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American Idol: New York and San Juan Auditions

8-SanJuan.jpgAs we close down the audition rounds, the producers decided to cram two cities into one: New York City and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

There were some great singers, but there was also a good deal of oddballs. Taking top prize for strangest audition was Joel, a.k.a. the Human iPod. He walked in wearing a cardboard iPod and then "scrolled" until he found a song. Geez! Simon wasn't having any of this, especially once Joel ditched the costume in favor of a lion hand puppet, to which he began singing "The Circle of Life." (Groan!)

Later on, attempting to top her craziness from last season was Alexis Cohen, better known as Crazy Rocker Girl Who Gave Everyone the Finger. She tried to debut her new "nice girl" attitude, but her audition just crashed and burned. And then she gave everyone the finger! So much for those New Year's Resolutions, huh Alexis?

After all was said and done, 26 singers were granted a second chance from New York, while San Juan saw only 9! Here's a rundown of some of those singers from tonight's auditions:

-Melinda Camille: A bubbly free spirit who told the judges she's happier when she's naked. This could have easily been another bad audition, but Melinda was really good. With a constant smile on her face she sang "Feelin' Good" and won a trip to Hollywood.

-Jackie Tohn: She's the first old-school rocker I've heard this season. Singing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" in a sorta husky, raspy voice, she bee-bopped around the audition stage. Paula called her "unpredictable," but in a good way, and Kara said she looked forward to seeing what she can do. Jackie almost made a fatal mistake, though, when she told the judges she would be whatever singer they wanted her to be, to which Simon said a good artist should already know who they are. Are you keeping notes Jackie?

-Nick Mitchell a.k.a. Norman Gentle: File this under the "Seriously?" column. Ugh, I'm not quite sure what happened here. Nick (or is it Norman?) bounded into the audition room with a sweatband and a crazy attitude and sang something from Dreamgirls. Then he dropped the act, insulted Simon a ticket to Hollywood. Did we really need to waste a ticket on this guy?

-Monique Garcia Torres: I liked everything about this audition, so I was stumped as to why the judges weren't as impressed. It had all the makings of success, from the tone of her voice to her funny little 9-year-old brother who buttered up the judges. But after singing two songs, one of which was "You Can't Hurry Love," the judges said she was too old-fashioned and didn't have a mature voice. Both Kara and Randy said no, and Simon held her fate in his hands. And surprisingly he gave her another chance! I think she'll do very well in Hollywood.

-Patricia Lewis Roman: Breaking Idol Law #1, which states Ye Shall Not Sing a Whitney Houston Song, Patricia belted out in a loud voice "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." She was a tad loud, but the judges sent her on through.

-Here's three others the producers briefly showed getting their yellow tickets: Ashley Hollister, Kenny Horfpauer and Kendall Beard. I don't know much about them, but I bet we'll see more next week.

So, that's it for the audition rounds! Now it's on to one of the most exciting parts of "Idol"- Hollywood Week! Tune back in next week to see who shines, who stinks and who melts down when the lucky few gather at the Kodak Theater! See you next time! --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on January 30, 2009 12:33 AM
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