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American Idol: Atlanta Auditions

AIjudges.jpgSort of sad... for some reason, I thought we were kicking off this week in Hollywood. Not that I am badmouthing the good folks of Atlanta -- at least not yet.

The show kicked off with quite a revelation: Ryan Seacrest is not the spawn of Satan. We got to see Mr. and Mrs. Seacrest briefly (was that really them?). However, I'm not entirely sure why.

Tonight's first performer, Josh Jones, had "slightly demonic" eyes, but not such a great voice. He also got to do the bulk of his audition with his face to the wall. Randy and Paula pushed him through. If he has his eyes removed, he might make it past Hollywood.

J.P. Tjemeland informs everyone that he was two people in front of Carrie Underwood during season 4 auditions. That was you J.P.? He wants to be "American Idol" to avoid having to go to school for four years -- as a music major. His professors have the same dream as well. Too bad he didn't become closer to Carrie when he had the chance. He could have a major in music and a minor in restraining order.

Asia'h Epperson's dad died exactly two days before her audition day. She was good, but I don't see her going all the way. It's a shame too, because could there be a worse sob story? Apparently not; Paula actually cried more than Asia'h. With so much crying, for a second I thought I was watching "The Biggest Loser."

Apparently Georgia has a lot of blonde chicks. However, they can all suck it because Brooke Helvie has a crown to show she is the queen of them all -- or at least Miss South Florida Fair. What the hell is that? Not even sure she knows. Maybe that's because a cow kicked her. Apparently not hard enough; despite Simon proclaiming that she was "the most annoying person" he had ever met, they all apparently liked her "a lot lot" and off to Hollywood she went.

After a lame montage, we met Eva Miller. She has a "special edge" and loves Simon. One thing she doesn't have is talent. She can't sing and can't act when she fake-falls on her entry number. Simon assumes it's a joke; I am assume that he meant the entire episode.

Did Michael Gregory make it to Hollywood? Can't believe they wasted a mug like that in a crappy montage.

However, Nathan Hite got his own segment. He is 16 and looks like he spends a lot of Saturday nights at the Gas 'n Sip. Nathan gave Simon a lot of pierced lip, which was about as funny as his audition.

Amanda Overmeyer is a 50-year-old biker chick in a 22-year-old's body. She rocks out Janis Joplin and makes a ton of weird faces while doing so. However, the rock and roll nurse made it through. Hope she belts out some Joan Jett at some point.

Our last notable of the night is Josiah Leming, who lives in his car. Maybe because no one wants to hear him play his guitar. Then he flicked some water on his face to make like he was crying. Tell that to Asia'h, dude. He sang an original, which wasn't as bad as his British accent. Even if he doesn't make it all the way, at least he'll get to sleep in a soft bed for a few weeks.

Tomorrow appears to be where we wrap up the auditions into one big crap-o-rama. See you then! -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 5, 2008 10:50 PM
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-- 1. Posted by: demak at February 19, 2008 4:39 AM

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