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American Idol: Ding Dong Norman's Done

Adam-Lambert.jpgAlas poor Norman, we hardly knew ye. Though it's probably for the best that America decided to kick you off tonight; I was beginning to wonder when you'd run out of headbands and sparkly shirts. (Knowing him, he probably has closet full of 'em.) But before we get to tonight's eliminations, and the crowning of another three champs, let's take a look at the rest of the filler, um, I mean, show.

The show began right on schedule with its weekly homage to group sing-alongs. This week's musical selection was "Closer" by Ne-Yo. And as usual it was a testament to awkwardness, with goofy dancing, tons of 'pitchiness' (as Randy would say) and strange pairings. It's also when we caught our first glance of Norman Gentle, who was in disguise tonight as his mellow alter ego, Nick Mitchell. (By the way, who gets to choose which personality comes out to play? Is it the producers? Is it Nick/Norman? Or does the "Idol" crew just toss darts at a dartboard with Norman's face on it? Just wondering.)

Pretty soon it was time for the first winner of the night. Ryan called Allison, Jesse and Matt Breitzke to the stage and made them sweat it out before announcing Allison as the first of our Top 3. I had no doubt the rock star teen with the pink hair would make it through. Her encore performance was just as good as last night, though she may need to tone down that Elvis lip snarl she's got going on. Otherwise, I'm glad to see her move on to the finals.

Ryan then called an interesting group of four to the stage: Megan, Kris, Matt Giraud and Jeanine. First they gave Jeanine the heave-ho, only after the judges complimented everyone but her. Ouch. Then they whittled it down again by giving Giraud his pink slip. I was pretty surprised that out of this group, Matt was sent packin'. Oh well, maybe there is a Wild Card spot in his future. So then it was down to Megan "I've got tattoos on my arm" Corkrey and Kris "Never Featured on Idol before last night" Allen. Imagine the look of shock on my face when Kris moved on to the finals. I was seriously blown away by this pick, especially since his vocals on "Man in the Mirror" weren't very good. My girlfriend says it's because the girls probably think he's "dreamy," which is the best explanation I have for now.

After a quick (and unnecessary) American Idol recap of scenes from previous seasons, and another performance from a Season 7 finalist, this time from Brooke White, we were ready to find out who was filling that last spot. Immediately Ryan told Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine they had all been cut. None of these were a surprise. Then it was down to Adam and Norman. If you look at my predictions from last night, I went out on a limb and said both would probably move on. So I wasn't sure how this vote would go. But it was obviously just a setup by the producers to create some artificial drama, and Adam won the spot, leaving Norman to consider a future in singing telegrams.

So, there you have it: Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert move on to the finals. They join Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver who made it through last week. And so far, we only have two women in the finals, which just reiterates the feelings of the judges before the season began, when they said the men were much more talented this year.

Now that we've assembled half of the top twelve, here's next week's twelve contestants:
Ariana Afsur, Ju'noth Joyner, Kristen McNamara (who had a tussle with her three-person group in Hollywood and later won a "sing-off" against half of the husband-wife group Jen Korbee, by singing "I Will Always Love You"), Nathaniel Marshall (cried a lot and won a "sing-off" against Jackie Midkiff, who Kara fought for), Lil Rounds (Simon says she's fantastic and sounds like a good, old-fashioned singer), Jorge Nunez, Kendall Beard, Scott MacIntyre, Von Smith (was once called an "indulgent child" by Simon), Taylor Vafanua (an early judges' favorite), Alex Wagner-Trugman (won a "sing-off" against amateur filmmaker Cody Shelton, by singing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"), and Felicia Barton (who recently replaced Joanna Pacitti, who was kicked off the show for mysterious reasons).

Are you happy with the three newest contestants to move on to the finals? Were there any singers who should've made it through? And who will the judges pick from tonight's show during the Wild Card round? Post below and be back here on Tuesday! --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 27, 2009 9:13 AM
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