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American Idol: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

klcook.jpgThe night started out on a nice note, with the contestants singing Mariah's "One Sweet Day." But this is a results show and we all knew it would be anything but sweet. So it wasn't surprising that Ryan Seacrest played head games with the Top 7 right up until the bitter end. Here's how the show progressed.

Opening the show with the aforementioned "One Sweet Day," a duet Mariah recorded with Boyz II Men, some of the contestants shined, will others hit some bad notes. There's no doubt, though, that the group songs are getting better each week, probably due to less contestants getting in the way. As I often like to do, here's some notes I jotted down while watching their performance: "Castro is making my ears hurt," "Kristy really does have a good voice," "What's up with the choreographed hand movements?" and "Wow, David A. was born to sing these types of songs!"

After a quick plug for this year's songwriting competition, Ryan got down to business. But instead of placing contestants either on the Couch of Safety or on the Stools of Doom, he (and the producers) decided to mess with the contestants' heads. So, when Jason Castro walked out first to find out his fate, Seacrest instructed him to form a group on stage right. Next up was David Cook, whom Seacrest asked why he cried after last night's performance. Cook said he had a rough week, probably because of his brother who has cancer, and that he became overwhelmed at the end of his song. Ryan didn't make it any easier by leaving Cook in doubt, as he told him to form a group on stage left. In quick succession, Ryan brought out Carly Smithson and stuck her on stage right, while Kristy Lee Cook joined David C. at stage left.

As soon as this week's Ford music video was over (this one had the contestants pretending to be marionettes as they sang "I Want to Break Free"), it was time to listen to the first of tonight's musical guests, Elliott Yamin. You may remember Mr. Yamin from his time on the "Idol" stage during Season 5, where he came in third place behind Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. Listening to him sing, though, I'm surprised he didn't win! His vocals are smooth and perfect for the R&B/soul style he's singing in. After performing his song "Free," it was sad to hear that his mom had just recently passed away. He flashed his palm for the camera, on which he had written "We Miss You Mom."

It was soon time for more eliminations, and Ryan called Syesha Mercado to the stage. He quickly placed her in the group on stage right. Following her was Brooke White who was directed to the other side of the stage to join the two Cooks. So now we had three people on stage right (Jason, Carly and Syesha) and three people on stage left (Kristy, David C., and Brooke). That meant that whichever side David Archuleta landed on was the safe group, also revealing the Bottom Three. Of course Seacrest likes to leave us hanging and he cut to a commercial.

As usual, before we could find out who was sent home, it was time for those increasingly pesky viewer call-ins. I was hoping we'd skip them again, like last week, but I was obviously grasping at false hope. The questions were slightly interesting tonight, beginning with a revelation about Kristy's horse. For those of you that don't remember, Kristy sold her favorite horse to get money to travel to the "Idol" auditions. The first caller asked if she got her horse back and Kristy revealed that the man who bought it won't sell it back. Seems a little cold, doesn't it? Other calls enlightened us on what albums each of the judges first owned (Simon's answer: "Paula Abdul's Straight Up"), what the difference is when Simon calls a performance "theme park," "piano bar" or "Karaoke" (Simon's answer: "they're all horrible"), and whether or not David Cook is single (answer: Yes).

Soon after it was time for the night's second musical guest, this week's guest mentor Mariah Carey. Singing her new single "Bye Bye," Mariah gave a very subdued performance with very little of her usual flair. I'm guessing she wasn't allowed to sing her first single "Touch My Body" to a crowd of screaming tweens and their parents.

Finally it was time to find out who was going home. Since David Archuleta was the deciding factor, Ryan called him out on stage. Wearing a red leather jacket that looked stolen from the "Thriller" music video, David A. listened as Ryan declared him safe. Ryan reaffirmed that whoever David joined would also be safe. But Seacrest wasn't done with the head games yet, as he swapped David Cook and Syesha into each other's groups.

Then in his meanest moment of the night, Ryan told David A. to join whichever group he felt was safe. He pondered it for a quick second and then wisely sat down on the stage, refusing to choose. That's when Ryan chose for him and told the group with Jason, Carly and David Cook that they were safe as well. As they were all walking to the couches, Carly grabbed David A. and shook him like a rag doll in celebration.

So, we were down to Brooke, Syesha and Kristy. Ryan surprisingly sent Syesha to safety, leaving just Brooke and Kristy Lee. I'm kind of shocked that Brooke was even in the Bottom Two, but maybe all her crying is annoying the fans. Anyways, Ryan took a look at both of them before telling Brooke she was safe. Yup, Kristy Lee is finally heading home, ending her amazingly long winning streak on "American Idol." Despite taking the loss hard, she powered through and gave a great last performance as she sat on Simon's side of the table and serenaded him. Kristy, we'll never forget you, the country crooner with the blank stare. But now it's time for you to get your horse back and kiss that genie who got you into seventh place!

What did you think of tonight's elimination? Do you agree that it was finally time for Kristy to go? What do you think of the remaining six contestants? And were you surprised that Brooke landed in the Bottom Two? Post below and be back next Tuesday for another week of "American Idol!" –Chris Sardelli

P.S. I just want to give a shout out to the Haiku Guy who posts a new poem in the comments section every week. Keep posting Haiku Guy, you rock!

Posted by Chris on April 17, 2008 2:32 AM
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All I can say is its about time! She did get better each week, but it was time for her to depart. Next up, Syesha please!

As for Tuesday's show, I thought Jason Castro stole the night. He was great, and it was surprising consider the material. I actually loved Brooke's performance. It was raw and emotional and somehow had me hooked. I thought it was better than "Every Breath You take" Chris.

David Cook was good, but I just wasn't as impressed. His Billie Jean night is still tops for me. I liked the originality, but the performance was lacking.

Syesha and Carly were good, but clearly not as good as the guys!

David A is still the clear winner here, but I love how good all the contestants are this year compared to the past seasons.

-- 1. Posted by: Andy at April 17, 2008 3:45 PM

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