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American Idol: King David

7winner.jpgI'm exhausted! That was a long five months everyone. We've seen rock n' roll nurses, stripping contestants, Australian singers, Irish performers, the entire cast of "So You Think You Can Dance," Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber, a Paula Abdul who can see into the future, a plethora of harmonicas and ukuleles, plenty of bad hair, reunions with tons of past Idols, some awesomely bad choreography, some wildly entertaining Ford music videos, another version of Idol Gives Back, crazy call-ins, Randy saying "molten hot," more subliminal advertising than you can shake a stick at and Simon actually apologizing.

Yes, it's been a wild ride and I'm sad to see it end. So, for one last time, let's take a look at how the evening went and see who snagged the title of American Idol.

8:02 pm- Ryan tells us that show broke a record and had over 97 ½ million votes last night. Apparently that breaks the previous record for the show by over 23 million. Ryan also tells us that one David got 56% of the vote, while
the other one got 44% of the vote. That's a lot closer than I expected!

8:04 pm- We get a shot of Randy and Paula decked out in red. Later, Ryan says Randy looks like he's dressed for Valentine's Day.

8:06 pm- We get to see former contestant Mikalah Gordon host the hometown party in Kansas City, MO. (Cook's hometown)

8:07 pm- We get to see former contestant Matt Rogers host the hometown party in Salt Lake City, UT (Archuleta's hometown)

8:09 pm- The "So You Think You Can Dance" dancers performed while the Top 12 sang "Get Ready." Yay, they're all back! I'm so happy I'll even listen to that Amanda Overmyer girl!

8:11 pm- Cook and Archie sing a duet of Chad Kroeger's "Hero." I was expecting Cook to rule on this one, but little David held his ground and sounded pretty darn good. I think he could definitely make a rock/pop album with songs like this!

8:13 pm- Both Davids got a sneak preview of Mike Myers' new movie "The Love Guru." When did they find the time?

8:14 pm- Then both Davids got to meet the Guru (actually Mike Myers). The Guru hilariously told Cook to stop rockin' the 90s facial hair, and told Archie to expect "hair in weird places"!awkward! Then he tries to shave Cook! Double awkward! Then the Guru shows up on stage and calls Ryan, "Mr. Seafoam!" Awesome.

8:15 pm- Simon winks at the Guru.

8:16 pm- Ryan jumps on the Guru's moving carpet and almost falls off the stage.

8:17 pm- Just spotted in the crowd: Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky!!) and Teri Hatcher

8:18 pm- Syesha Mercado performs "Waiting For You" with special guest Seal! It turns out to be a great collaboration.

8:21 pm- Simon winks at Seal.

8:23 pm- Jason Castro performs "Hallelujah," which is probably his best song from the season.

8:26 pm- Time for a Ford music video montage of outtakes from this season's videos set to "Let the Good Times Roll." This video was actually a lot of fun and showed some different sides to the contestants.

8:27 pm- Ford awards both Davids a new Escape Hybrid. Cook can't believe it and Archuleta seems completely stunned (probably because this is gonna be his first car!)

8:30 pm- Group Performance Alert: The Top 6 Girls sing Donna Summer songs: Brooke and Kristy sound awesome; aaahhh! Amanda Overmyer is still scary! And she's growling and looks miserable; Carly unleashed the arm tattoo again; the two Davids escort Donna Summer down the steps and surprise, she sounds good!; Ryan Seacrest gets on stage and dances with the break-dancers!; Donna Summer and her sparkly microphone sing "Last Dance"

8:35 pm: Just spotted in the audience: Fantasia and her highlighter hair

8:40 pm- Carly Smithson and Michael Johns duet on "The Letter" and turn it into a nice bluesy performance.

8:42 pm-Just spotted in the audience: Jeri Ryan

8:43 pm- Jimmy Kimmel comes out and roasts everyone again; he says he just gave his car keys to the valet, but wants to know how much to tip Sanjaya! Hilarious! And then the cameras cut to Sanjaya in the audience!; he asks what Seacrest would look like without his tan and makeup, and they show a picture of Chris Sligh; he says Simon's parents are Rosemary and Satan

8:44 pm- A funny montage of Simon insults set to music, which of course ends with a wink!

8:45 pm- Group Performance Alert! The Top 6 Guys sing Bryan Adams songs, first with "Summer of 69;" hey look, David Hernandez is back! Almost forgot about him!; Jason Castro cannot sing fast songs; Yay, Chikezie's back! He sounds pretty good! I forgot how much fun he was; the two Davids come out and sing "Heaven;" and then, of course, Bryan Adams wanders out!random!

8:50- Just spotted in the audience: Bo Bice

8:54- A strange commercial with last year's winner Jordin Sparks advertising a new American Idol experience at Disney World.

8:55- In one of the funniest pairings of the night, Cook and ZZTop sang "Sharp Dressed Man" and yes, these guys still look like a cross between coal miners and that Cousin It on The Addams Family.

8:58- Mikalah in Kansas City interviews Cook's music teacher and she seems very proud

8:59- Graham Nash and Brooke White duet on "Teach Your Children" and both played guitar. It was very nice, but left me wondering why Idol trotted out so many older, less recognizable music stars this year.

9:03- This one had me rolling- the Guitar Hero commercial with David Cook. Re-imagining that scene from "Risky Business," Cook plays air guitar in his underwear. This dude is hilarious!

9:06- The Jonas Brothers perform and all of America's tweens scream at the top of their lungs. Judging by the audience reaction, I'm thinking they may be more popular with the tweens than Archie (if that's possible!)

9:09- Ryan brings a random grandma onstage and introduces clips of the worst singers from the auditions, including: that possessed Janis Joplin copycat who says she going to be good at "actressing;" James Lewis and his really low voice; Renaldo Lapuz, the guy wearing the white hat and cape, who sang "I am your brother" with Randy, Ryan and Paula

9:10 pm- Then they bring Renaldo out on stage live and give him a backup marching band and a group of USC cheerleaders (smile girls! Try to not to think about it!). Soon after, Randy and Paula got up there and danced with him! You can't make this stuff up people! Gotta love this show!

9:18 pm- One Republic sings their hit "Apologize" and prove they're not as good live. Then David A. comes out on stage and sings with them, and he's better than the lead singer! Good job! Now this is the type of contemporary music he should sing! I'm glad they let him do this, so people can see what his future might have in store.

9:21- Matt Rogers in Salt Lake City interviews Archie's grandpas.

9:23- Jordin Sparks sings her new song "One Step At a Time" She does a good job, but I don't like the song, and that dress didn't do her any favors.

9:26 pm-Just spotted in the audience: Blake Lewis

9:31 pm- Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. pretend to be Gladys Knight's Pips and sing "Midnight Train to Georgia"!who knew Robert Downey Jr. was funny? And where did Jack Black's pants go?

9:34 pm- Carrie Underwood sings her hit single "Last Name." Not only is she amazing, as usual, but this is like her 50th time on the show since she won! She's obviously grateful to the show for getting her here! And I'm betting the producers love her for it! (By the way, where's Kelly Clarkson? If she needs to rejuvenate her career, she should let Clive Davis write her a new song, and she could premiere it on the show! Hey, if it works for Neil Diamond, it could work for her!)

9:37 pm- Just spotted in the audience: Ashley Tisdale

9:41 pm- Now it's Archuleta's turn to do the Guitar Hero commercial. It was just as funny! You've got to give this kid credit for doing it!

9:43 pm- Group Performance Alert: The Top 12 sing George Michael's "Faith," then they sang "Father Figure" and then "Freedom"!hmm, I'm getting the feeling George Michael might be somewhere back stage!

9:46 pm-!.and here he is! Mr. George Michael everyone!

9:49 pm- Paula starts crying while listening to George Michael and there's a stationary sunset on the screen behind G.M. What's up with that?

9:50 pm- G.M. just gritted his teeth!I'm very scared now

9:51 pm- G.M. sings in the dark, and then the judges give him a standing ovation. What was his song about anyway?

9:57 pm- Ryan asks the judges for their final thoughts of the year: Randy says it's been a great season and that both the Davids are winners; Paula says she's honored and proud; Simon says: "congratulations to both of you," and says he re-watched last night's show and said it wasn't as clear cut for Archuleta as they thought it was, then he apologized to Cook for being disrespectful and said both Davids were very nice people

9:59 pm- Some British guy brings the results envelope out and I'm starting to realize that Season 7 is almost over (along with the last five months of my life!)

10:00 pm- And the winner of American Idol: Season 7 by 12 million votes is!..DAVID COOK!!! Wow, I didn't see that coming at all. I thought Archuleta had this one in the bag. So now, not only is my mom completely angry with the results, but I lost a bet I made with my girlfriend! I'll be hearing about this one for quite awhile. My feelings on this one are mixed. First, I'm kinda sad that Archuleta didn't win, but on the upside he won't have all that pressure of being the American Idol and can just go and make an album. At the same time, I'm happy that if Cook is going to win, at least he was humble about it. As soon as people started applauding him, he said let's give it up for David Archuleta as well. So, per your instructions David Cook, let's give it up for David Archuleta, the tween sensation who loved to say "gosh" and definitely earned his place in the finals with his masterful takes on every ballad known to man. And since I hear he probably already has a record contract in the works, this is definitely not the end for him.

But of course, let's not forget our winner David Cook, the former bartender and self-professed "word nerd" who was at a complete loss of words once he won. As soon as Ryan announced him as the winner, he stated crying and had to walk away. But he pulled it together and sang his new single, and the winner of the song writing competition, "Time of My Life." As the confetti streamed down, the Top 12 hugged each other and the credits rolled. And with that, this year's competition is over and we have our 2008 American Idol: David Cook.

So what did you think of the finale? Did the right person win? Were you as shocked as I was that a "sure bet" like Archuleta didn't get the majority of votes? Does it have something to do with the voting process (tweens can't stay up until 1 am to vote for their favorite), or do you think this was how the voting went all season? Post below and let me know! Well, that's all for this year. I have to admit that I'll miss the show while its gone (especially the host, the judges and our fun contestants), but hopefully I'll see you all back here next year! Hmm, now I have to find something to do with my time!hey look, "So You Think You Can Dance" is on tomorrow!-- Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 22, 2008 1:11 AM
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So did you hear when Seacrest asked the "Love Guru" who he thought would win, he said..well "Seafoam" a second after he had put shaving cream on David C. I'm just sayin' it sure sounded like he thought David C. was going to win.

-- 1. Posted by: A fan of AI at May 22, 2008 1:53 AM

I invite the author to go read the lyrics to Praying for Time, think about all of the death and heartbreak happening in the world, and then see if he or she can figure out the meaning.

It's quite a refreshing thing to see a true superstar belt out a meaningful and heartfelt ballad about social issues in front of a largely superficial audience.

How much bubble gum music can you stand in 2 hours? Kudos to George Michael. An amazing talent!

-- 2. Posted by: DK at May 22, 2008 2:41 AM

Chris, David Cook was the favorite of everyone except the little teenies. The biggest shock was delivered to Simon, who backpeddled with his "apology" in an effort to salvage his bonifides as a recording guru. Simon is too much. Earns $40 million annually, but totally missed the boat in dismissing Cook. It was great. He arrives at the show, learns that David C. wins by 12 million votes, so he and the producers come up with that phony apology.

-- 3. Posted by: jmh at May 23, 2008 12:18 PM

Among a few contestants that actually had great voices Americans choose the one that totally sucks! I can believe that 12 millions of Americans do not have a melody ear, just like David Cook, but how about the jury?! All the screw ups I have heard during David C performances, when he was missing the notes plus his voice is far away from being good! I can imagine he may be a great person, but if America have chosen him as an Idol....thats it, it's just like choosing Bush twice in a row, great job, Americans! But I am not watching this show anymore because your choices are so wrong. Open your ears!

-- 4. Posted by: Goddess of voice at May 27, 2008 12:05 PM

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