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American Idol: Idol's Ten Most Wanted

aovermyer2.jpgAll I wanted was a results show, and what did I get? Enough viewer call-ins, music videos and guest stars than I could shake a microphone stand at. First up, we learned which celebrity musical coaches would be joining us this year. Let's have a drum roll please for Dolly Parton (really?), Mariah Carey (should be good, as long as we keep Ramiele from singing any of her songs), Andrew Lloyd Webber (I foresee a Broadway night in their future) and Neil Diamond (my mom's gonna love that one).

Then we transitioned to the group song, comprised this week of Beatles favorites. The whole thing was strangely choreographed and kind of trippy. As usual, the only way I can describe the experience is by letting you read the notes I took as I watched their performances: "Did someone forget to give Ramiele a real mic?," "Did the cameraman just fall down while trying to film Kristy?," "Where's Amanda's solo? Did they forget her?," "Oh, there's her solo," and "Yikes! Why did they let Amanda sing solo?"

Once that was out of the way, Ryan began walking the contestants out one by one to center stage like they were part of some bizarre "Idol" marching band. Brooke White was first. After Ryan made her watch her sunny performance from last night, he told her she had made the Top 10. Go sit down Brooke; you're done for the night! Next he brought Carly Smithson out and didn't waste any time with the night's first shocker- she was in the Bottom Three! (Cue dramatic music.) I'm not sure who felt worse, Carly, the judges or me. Can't this girl catch a break?

So, with one depressed contestant banished to the Chairs of Doom, Ryan pardoned both David Archuleta and Michael Johns in rapid succession. Little David and The Aussie were both visibly relieved to be safe for another work. Here's some helpful hints to keep it that way: David- Keep remembering your lyrics! Michael- Pick better songs. (Cue laugh track.)

But according to the producers, that was way too much drama for viewers to handle. So, naturally, it was time to unveil this week's subversive Ford commercial inside a music video inside a music television show. The song was pretty bad, but I have to admit it was funny watching David A. and Chikezie run away from UFOs while wearing sweater vests. Also, we learned David Cook can actually act goofy. Who knew?

Speaking of David Cook, it was soon time for him to hear his fate. No worries here, though, because he's off to the Top 10. Then it was the other Cook's turn, as Kristy Lee awkwardly awaited her destiny. Then Ryan broke the bad news; she was in the Bottom Three and had to take a seat next to Carly. Without missing a beat, Seacrest then spared dread-head Jason Castro and nervous, little Ramiele Malubay. Welcome to the Idol Tour, you two!

The next part of the show gave the contestants a small respite from the elimination drama by airing viewer call-ins. From what I've learned, though, this portion of the telecast isn't live and is actually filmed hours before the show airs. That kind of defeats the purpose of trying to see if any of the callers will catch the judges or contestants off guard. Anyway, tonight featured a call from one woman who asked why Simon always wears the same clothes (to which he called her rude!) and a fan of Paula's that wanted to see if she and Simon would ever pretend to kiss again (to which Simon uncomfortably offered his opinion that Paula is a good kisser. Ugh.). After the call-ins was a reunion of sorts when Season 5's Kellie Pickler performed her song "Red High Heels." She's actually become a much better performer since her days on "Idol" and also provided the funniest moments of the night when she taunted both Simon and Randy during her song.

We saw one more reunion before the remaining spot in the Bottom Three was revealed, when former contestants Elliot Yamin and Fantasia took a trip to Africa. They handed out mosquito nets to families and spotlighted charities from "Idol Gives Back." Then, while visiting a woman who had just given birth to a baby boy, Elliot became part of the most touching scene ever shown on "American Idol." Apparently, newborn babies are named after the first visitor to see the mother and child. Thus, little Elliot had a name! I'm guessing that won't be the last time little Elliot meets Mr. Yamin.

Finally, it was back to the eliminations. Ryan pulled Syesha Mercado on stage and quickly added her to this year's Top 10, leaving just Amanda Overmyer and Chikezie. He brought both of them to center stage and revealed that the Rockin Nurse would complete our Bottom Three, sending Chikezie into the Top 10!

With suspenseful music, Ryan grabbed the Bottom Three and proceeded with the elimination. I was ecstatic when he first declared Carly safe and let her return to the couches. With just Amanda and Kristy left, I figured our resident country star would be going home. But since when are my predictions about Kristy Lee "I Keep on Truckin" Cook ever right? Instead of Cook leaving the stage, Ryan sent Amanda packing. And honestly, I've never seen anyone so relieved to be kicked off "American Idol." She never quite looked comfortable up there, was always thumbing her nose at those goofy group performances and was probably praying she wouldn't have to endure more of it on the Idol Concert Tour. Don't worry Amanda, your pain, and mine, is now over. Now please get on your motorcycle and exit stage left.

What do you think of the new Top 10? Was it really Amanda's time to go, or should Kristy have gone first? Were you shocked by Carly's entrance into the Bottom Three Club? And what did you think of Ryan's news that there will be another songwriting contest this year? (Personally, I shuddered when I learned we'd have to listen to yet another sub-standard ballad that only works for the female contestants.) Post below and be back here next Tuesday for more "Idol"! â€"Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on March 20, 2008 1:16 AM
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for our banished contestant, a parting Haiku:

fairwell rocking nurse
vampira hair, Joplin sound
Harley, exit left

-- 1. Posted by: mediaboy at March 20, 2008 9:02 AM

I think that America got it right this week. Amanda never seemed like she belonged in the top 10. I don't think she was all that disappointed not to be in the top 10 and seemed so composed while watching the video of herself and singing her song. I am definitely rooting for David Archuleta and I love Syesha's voice as well. Looking forward to Tuesday.

-- 2. Posted by: Julie Amedio at March 20, 2008 12:20 PM

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