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American Idol: The Top 36

Tonight we finally learned who this year's Top 36 are! Here's a rundown of the night's big moments at the mysterious Judges' Mansion:

-The judges confirm ALL my predictions from last night: Danny Gokey, Anne Marie Boskovich, Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, Michael Sarver, Stevie Wright and Kristin McNamara all make the cut!

-The following people make the cut despite my EXTREME objections: Nick Mitchell (a.k.a. Norman Gentle), Tatiana Del Toro and Nathaniel Marshall. Haven't these people wasted enough of our time yet? I'm guessing since they all bring their respective drama, the producers told the judges to let them through. I'm just not sure I'll be able to take much more of Tatiana's laugh.

-The following person didn't make the cut, despite being way better than the three I just mentioned: Jamar Rogers.

-According to Seacrest, the format for the next three weeks will be 3 sets of 12 singers. First up next week are: Anoop Desai, Casey Carlson, Stevie Wright, Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, Ricky Braddy, Brent Keith, Stephen Fowler, Jackie Tohn, Tatiana Del Toro, Anne Marie Boskovich and Michael Sarver.

So without further ado, here's your Top 36:
-Anoop Desai: better known as Anoop-Dogg
-Von Smith: was once called an "indulgent child" by Simon
-Alex Wagner-Trugman: won a "sing-off" against amateur filmmaker Cody Shelton, by singing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
-Adam Lambert: unanimously sent through, despite singing a Cher song in Hollywood
-Taylor Vaifanua: an early judges' favorite
-Jasmine Murray
-Ariana Afsur
-Casey Carlson
-Megan Corkrey
-Mishavonna Henson
-Stevie Wright
-Joanna Pacitti: despite having previous record deals, she forgot the words in all her auditions, but the judges still liked her
-Kendall Beard
-Kristen McNamara: had a tussle with her three-person group in Hollywood; won a "sing-off" against half of the husband-wife group Jen Korbee, by singing "I Will Always Love You"
-Alexis Grace
-Scott MacIntyre
-Lil Rounds: Simon says she's fantastic and sounds like a good, old-fashioned singer
-Jesse Langseth: won a "sing-off" against Frankie Jordan who Simon said "wouldn't have won anyway"
-Allison Iraheta: the 16-year-old red-head who the judges say has raw talent and Paula proclaimed was the "dark horse"
-Danny Gokey: one of the judges' favorites, is a Robert Downey Jr. look-alike (though his friend Jamar Rogers surprisingly did not make it)
-Ricky Braddy
-Matt Giraud: the dueling piano player
-Ju'noth Joyner
-Jorge Nunez
-Brent Keith
-Stephen Fowler: even though he forgot the words while playing the piano during the last Hollywood Round
-Nick Mitchell: a.k.a. Norman Gentle, the judges like his wacky style
-Jackie Tohn
-Tatiana Del Toro: a.k.a. "that girl with the weird laugh"
-Nathaniel Marshall: cried a lot; won a "sing-off" against Jackie Midkiff, who Kara fought for
-Jeanine Vailes
-Kai Kalama
-Anne Marie Boskovich
-Kris Allen
-Matt Breitzke: the welder from Kansas City
-Michael Sarver: oil rig roughneck from Phoenix

Well, it looks like the judges' job is done. Now it's America's turn. Beginning next week the first twelve singers sing for your votes. Leave your comments below about what you think of the Top 36! --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 12, 2009 9:09 AM
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