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American Idol: Kansas City Auditions

Kansas-James-Michael-Avance.jpgRemember back in '02 when people used to tune in to "American Idol" just to hear Simon Cowell lob his snooty, British insults at the hordes of tonedeaf people that walked through the door? Well, after watching last night's auditions, I was starting to think Simon had crossed over to the "nice" side.

That was until tonight's auditions in Kansas City. Whether it was the guy in the yellow suit who sang about bananas or the girl with the red and blue hair who sounded a little like the Cowardly Lion, Simon was telling them exactly what he thought. Thank goodness. I was worried it was gonna be boring.

And without further ado, here's who the judges sent through to the Hollywood round:

-Von Smith: With his white hat and first misfire, I figured this kid was going to be bad. But he sang the heck out of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and the judges all liked him.

-Michael Castro: Yup, that's right, he's brother of Jason "Mr. Dreadlocks" Castro. As you may remember, Jason made it to 4th place last year, so I had high hopes for pink-haired Michael. Singing a Gavin Degraw song, he actually sounded really good and he impressed the judges too. The most surprising part? He only started singing 20 days before the audition. As his brother said: "I was blown away!"

-Matt Breitzke: Just by looking at this guy, you wouldn't realize how good he is. He sang "Ain't No Sunshine" and his smooth, jazzy voice amazed the judges. Simon said he liked his heart and ambition.

-Jessica Furney: With her Lisa Loeb glasses and a guitar in her hand, Furney totally rocked her Janis Joplin song. I agree with Simon who called her a natural. She should be exciting to watch if she makes it to the finals.

-India Morrison: One half of a pair of sisters who decided to rap about a cookie. Only some of the judges were amused and then both sisters individually sang a song. First was Asia McClain, who was pretty bad. But then India took over and the judges seemed to like her. I'm not sold on her singing talents yet, so I'm going to wait to see her in Hollywood.

-Jamar Rogers and Danny Gokey: These best friends auditioned one right after the other and both made it through. Jamar sang an interesting version of "California Dreaming" and introduced the world to his mini-mohawk. Danny, on the other hand, took the "Tearjerker" award for his story about his wife who passed away only a month before the audition. I felt bad for the guy and was impressed that he decided to keep going in honor of his wife. The judges commented on his soulful voice, and Randy said he's one of the best they've seen.

-Anoop-Dogg, um, I mean, Anoop Desai: Simon just does not like geeks. Actually, the only thing geeky about Anoop was his clothes. He sang a Boyz II Men song and hit it out of the park! I was surprised at the soulfulness in his voice and so were the four judges. Also, has anyone noticed that Boyz II Men songs seem to have a calming affect on the judges?

-Asa Barnes: He's a band director who can tackle Michael Jackson songs! Plus he seems to have some of that star quality the judges are looking for.

-Dennis Brigham: Even though he danced like he was one of Gladys Knight's Pips, the judges put him through to Hollywood. At least his family was happy.

-Lil Rounds: Coolest. Name. Ever. Her voice is awesome and Randy said it sounds like a combo of Mary J. Blige and Fantasia. New judge Kara believes she's one of the best so far this season.

That's it for KC. Be back here for more "Idol" fun next week when it looks like Simon & Co. descend on Salt Lake City! -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on January 14, 2009 11:27 PM
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