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American Idol: The Top 8 Guys

darchuleta.jpgIt was all about reinvention tonight as the Top 8 Guys tried to tackle songs from the 1980s and make them their own. Some of the men were completely successful (Nice job David Cook!), while others most definitely earned their plane ticket home. Overall, it was a pretty good night of singing, despite seeing the return of Babbling Paula or learning each contestant's most embarrassing moments (did I need to know that Chikezie can't find the men's room or that Jason Castro likes to pull his dreads out while he's on a date?).

Instead of ranking the guys from awesome to awful, this week is all about who's making it into the finals. Here are my predictions for who's sailing into the Top 6 Guys:

-David Archuleta, 17 (sang 2nd): Is there any doubt who Slot #1 will go to? This kid has the competition all locked up. Unless he suffers permanent laryngitis or gets attacked by one of Randy's Dawgs, I agree with Simon that David will probably be in the Top 2. His performance tonight showed he can sing and play piano at the same time! And his rendition of Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise" was so mature I started to wonder if he was really 17. The only way I can see him bowing out early is if his fan base decides he's safe and doesn't vote for him enough.

-David Hernandez, 24 (sang 4th): I wasn't crazy about Hernandez's performance of "Its All Coming Back to Me Now." While he hit the high notes, his lower register was pretty shaky. But if we're looking at the combination of all his performances, David will be joining Archuleta in the finals.

-David Cook, 25 (sang 6th): It's the battle of the Davids! Cook takes the prize for Best Performance this week with his rockin' take on Lionel Richie's "Hello." He took an unexpected turn by successfully transforming this ballad into an Emo-Rock song, complete with impressive electric guitar skills and some great vocals. As Simon said, he took a risk and it paid off big time. He's getting better each week, and if carries on like this, I can see him following in the footsteps of Chris Daughtry. So, we'll see you in the finals David!

-Chikezie, 22 (sang 8th): Two weeks ago, during the first semifinal round, I predicted Chikezie would be heading home. Last week I actually kind of liked him. Now, this week, I'm pretty sure he has secured a spot in the finals. He performed an altered rendition of the Whitney Houston classic "All The Man That I Need," replacing all the "he's" with "she's," and showed off his range. It seemed he also became a little more comfortable performing on stage. Simon disagreed, saying Chikezie just shot his chances of getting into the finals, but I think he's made enough of a statement to get in.

-Michael Johns, 29 (sang 5th): Listening to Johns' presentation of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" was like jumping in Doc Brown's time-traveling Delorean, heading back to the 1980s and watching "The Breakfast Club" for the first time. His vocals were so similar to the original that at first I thought he was actually singing karaoke. Turns out, he's just that good. The only downside to his performance, and all his previous performances, is that he tends to shout parts of his songs. The judges really liked him, and Simon said he should try to sing more soul songs, instead of rock.

-Jason Castro, 20 (sang 7th): Jason Castro, come on down! You're the last contestant in the Top 6 Guys! At least that's what I think will happen on Thursday night. Surprisingly, the judges absolutely loved the dread-headed singer tonight and said it was his strongest performance yet. This was the first time this season that I've had a complete disconnect with the judges. What were they thinking? I cringed listening to Castro's version of Leonard Cohen's 1984 song "Hallelujah." At first, I was happy he decided to ditch the guitar this week, but then I noticed how insecure he looked without it, and wished someone would toss it on stage. Then I felt there was a build-up, where he was going to start hitting some great notes, but he made it boring. Once he reached the end and fumbled the last note, I was already counting him out. But, like I said, the judges loved him. So we'll see if this translates to votes. If there's going to be a shocker on Thursday, I can see it being Castro's elimination, while one of the two guys below makes it through.

Going Home: (a.k.a. my predictions for The Bottom Two)

-Danny Noriega, 18 (sang 3rd): Yikes! From the purple-streaked hair to the weird gyrations, Noriega earned his place at the bottom of the pile. His first bad choice: Singing "Tainted Love." His second bad choice: Singing poorly. I don't understand how Incoherent Paula could say he's the "real deal." His singing was awful! Let's hope he gets the boot this week, or he and Amanda Overmyer may soon be vying for Sanjaya's old spot!

-Luke Menard, 29 (sang 1st): Yikes: Part Two. Did you ever feel like you accidentally walked into a Two-For-One Drink Night at your local Karaoke Bar? Menard's performance of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" had all the charm of a William Hung concert, but without the charm. Maybe if this Orlando Bloom impersonator is lucky, there are some "LOTR" fans in the audience who dig his pitchy performances. Otherwise, it's back to a cappella for him.

What did you think of the Top 8 Guys? Are the Davids still in control? Who's your pick for the Dark Horse of the competition, a.k.a. the one that will sneak in under the radar? Post below and make sure to watch the Top 8 Girls battle tomorrow night! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on March 5, 2008 12:23 AM
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Dude, I'm sorry, but do you know ANYTHING about American Idol? It's waaaaaay better to be a campy train wreck than to be completely average. But I'll get to why Danny's not dead and done yet in a minute.

Luke...I will say nothing. Don't wake me up before you go-go, Bloomenard.

Cook...amazing and officially sealed the deal.

Castro...I agree w/ you that it didn't come close to Week 1, but the lowkey effort worked really well for him. The judges are at least smart enough to recognize vocals aren't shouting/belting notes, it's just about singing...and he did that well. He's a dark horse for the win.

Arch...missed a few notes, was still pretty good, but is getting redundant. Shut up about the world. He could get repetitive real soon....

Michael...I dug him a lot. He redeemed himself from last week.

Okay, and now....

Chikezie was pretty decent, if a tad flat. But whether you realize it or not, he's in DANGER. He's come across as pretty cocky/one-note and could very well be saying sayonara. ZabaSearch predicts he'll go too...that is....

If David, a.k.a. Caden the gay stripper of Phoenix, doesn't go home first for his cringe-inducing camera-prostituting. Oh, and the overshot vocals...I LOVED him last week, but this week, he took a major dip and might be the "shocker" elimination. And of course, the stripper thing may have factored into votes.

Now for Danny...the song was very suitable for him. He has strong vocals, if not showcased there. But you gotta realize something...we at VotefortheWorst LOOOOOOVE HIM. (Yes, I can love the good and cornyriffic simultaneously.) He has the most personality out of any of the other contestants and, best of all, he knows who he is and how to show it! And I hope he made it through, because Beatles-week will be great for him...but anyway. Lots of people love him and he is better than Sanjaya. Predicting him to be ousted is prepared for the possibility, but also anticipate saying ta-ta to either lap-dancer or token black guy

-- 1. Posted by: Cinemaniac James at March 6, 2008 6:31 AM

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