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American Idol: Don't Cry for Me Tatiana

Tatiana-Nicole-Del-Toro.jpgAfter tonight's results show, I'm starting to notice a trend with America's voting patterns. Let's call it the Idol Bailout Plan. While two of my original predictions for tonight's outcome came true, there was one winner who left me a little perplexed. And after careful examination (i.e. eating peanut butter M&M's and procrastinating over this blog), I'm starting to wonder if his struggling-working-guy back-story may have helped him clinch the third spot.

But let's rewind the tape for a minute and run down exactly what happened on the first semifinals results night. First up, the traditional sing-along segment where all our contestants get a chance to ham it up karaoke-style. Tonight's selection was Jason Mraz's current hit, "I'm Yours." It's a great song, and I've been known to be-bop along to it in my car, but it was a tad crazy with people like Tatiana Del Toro and Stevie Wright thrown into the mix. And even though the collective spinning left me a little dizzy, by the end I was actually starting to enjoy it! Oh no, the "Idol" brainwashers have finally converted me! Before you know it, I'll be sipping all my beverages out of giant, red Coca-Cola glasses. But until then I think I'll just relax and rewatch some of those "Idol" Ford commercials from last year. (Darn it! They win again!)

Then it was time for the recap of last night's episode, which just re-confirmed everything I said before. Except this time around Jackie Tohn was even worse and Ricky Braddy sounded even better. A quick trip to the couches then revealed that Anoop was even calmer than we expected; Tatiana was still hiding some crazy under that calm exterior and was still sporting Paula's ring; and Stevie was just plain confused.

Before long, Ryan had begun whittling down our fearsome twelve into a fighting threesome. First to hear their fates were Casey Carlson and Stephen Fowler, who both were told they did not receive enough votes. Both seemed disappointed, but took the news in stride. Then it was Alexis Grace's turn to hear the news. I was already sure she was claiming the first spot, especially since Simon called her the "dark horse" of the competition, and she didn't disappoint. Grace, sporting a tilted hat and bearing more than a passing resemblance to season one contestant Nikki McKibbin, sang again and sounded even better than before. Good choice America!

Up next were Ricky Braddy and Jackie Tohn, who were also told to go home. Too bad for Ricky, who never got a chance to sing us another song. Maybe the judges will have pity and bring him back as a Wild Card pick.

Michael Sarver and Anoop Desai came to the stage next, and I was pretty sure Anoop was going through. But then Ryan dropped a bombshell and sent Michael to the finals. Wow, I totally didn't see THAT coming. Poor Anoop-Dogg. Maybe he'll also luck out in the Wild Card Round. More on Michael's win, and my theory, in a minute.

After a quick trip down season 7 lane and a duet from Irish crooner Carly Smithson and Aussie rocker Michael Johns, it was back to the results. In quick succession we lost Anne Marie Boskovich, Brent Keith and Stevie Wright. I feel bad we lost Anne Marie, feel sorry for Brent that he lost ANOTHER reality show, and feel OK about losing Stevie.

Finally, we were down to the final two, Danny Gokey and Tatiana Del Toro. Both gave pretty good performances last night and I had already said Tatiana had a fighting chance. But the built-in fan base for Danny is just too big, and I'm guessing America didn't love the craziness more, which is why Gokey got the final slot. He seemed pretty stoked he got it, but Tatiana fell apart when she heard the news. And instead of congratulating him, or even hugging her fellow contestants, Tatiana just sulked in the back of the crowd. Oh well, I guess it's the end of the crazy train for her, though the judges seemed to like her brand of drama and could potentially pick her as a Wild Card favorite. We'll have to wait a couple weeks to find out about that one.

So, now back to that little theory I mentioned way back in the beginning. The Idol Bailout Plan, as I like to call it. Did you notice that all three contestants have compelling, and heart-tugging, back-stories? Alexis is a young mother with a fiancé in boot camp, Michael is a blue-collar oil rigger just trying to support his family and Danny lost his wife shortly before the audition round. Maybe with the way the economy is, viewers have decided to reward the contestants that remind them of themselves. It doesn't hurt though that most of them are also really talented singers. I guess we'll put the plan to the test next week when Matt Breitzke, the welder from Kansas City, sings for America's votes.

So, without further ado, here's next week's twelve contestants: Megan Corkrey, Kris Allen, Mishavonna Henson, Matt Breitzke, Allison Iraheta (the 16-year-old red-head who Paula proclaimed was the "dark horse"), Matt Giraud (the dueling piano player), Jasmine Murray, Kai Kalama, Jesse Langseth, Adam Lambert (took a risk by singing Cher in Hollywood), Jeanine Vailes and Nick Mitchell a.k.a. Norman Gentle.

So, what do you think of the three singers who won a ticket to the finals? Were you mad that some of your favorites were left behind? And which singers do you think have a shot at a Wild Card slot? Post your comments below and be back here next Wednesday for more "Idol" fun! --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 19, 2009 1:27 AM
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I want Anoop back. He is waaaayy better than Michael . hopefully, wild card for Noop Dog

-- 1. Posted by: Malou at February 19, 2009 12:08 PM


I think that Ann Marie has a great voice. A lot of people said that she picked the wrong song but I think she picked it because she wanted to come out of her shell. This shows that she is a person that is willing to take risks and become more confident. Remember her audition? She was seen as shy in terms of star persona but now she seems more confident. She also has a genuine personality evident, she is always smiling and cheerful and she seems like a really fun person. She seems like a really humble person! She took the judges advices well on! During the group 1 performance, she almost transformed! Completely different look from her audition. She is also very attractive and this all adds up to a very likeable star persona. Although I'm sure that she can perform even better.
Her brother Anthony actually added me on FB! He seems like a really nice guy as well and he has been working so hard to try and recruit people to vote for her. He has been commenting everywhere, on FB, joining grouops, spreading news, voting tips, joining pages.
Unfortunately it didn't work out but I really think that she deserves to be in the top 12. I feel like she would do really well if she were given another chance.
I personally think that Anoop Desai, Ricky Braddy and Ann Marie Boskovich are the best picks for the wildcard for group 1 choices.
I really love Ann Marie and lots of people love her as well! Everyone loves their favourite contestant but there is just something that I really like able Ann Marie. I think that it would be an opportunity missed not to pick her for the wildcard round.

Ann Marie singing 'God Bless America' Now this is something that I would love to see on American Idol!:

A reminder of her widely talked about audition:¤t=annmarie.flv

Hollywood group week:¤t=group3_hwood2.flv

I really liked the way she sang in the group song, nice tone!

In terms of her personality, there have been many affirmations, inclusing the popular one from her ex english teacher:

"I am so grateful for the incredible amount of support for Ann Marie. Many of you have messaged and asked how I know her...simply, I was her English teacher in high school. I started this FB page as a way for her friends and family to communicate their support having no idea that it would take off the way it did. I am not a professional, nor did Ann Marie ever ask me to start this page for her or ask me to put any information on it. In fact, she didn't even know I started the page and is still overwhelmed by the response.

If you have the privilege of knowing Ann Marie, you were a fan long before her involvement with American Idol simply because she is just one of those special people with an amazing heart. There is no publicity machine here-simply a group of people who love her and want her to have an opportunity to bless others through her voice."

Some people have been hating saying that she has done previous music...I think every contestant has had something to do with music in the past!

Please consider Ann Marie! <333
Petition for Ann Marie to be one of the Wildcard picks:

-- 2. Posted by: Vanessa Green at February 22, 2009 3:55 AM

I'm still bitter that Jamal wasn't even let into the top 36. What he did with "Hey There Delilah" was so creative and amazing. And then they got rid of Anoop-dawg and Ann Marie. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.

-- 3. Posted by: Nthabi at February 22, 2009 11:52 AM

the producers of American Idol are obviously singling out Danny Gokey as their favorite, but i would like to see him win so i don't mind

-- 4. Posted by: coffee at February 23, 2009 12:29 AM

And how does that mean? I do not understand anything.

-- 5. Posted by: Cameron at January 27, 2013 9:40 PM

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