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American Idol: The Top 10 Guys

dnoriega.jpgThis season of "American Idol" just keeps getting stranger and stranger. It started during the audition round, with an uncharacteristically nice Simon complimenting contestants and sparing their feelings. Now it's Paula's turn to take a walk through "The Twilight Zone." During tonight's episode, in which the guys belted songs from the 1970s, Paula was the most coherent I've ever heard her. From insightful comments to almost no babbling or talking about people's "colors," she took control of the judges table. As Randy would say, "she was on fire!" Maybe all she needed was the chance to make music videos again! So, take two steps forward, two steps back and read on to see how the guys ranked tonight:

The Sure Bets:

-David Archuleta, 17 (sang 10th): Once again, Archuleta killed his competition. This kid is far and away the best male singer this year. After seeing the other "sure bets" from last week, Castro and Johns, take a nosedive, I was worried when I realized David was going to sing John Lennon's "Imagine." I'd heard others on the show tackle this song and fall flat, but he completely made the song his own. With his mature voice, professional stage presence and "aw-shucks" personality, this kid's totally sailing to the Top 12.

-David Hernandez, 24 (sang 6th): It looks like the Davids are the ones to beat this year. Hernandez, who was marginal last week, came charging back tonight to fight for the "Idol" crown. He sang a strange selection this week, The Temptations' "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," but his vocals made the song interesting. Surprisingly, Simon said he was a fan.

Pretty Good:

-David Cook, 25 (sang 9th): In the battle of this year's rockers, the third and final David has completely destroyed his challenger, Robbie Carrico. Despite being a self-professed "word nerd," Cook can play a mean guitar, has a really cool rocker voice and likes to throw picks at the audience. Nothing says ‘rocker' like throwing stuff at people! The downside to all this? Cook lacks charisma and may eventually turn the audience away.

-Chikezie, 22 (sang 8th): What a difference a week makes! Chikezie was on the chopping block last week, but switched everything around with a cover of Donny Hathaway's "I Believe." Not only did he sing the song well, but he addressed the issue of Simon not knowing his name by singing a song with the lyrics "when you know my name." America loves contestants who joke around with Simon, which means Chikezie may stick around long enough for Simon to stop calling him "Jacuzie."

Decent, but Pitchy:

-Michael Johns, 29 (sang 1st): I would not have guessed a week ago that Johns would fall so far, so fast, and yet here he is. The Aussie tennis player attempted one of his favorites, Fleetwood Mac, but it sounded like he was shouting. I agree with the judges that Johns didn't have a ‘moment' in the song where he really stood out. He'll have to come back next week with something that shows his range.

-Jason Castro, 20 (sang 2nd): Here's one more ‘sure bet' that severely hurt his chances. Jason whipped his guitar out again tonight and I'm starting to think he's using it as a crutch. At times, it even appeared that he was sacrificing vocal notes so he could pay attention to the darn guitar. I liked his singing tonight better than the judges did, but like Michael Johns, he'll need to show off more of his vocal range if he wants to stay. By the way Mr. Castro, I know you're not comfortable being interviewed, but you're going to have to learn quickly, or you're gonna hate being an American Idol.

-Robbie Carrico, 26 (sang 4th): So here's what I know about Robbie after tonight. He likes to drag race, he has a decent voice and he really, really hates it when you tell him he's not a rocker. But you really aren't Robbie. I'm not saying you can't sing, because you can and I thought you're rendition of "Hot Blooded" was pretty good, but you don't give off that rocker vibe. And you definitely don't give it off while standing next to pick-throwing, crazy-haired David Cook. So, just calm down, sing some better songs and embrace your inner pop-singing-soul.

-Danny Noriega, 18 (sang 5th): Funny side note: Danny used to be a punk rocker in a band. Not surprisingly, that didn't last too long. Much like how Robbie isn't really a rocker, neither is Danny. Having said that, I think Danny is one of two guys, Chikezie being the other, who stunk last week and vastly improved this week. He showed he could hit some great notes in "Long Ago (And So Far Away)." Unfortunately, he lost some of his fun-guy energy which could hurt his chances of sticking around.

Going Home: (Just my predictions, but you never know)

-Luke Menard, 29 (sang 3rd): The guy who looks like Orlando Bloom had another off night when he tried to show complexity by singing Queen's really annoying song, "Killer Queen." First off, no one else besides Queen should even be singing this thing. It was a mess and made Menard sound off-key for the entire performance. Apparently, he can sing because the producers showed clips of him singing in an a cappella group, but I've yet to see him prove it on the show. If he makes it to next week, and I highly doubt it, he needs to sing a stripped down song that showcases his a cappella talents.

-Jason Yeager, 28 (sang 7th): I felt bad for this guy last week, and I feel bad for him this week too. Don't get me wrong, he seems really talented. His clips showed that he not only sings, but plays the guitar, piano and drums as well. But after last week's attempt to mystify kids with the old standard "Moon River," Jason decided to pretend he was actually singing karaoke this week. His vocals were good, but his performance was totally corny and he didn't showcase his talents. I think this is the nail in his coffin.

What did you think of the Top 10 Guys? Does anyone have what it takes to bring down the Davids? And who should be going home this week? Post below and tune in for the ladies tomorrow night! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 27, 2008 12:47 AM
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Your list is almost like mine, but I think Carrico's going home and Menard is staying. I also put Dave C. above the "great" line instead of below...I think that Simon just doesn't like him and was kind of reaching for a criticism last night, but I actually think his stage presence and performances can rival the other Daves. Maybe it's because I'm a word nerd too, who knows. I think Danny Noriega deserves a spot on the bottom two as well, but too many inexplicably giddy and screaming teenage girls will keep him afloat. I don't want to like little Dave, because he's already won a flippin' singing contest and because it's like watching Beaver Cleaver "gosh" it up on stage, but I have to admit, he knocked it out of the park last night and it is only week 2.
Regards, Blu

-- 1. Posted by: bluidshay at February 27, 2008 8:01 AM

I feel that Simon is right on the money-I noticed that Randy and Paula was trying to sugar-coat everything last night-three girls were good but the rest was just horrible--the guys out singed them--I feel that was they just didn't have what it takes to even go this far-Sad

-- 2. Posted by: Darnelle Lozito at February 28, 2008 7:59 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 3. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 25, 2010 11:48 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 4. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 6:33 PM

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