is like the Christina Vinyl fetish superwoman.

Lady Gaga has good music, but she need to stop stealing other people's image.

myspace dot com backslash jkreeper

-- 5. Posted by: Jess-C at April 2, 2009 8:59 PM

I'm sorry Simon, but the game has passed you by. You look absolutely flabby when your wearing your see-through white t-shirts. You are actually hard to look at and forces my wife and daughter to hold up there hands and mask your lower half. I know in England your probably considered quite a classy guy, but the fact is your just old and I bounce between thinking tone deaf or just plain hateful. So in retrospect, here are some tips: don't touch your face when your on camera, wear thicker shirts, even if you like the feel of light material, consider even Cher looked bad showing her southern cheeks at the Academy Awards, most important work out, transparent white t-shirts over a flabby back ground isn't family programming, it's just plain offensive, and finally stop fondling Paula, if you've got something going, get a room. But you're suppose to be paying attention to the contestants. Please take these suggestions seriously.

-- 6. Posted by: svduran1 at April 4, 2009 1:41 PM

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