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American Idol: Fall of Castro

jcastro-ford.jpgI guess it's inevitable. As the number of contestants quickly decreases, the amount of filler on results night begins to rise. That's probably why tonight's episode featured eliminations, group performances, viewer call-ins, several video montages, plenty of banter with the judges and a couple of musical guests. And after 51 million votes, another singer bit the dust. But more on that later, here's how the show went.

First up was the usual group performance. Tonight our Final Four sang Steely Dan's "Reeling in the Years." And because there's usually a plethora of fun things to talk about from these crazy, choreographed performances, here's some comments I jotted down while I watched: "It sounds like everyone is off key," "Whoops, Syesha just forgot her choreography," "David Cook has the best vocals" and "Man, this is a strange Top 4!"

Soon after, Ryan got right down to business with the eliminations. He called nervous David Archuleta out to center stage and asked him what he thought of Simon's declaration that he had "crushed the competition." David just giggled and said he'd love to win (which I'm sure just gained him about a million more votes). Ryan ended the suspense, of which there was very little, and told David he was safe. To the Couch of Safety, young man!

Then, as an interlude, the producers had prepared a video of our Final Four's trip to Las Vegas last week. And man, did they get the red carpet treatment! Not only did they fly in style, onboard a personal plane, but they got to play with dolphins and received a four-star makeover. (At one point Syesha had a team of six stylists working on her, kind of like her own personal pit crew.) To top it all off, they had front row seats to the Cirque du Soleil "Love" show featuring Beatles music. Afterwards, they went backstage to meet the cast, and received a standing ovation from the performers! How surreal is your life when you go to meet Cirque du Soleil, and THEY clap for YOU!

Then it was back to the eliminations, as David Cook walked out on stage. Ryan quickly told him he was safe and directed him towards the couches. It looks like we're inching ever closer to an all-David finale. So, then it was just Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado left backstage. Ryan called them front and center and then pretended he was about to reveal the cast-off. Yeah right, it was only 9:30. The producers would never waste the chance to drag out the drama!

Filling up the half-hour stretch to the eliminations was the rest of tonight's filler. First was a hilarious music video featuring the Fab Four dressed as bull fighters, singing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." Following that was my all-time favorite part of the show, the viewer call-ins (I'm being sarcastic, I hate this part). Tonight's callers had some interesting things to say, though. One caller asked David Cook to go on a date with her, while another asked if any of the contestants had spoken to anyone famous (only David Cook had, and it was with the lead singer for Our Lady Peace). Another asked Simon if he would like to be the next James Bond (to which Ryan said "I thought with that haircut your head got smaller, but it just got bigger didn't it?). But the funniest moments of the segment were when one caller asked Paula what it was like to be the only girl (her answer, with a smirk: "Fantastic"), and when another caller asked the contestants what their biggest challenge has been (Castro's answer: " brain being dead?").

Closing out the final parts of the filler were two musical guests. Singing first was Maroon 5 with their new single, "If I Never See Your Face Again." It's supposed to be a duet with Rihanna, but since she wasn't there, lead singer Adam Levine sang all the high notes himself. Ouch, my ears! I hate to say it, but I really liked their old stuff better. The second musical guest was former Season 4 "Idol" contestant, Bo Bice. This guy had a hard time over the last few years, first with medical problems, and then with trying to get his record made, so I was pretty happy he could show his new stuff on the show. He sang his new single "Witness" and it sounded like a perfect example of 1970s Southern rock. Of course, the crazy vocoder was a strange touch.

Ultimately, there was no more filler left and Ryan had to get on with the eliminations. He brought Jason and Syesha back to center stage and dimmed the lights. He reviewed both of their songs again, to which Jason said his "inexperience is coming out." Syesha rambled about how she was emotional because either an African-American or a Woman could become President. Or something like that. I'm not really sure what she was talking about. Regardless, I was pretty sure who was going home. So when Ryan announced Jason's name, it came as no surprise. During his video montage, I was reminded of some of his funnier moments from the past season: during the auditions when he jammed with that weird guy clad in a funky white suit; his comment from Andrew Lloyd Webber night about his song, "I didn't know a cat sang it!." But it was his comment at the end that had me rolling, as he said, "There are three songs next week. I don't know what I would have done!" So, as he flings his crazy dreads over his shoulder for the last time, let's raise our glasses to Jason Castro, the slacker hippie who introduced "Idol" to unkempt dreadlocks, vacant stares and ukuleles.

What did you think of this week's elimination? Was it time for Mr. Castro to leave? What did you think when Ryan said that each of the Top 3 were only 1 million votes between each other? Do you think this is going to be the closest race yet? Post your comments below and remember to tune in for next week's episode of "American Idol!"--Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 8, 2008 1:28 AM
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Jason needed to worry about his singing performance off the show tonight than worrying about flicking his hair back every 5 secs. He needs to whack that crap off. I bet it smells. He couldn't even play his guitar for worrrying about his dreadful!!

-- 1. Posted by: jacob at May 8, 2008 3:05 AM

-I'm pretty fond of Jason, actually. But, he was the best choice for Elimination Week. Actually, I'm amazed that he lasted this long. He's cute, but he's not the American Idol. Still, he's got a good voice. I'm thinking that if he got more experience, he could actually do pretty well.

-- 2. Posted by: Clarissa at May 8, 2008 9:15 AM


Another ignorant person.
He washes them everyday.

JC's the man. Too good for Idol.

-- 3. Posted by: Kyle at May 16, 2008 6:08 PM

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