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American Idol: Four Out the Door

ghaley.jpgIn the span of an hour, not only did we lose four contestants, but we also saw the first cheesy group performance, a lot of crying and the resurrection of Paula Abdul's career. That's a lot of crazy to shoehorn into such a small timeframe, but the producers of "American Idol" are experts at it by now.

Let's start with the group performance. Per tradition, the contestants got together to sing a medley of songs in the week's theme, which in this case meant ‘60s music. And what a corny mess it was, almost like watching a seventh-grade version of "Grease." But hey, cheesiness is an integral part of "Idol" and I'd miss it if it were gone.

Not too long after, it was time for the first elimination. In the night's coldest moment, Ryan Seacrest called Garrett Haley up to center stage, asked him how he was and then dropped a bombshell on him- he's going home. All in a matter of about 30 seconds! What happened to those painfully long stretches of time where producers made the poor kids sweat it out? Instead, the news came at Garrett so fast you could almost see the kid get whiplash. Then he sang his song from Tuesday again and it made sense why he was going home. See ya later, Leif Garrett Haley.

Next up, it was the ladies' turn for the firing squad. This one was no surprise, at least to me, as Amy Davis got the boot. Her performance of Connie Francis' "Where the Boys Are" was cringe-worthy, and apparently America agreed. Then, instead of just letting her go quietly into the night, the producers decided to torture us by letting her sing the darn thing again. After listening to her rendition, I know where the boys aren't, and that's within earshot of Amy.

In a completely random interlude, Paula Abdul finally jumped on the self-promotion bandwagon to "unveil" her new music video, produced coincidentally by a Mr. Randy Jackson. The song, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow," is both a modern update of Paula's sound, but also a throwback to her heyday as well. The video gave us some fun moments of Abdul crooning into a microphone, while Randy jammed next to her. And while I'm sure they were trying to make her seem relevant to today's kiddies, didn't anyone else hope that the animated cat from her "Opposites Attract" video would waltz on in and boogie with Paula? I was actually a little disappointed he didn't show. Ah well, back to the eliminations.

Ryan soon heightened the tension again by bringing up both Amanda Overmyer, the rockin nurse, and Joanne Borgella, the model. It made sense, though, since both picked such horrible songs last night. I was torn over which person I actually wanted to stay, but in the end the voters made the right call. After listening to Joanne's exit song, I realized she couldn't carry a tune. Let's just hope Overmyer can prove next week just how unique she is.

The last victim of the night was Colton Berry, who seemed to have no clue he was heading home. The poor guy didn't even have a chance to start humming that Teletubbies song he loves so much. Let this be a lesson to you remaining "Idol" contestants- no more Elvis songs!

And with that we're down four singers who we'll probably never hear from again. I mean, really, does anyone score a record deal for landing in 24th place?

Were you surprised by the eliminations? Was there anyone you wish had received his or her walking papers? Post below and make sure to tune in next Tuesday for more "Idol" fun! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 22, 2008 1:34 AM
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