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American Idol: Another Four Bite the Dust

rcarrico.jpgHow will you remember tonight's "American Idol?" Will it be the tears that streamed as singer after singer was let go? Will it be the shock at seeing some of the better performers head home? Or will it be Simon's explanation of why he likes to critique performances while flashing half a set of moose antlers? No matter what you remember, tonight's second elimination round proved one thing- no one is safe. Almost all the singers I expected to go home were spared, leaving room for plenty of surprises. Here's how tonight's episode went down.

After the contestants boogied their way through a 1970s medley, amid which I heard some all around bad singing from most of the contestants, Ryan got right down to business. Instead of laying the smack down on the very first person he called to center stage, like he did last week with poor Garrett, Seacrest decided to make an entire row of guys sweat it out. Fortunately he didn't belabor the point, and let them off the hook one by one, sparing their voices for another round of singing.

First to sit down was Aussie crooner Michael Johns, followed soon by Chikezie, Jason "I hate interviews" Castro and Danny Noriega. That left poor Jason "I shouldn't have sung Moon River" Yeager as the first fatality of the night. I wasn't surprised, seeing as how Jason hadn't yet connected with his songs or the audience. The poor guy looked absolutely miserable to be going home. It was only at the end of the show, when they played a clip of his little boy cheering for him at his first audition, that I felt bad too.

Then it was on to the women. Just like with the guys, Ryan forced an entire row of girls onto their feet to see who would soon be joining the Discarded Semifinalists Support Group. In this row were Kristy Lee Cook, Asia'h Epperson, Brooke White, Amanda Overmyer and Alexandrea Lushington. Matching my original predictions up to this line of women, I was confident that the Rockin' Nurse was about to be sent on a permanent house call. So when Ryan told Alexandrea she was the first woman to leave tonight, I was just as stunned as the audience and the judges. And poor David Archuleta was absolutely beside himself over her elimination. Looking back at the judges comments from Wednesday, in which they told her she played it safe and had a boring performance, it makes sense why there was such a disconnect with the audience. But seriously, who's voting for Amanda? Let's hope it's not the same people that voted for Sanjaya, or we're in trouble.

Ryan didn't give the ladies much time to mourn, as he quickly lined up the remaining female contestants, which included Carly Smithson, Cryin' Ramiele Malubay, Syesha "Big Voice" Mercado, Alaina Whitaker and Kady Malloy. Once again I looked over my notes from the previous night and would've bet all my worldly possessions that Kady was packing her bags. She may do a spot-on Britney impression and can rattle ceiling tiles with her strong opera voice, but she was horrible on Wednesday. I suppose it's a good thing I don't gamble then, or I'd be sleeping on the street. Shockingly America spared Kady from elimination and chose to throw Alaina out instead. The girl was completely devastated, and shrieked that she wouldn't be able to sing, but worked through the tears and belted out an awesome rendition of her song. This is the first elimination to actually make me mad, since I was so excited after seeing her performance last week. I figured she'd sail into the Top 12 and I'd get a chance to see her become a great country singer. Instead, I'm stuck figuring out who I dislike more, Kady or Amanda. Sigh.

And just before everyone started to relax again, it was time to fill the bottom four with one more guy. My guess for this one was Orlando Bloom, I mean Luke Menard, so it wasn't surprising when Ryan told all three Davids they were safe, and called Luke and Robbie Carrico to center stage. Unfortunately, in yet another upset, Robbie was voted out.

How shocked were you by tonight's eliminations? If you could spare one singer, who would it be? And is there someone still standing that you wish would leave? Post below and tune in next Tuesday for the last week of performances before the Top 12 are unveiled! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 29, 2008 1:17 AM
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"But seriously, who’s voting for Amanda? Let’s hope it’s not the same people that voted for Sanjaya, or we’re in trouble."

Yup, she's the VoteForTheWorst pick. Let the trouble begin!

-- 1. Posted by: James at February 29, 2008 6:00 AM

And as for Alaina, it was shocking, but not uncalled for, as she was pretty bland last night. Alaina went overboard, while Kady held back. Apparently, her massive fanbase (oh, it's big) sees potential? I wouldn't have liked to see Alexandrea go though. I loved her and what she did with the arrangements. She had a personality and brought some life last week (not as much this week). Alaina seems nice, but is a huge ditz and is too talent show. Still, I would've kept her another week. Amanda was one of the worst last night, if not the worst, but I would've sent Kristy and rubber ducky Asia'h out in a jiffy. We know what they've got and it ain't much.

As for the guys, I'm hella glad Robbie's gone. He's a boring poseur and had nothing substantial to offer. And it's clear that Luke is just MAJOR dead weight now. It'd be nice if he was sent packing next week no matter what. I dunno which other guy to get rid of though...I guess Chikezie or Michael (but he's sticking around) or one of the two Davids that aren't a 17 y/o Mormon (Cook is vulnerable, but next week's '80s theme should do wonders for him).

-- 2. Posted by: James at February 29, 2008 6:10 AM

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