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American Idol: Fall From Grace

Grace-Sarver.jpgIt wouldn't be an episode of "American Idol" if Ryan "I talk too much" Seacrest didn't tease a shocking elimination. After eight seasons, his antics have become pretty routine (and we'll find out more about those antics....awkward pause....after the break!), so those "shocks" have kinda lost their power. But tonight's shocking elimination was actually, well, shocking, as we lost one of the better singers in the competition. Before I get to that, though, here's how things went down on tonight's episode, as told in seven acts.

ACT I: Trouble Brews
After a quick recap, the show officially kicked off with this week's group sing-along, the country hit "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" by Travis Tritt. It was actually a lot of fun, and it's always interesting to see how creative the choreographers get with Scott. This week they let him jam on the piano, while everyone else bopped around him.

Next up was the utterly pointless Ford music video featuring (drum roll please), a water balloon fight. Yay. Then we got to see the behind-the-scenes action that went down after Jasmine and Jorge were kicked to the curb last week. Who knew they all went out for a celebratory last supper? The best line of that night came from Jorge who said: "Don't feel too comfortable, we're not the only ones who will be eliminated." Awesome!

Then, either to bum everyone out or as a ploy to win Michael Sarver even more votes, Ryan asked Sarver how it felt to be away from his daughter. Michael almost teared up when he said his little girl asked him this week: "Why don't you want to be with me anymore?" Sniff, sniff. Sorry, I have something in my eye.

ACT II: The Bottom Three begins
Ryan cued the ominous music and started the eliminations. Danny, Lil and Anoop were the first three to stand, and one by one, Ryan declared them safe. Pack your suitcases kids, because you're going on the summer tour! Next up were both Allison and Michael. Ryan first sent Allison to the dreaded bottom three, quickly followed by Michael. Two down....

ACT III: First Musical Guest
Brad Paisley showed up and sang his new single "Then." I've always liked this guy, and his songs are great, most of which are either straight-up comedy or serious love songs. Tonight's ditty fell in the love song category, and he did a pretty good, if not great, job.

ACT IV: Rounding Out the Bottom Three
In quick succession, Scott, Megan, Matt and Kris all received the green light to join the summer tour. As it came down to Adam and Alexis, I started to get worried. There's no way the audience would pick the emo-vampire dude over the pixie with the golden pipes, would they? Yes, they would. Apparently creepy renditions of old Johnny Cash songs are in this year. It's off to the bottom three with you Alexis.

ACT V: A Call From the Governor
In an act of mercy, the governor, um, I mean Ryan, ordered a stay of elimination for Allison. That means we'll get at least one more week of girl rawk from Iraheta. And that means there's still more time to sweat it out for Alexis and Michael.

ACT VI: Duets
Carrie Underwood, one of the most successful "Idols," returns to duet with last night's mentor Randy Travis. They sang "I Told You So," and it was one of the better guest performances I've heard on the "Idol" stage in awhile. Carrie once again proved what a great singer she is, and Randy showed off some of his unique vocals as well. Together they sounded pretty good, though this was apparently the Underwood Experience and Travis was just dropping by (he only sang solo for about 10 to 15 seconds total).

ACT VII: The elimination
It all comes down to this. After 33 million votes (which probably equals only a couple million actual people, and includes about 50,000 tween girls who really, really like Kris Allen), Ryan said Alexis had been eliminated. But according to the new rules, Grace's final song could actually help her if the judges decided to use their one "save." Did anyone else feel awful for this poor girl? Isn't it bad to lose once? But then to have all this pressure to win over the judges, which could result in another rejection, just seems kind of mean. So, Alexis sang her heart out, which actually involved quite a bit of almost-desperate oversinging and numerous squeaky notes. As the judges huddled at the table, it looked like they might actually save her....that is until Simon said "you were good, but not good enough." And with that, it was time for Alexis to go. This is the first time this season I'm actually angry at the decision, since Miss Grace had been such a powerhouse in earlier episodes.

So, as a tribute to our fallen Idol, here's to you Alexis Grace. She who made pink highlights cool, loved to wear little black dresses and taught her daughter how to say "Seacrest Out." Your time came too soon.

After all the drama and suspense, and the hoops the producers made Alexis jump through tonight, do you think tonight's cast-off deserved to go? Should it have been either of the other two bottom singers, Allison or Michael? Or did the "Idol" viewers get it completely wrong? Also, who do you think is racking up the most number of votes right now? Post your comments below and make sure you set your recorders for Wednesday night next week, as the President's address bumps "Idol's" Motown night by one day. See you next week! -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on March 19, 2009 7:28 AM
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In this Idol season - IMO one of the strongest in years - I'm not sure any eliminated contestant can be considered a "shock." I personally think the tattooed singer should have been ousted, but though Alexis has strong vocals, for me she isn't that unique. As for Adam's rendition of "Ring of Fire," most certainly was not country. But I am always riveted to this guy. What a stage presence. And he takes giantic risks, which is refreshing. Does anyone else see a physical resemblance to Elvis??

-- 1. Posted by: casey at March 19, 2009 8:59 AM

If you thought that was great you should go vote for Carrie for ACM Entertainer of the Year only 7 women have won and the last to be nomitated was in 2001 so this is a huge award for her. Go vote here for Carrie

-- 2. Posted by: vp at March 19, 2009 1:20 PM

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