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American Idol: The Top 10 Girls

aepperson.jpgTonight's theme was supposed to be songs from the 1970s, but let's just call it Bad Song Choice Night. The judges told contestant after contestant how horrible their song choices were, and pretty much every girl who rocked the house last week lost their spark. So now all we're left with is one really good singer and everyone else. For now, I'm willing to blame it on this week's theme (despite how much Randy loves the ‘70s) and not on the performers.

On with the rankings:

The Sure Bet:

-Carly Smithson, 24 (sang 1st): Some people grumbled last week that since Smithson already released an album, she shouldn't be in the competition. But after watching pretty much every female contestant tank, I'm glad she's still around. Carly was the only singer tonight to hit most of her notes and look comfortable on stage. And while Simon didn't think she connected with the song, he said she's the girl to beat.

Pretty Good:

-Brooke White, 24 (sang 3rd): From now on we might have to call her The Happiest Contestant Ever. Simon said she belonged in a detergent commercial last week because she seemed so happy, and she didn't break the mold this week either. What's great about Brooke, besides all of the positive energy, is how she's one of the few consistent contestants this season. She can sing well, can play instruments well (both piano and guitar) and looks pretty confident on stage. And since everyone kept comparing her to Carly Simon, she decided to tackle "You're So Vain" tonight. I thought her performance was on point, and she even managed to play some mean guitar in the process.

-Ramiele Malubay, 20 (sang 4th): I still like this girl, even if she did have an off night. I ranked her as a ‘sure bet' last week, and she probably still is, but it won't be as a result of tonight's performance. She sang Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way," which was a weird choice for her since she's got a powerful voice and this didn't showcase it. Overall, though, both Paula and Simon said she's one of only a handful of contestants that will go far, and I agree. See you in the finals Ramiele!

-Alexandrea Lushington, 17 (sang 8th): It looks like Lushington is back in this competition. She did the most she could with another bad song choice, Peter Cetera's "If You Leave Me Now," but it didn't spotlight her voice. I'll give her points for having a pure voice and good control, but if she wants to make the Top 12 she needs to sing more interesting songs.

-Alaina Whitaker, 16 (sang 7th): Whitaker came out of nowhere last week to surprise everyone, but lost her momentum tonight when she completely oversang the song. I suggest she find some songs with greater range so she can recreate what she did last week. If next week follows suit we'll probably be treated to ‘80s night, and hopefully Alaina will choose a power ballad that launches her into the finals. How about Pat Benatar's "We Belong"? She could definitely do something with that.

-Kristy Lee Cook, 24 (sang 5th): The good news: Kristy got over her flu and proved she has great vocals. The bad news: It still wasn't great, and that probably has something to do with her song choice (anyone else sense a theme here?). I'm not knocking Linda Ronstadt's song "You're No Good," but it just wasn't good enough for Cook's voice. Like all the songs chosen tonight, the one Kristy picked was very one-note. The judges really liked her and Simon said she has great potential, saying she could be very successful as a country artist. Her mission for next week should be to break out from the pack.

Decent, but Pitchy:

-Asia'h Epperson, 19 (sang 10th): That pesky flu! It keeps knocking down the really good performers. Poor Asia'h had noticeable trouble tonight hitting some of her notes, and ending up literally squeaking in the process. But I'll give her credit for attempting an extremely difficult song while she's sick. Hopefully, when she gets better, she'll climb her way back to the top next week.

-Syesha Mercado, 21 (sang 2nd): Yup, yet another of my ‘sure bets' from last week plummeted tonight. (If anyone's counting, that's all four women I chose last time.) Syesha, a.k.a. Laryngitis Girl, chose to reinterpret a song called "Me and Mrs. Jones." The whole performance was odd and unfortunately she demonstrated that she can't sing notes in the lower register. Fortunately, she doesn't need to, because she has a BIG voice. Right now she's the only female contestant who could do justice to a Whitney song, which is what she should do if the theme is ‘80s music next week.

Going Home:

-Kady Malloy, 18 (sang 9th): As that Bumblebee Man would say on "The Simpsons": "Ay, ay, me gusta!" There really aren't any words for how terrible the Britney Spears impersonator was. OK, I lied, here's a few: She picked the worst song imaginable, Heart's "Magic Man." At this point in the game, you really should be picking songs with, oh, I don't know, a melody! From the beginning of her performance on the stairs, I could barely hear her voice, and it got worse from there. Simon was right when he said her interview segments show her as a way better singer than the live performances do. If she makes it through to the Top 8 Girls, she needs to forget everything she's done up until now and start over. Please!

-Amanda Overmyer, 23 (sang 6th): Some readers are going to be really upset to find Overmyer in the bottom again, but are you really going to fight with me on this one? From the crazy "I put my finger in a light socket" hairdo to her really weird performance, she just lost all her originality and replaced it with a strange sneer. Also, I'm with Randy on the fact she shouldn't have chosen a song with so many instrumental breaks! I can see Amanda doing justice to some great 80s rock songs if she makes it to next week. So lose the sneer, stop trying so darn hard and sing the heck out of a Foreigner song, or you're a goner.

Did your favorite still have "it" tonight, or did they totally disappoint you? Who's leaving us this week? Post below and don't miss the next round of eliminations tomorrow night! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 28, 2008 1:00 AM
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Nice predictions...even though Kady's the most voted on DialIdol and Amanda is the new VFTW pick.

-- 1. Posted by: James at February 29, 2008 12:06 AM

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