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American Idol: Now Leaving Motown

Sarver-Giraud.jpgAnd the shocks keep on coming. Last week it was Alexis Grace's early exit from the "Idol" stage that had some people (including me) talking. But this week it wasn't so much the evicted contestant that was surprising, but who joined him in the bottom three.

The night started out like any other, with the group sing-along (this week featured a Motown medley). Then Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard delivered a surprising performance, showing a little more confidence then he has in the past. But pretty soon we reached this week's eliminations. First to the chopping block were Matt, Michael, Lil, Adam and Kris. After some tense moments and some classic Seacrest fake-outs, Lil, Adam and Kris could all breathe easier (even though it looked like Lil was about to pass out). That meant Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver had claimed the first two Stools of Doom.

Let's talk about that decision for a moment, shall we? I can completely understand Michael's inclusion in the bottom ranks. His performance last night was too much like a Las Vegas revue, and less like the making of an Idol. Plus, he seemed to be channeling both Wayne Newton and Taylor Hicks at the same time. But why oh why was Matt even remotely close to the bottom. His take on "Let's Get It On" was practically perfect, and the judges loved his voice and tone. So seeing him fall to the bottom of the pack was mind-boggling. The only reason I can come up with for such a mistake is the Curse of the Number One Spot. Many people have noticed that contestants who sing first often garner the least amount of votes, maybe because people forget about them as the show goes on.

The elimination process was interrupted by an extremely strange duet between Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson, this week's mentor. Singing "You're the One For Me," this was supposed to be some kind of Motown revival. Instead it turned into the oddest, most boring collaboration "Idol" has put on stage this year. (I do have to give the producers credit, though, for exposing the audience to many types of music. We went from MJ to country to classic Motown in just three weeks. That's very cool.)

Then the show threw us right back into the eliminations again. Up for judgment this time were Allison, Anoop, Danny, Scott and Megan. One by one, Seacrest told Allison, Anoop and Danny to sit down. They were safe for at least one more week. On the other hand, either Scott or Megan was being dumped in the bottom. I was surprised once again when Scott was sent to the bottom three, instead of Megan "I'm doing the potty dance" Joy. Surely America knows that while Scott isn't the best singer, at least he's somewhat good. Megan may have an interesting voice, but she has yet to figure out just how to use it. (Plus, her wacky arm movements kinda remind me of the Little Teapot song. "Tip her over and pour her out...")

Looking at our bottom three tonight- Matt, Michael and Scott, Randy said Matt definitely didn't deserve to go home. But Simon, who is as blunt as they come, said the three guys were there because America didn't like them enough. Wow, that's pretty harsh. Tell me again exactly why you, Simon, are even involved in the concept of a 'judges' save.'

Elimination had to wait just a little bit longer, as Stevie Wonder showed up to sing a little Motown medley of his own. Boy, did he make me want to go out and buy some Stevie Wonder CDs! Even after all these years, his voice is just as good as it always was. I have to give Mr. Wonder the award for best performer of the night.

Finally, Seacrest opened the envelope and revealed that Michael received the least amount of votes. No real surprise here. I was pretty sure Matt would at least get another chance. (Though I did start to wonder if the judges had begun theorizing how to handle the 'judges save' if Matt did get the least amount of votes. I bet if Matt had been the last, the judges would have saved him from elimination.)

But this season's latest twist puts the evicted singer through the wringer one more time before they go. In order to win the elusive 'judges save,' the contestant has to sing for their life, performing their selection from last night's show. And if the judges like them, they get to come back for another week of show, despite the results.

The judges had probably already made up their minds about Michael before he sang, but he sang anyway. Turns out, he sang it better the second time around. And despite partially winning over Kara and Paula, Simon overruled them and evicted Michael from the competition. I'm betting contestants from previous seasons are counting their lucky stars that they never got eliminated twice!

So, here's to you Michael Sarver, the oil-rigger with the huge smile and 'nice guy' personality! You may work in the fifth most-dangerous job on the planet, but it's going to seem like child's play compared to Simon Cowell!

What do you think? Did America make the right call? Should Michael have stuck around a bit longer? Were you as shocked about Matt's appearance in the Bottom Three as I was? And who deserves to get the boot next? Post your comments below and find your way back here next Tuesday for some good old-fashioned Idol fun. -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on March 27, 2009 9:12 AM
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at this point Megan Corkrey keeps advancing either because she's extremely cute, or because is making it happen

-- 1. Posted by: coffee at March 28, 2009 2:21 AM

I'm sorry Simon, but the game has passed you by. You look absolutely flabby when your wearing your see-through white t-shirts. You are actually hard to look at and forces my wife and daughter to hold up there hands and mask your lower half. I know in England your probably considered quite a classy guy, but the fact is your just old and I bounce between thinking tone deaf or just plain hateful. So in retrospect, here are some tips: don't touch your face when your on camera, wear thicker shirts, even if you like the feel of light material, consider even Cher looked bad showing her southern cheeks at the Academy Awards, most important work out, transparent white t-shirts over a flabby back ground isn't family programming, it's just plain offensive, and finally stop fondling Paula, if you've got something going, get a room. But you're suppose to be paying attention to the contestants. Please take these suggestions seriously.

-- 2. Posted by: svduran1 at April 4, 2009 1:43 PM

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