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American Idol: Hollywood Round 3

8-Hollywood-judges.jpgI think "Idol" had its very first theme episode tonight and didn't tell us. After watching the remaining 72 singers duke it out for a shot at immortality (or at the very least, one CD they can brag about to their grandkids one day), I had this vague sense we were witnessing Old School Rock and Soul Night.

Several of tonight's singers were eerily reminiscent of rockers from yesteryear. There was dueling piano player Matt Giraud who busted out his Joe Cocker impression while belting "Georgia on My Mind." And Danny Gokey threw his hat in the gravelly-voiced ring as he hit all the notes on "I Hope You Dance." Though the trend kinda died when Adam Lambert told the judges he was going to tackle a Cher song just so he could demonstrate his unique take on different singers. And as he sang "Believe" it suddenly became clear who he sounded like...Cher. I'm not so sure that was working for him.

After the dust settled and the notes had been sung, the producers had showed us many of the remaining contestant's final performances in Hollywood. Many tackled the same song, while a select few performed with an instrument, which led to some very interesting performances.

And for once the show gave us viewers a chance to actually hear a majority of the singers. There was Gokey's best friend Jamar Rogers, who started off shaky on a Plain White T's song, and Anoop Desai singing his heart out on "My Prerogative." Kendal Beard and Alexis Grace both sang "Before He Cheats," while 16-year-old Stevie Wright did her best Colbie Caillat impression with a rendition of "Bubbly." And then there were two contestants each vying for the crazy crown: Nathaniel Marshall singing "Disturbia" and Tatiana Del Toro singing whatever it is she sings. At least we know these two kindred spirits could start a drama club together if things don't work out for them on "Idol."

The real drama of the night came when the four judges whittled the singers down into a more manageable 50+ contestants, by sending them to the dreaded Rooms of Fate. You remember this part, right? This is where all the kids are herded into one of four rooms to hear their fate. Here's how the drama went down, in order:

-Room 2 found out they were all headed to the next round. Inside this room were Nathaniel, Alexis Grace and oil rigger Michael Sarver.

-Room 3 got the boot. Inside were India Morrison, who forgot the words in the group round, Jason Castro's brother Michael, Kaylan Loyd who cried after Simon cut her performance off, and Leneshe Young, whose family used to be homeless.

-Room 1 was ushered to the next round. Crammed inside were best friends Danny and Jamar, Matt Giraud, Anoop-Dogg, Scott Macintyre, Lambert, Jorge Nunez from Puerto Rico and early favorite Lil Rounds.

-The occupants of Room 4 were already packing their bags, having heard two rooms get the good news and feeling like their time was up. But the judges were just playing head games (again) and let them all through as well. Included in this bunch were Tatiana Del Toro (who the judges moved to that room after needing another girl to even out the numbers), Nick Mitchell a.k.a. Norman Gentle and Anne Marie Boskovich.

Now that the field is smaller here are some of my predictions for who will make it through to the Top 36 and probably to the Top 12 as well: Danny Gokey, Anne Marie Boskovich, Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver. Runners-up include Stevie Wright and Kristin McNamara.

And that completes the Hollywood Round! Be back on Wednesday night as we edge closer to the semifinals! But there are some changes brewing as the producers have decided to switch things up. They've changed the venue to the elusive Judges Mansion (whatever that is) and it's revealed that the semifinals will include the Top 36 singers this year (as opposed to the usual 24)! Sound off below on your favorites, the people you feel should've gone home and whether you felt bad for that one room of singers that didn't make it. Also, let me know what you think of my predictions and make some of your own! -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 11, 2009 12:53 AM
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