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American Idol: San Diego Auditions

san-diego.jpgTonight's episode opened with a band you will never hear come out of any contestant: The Ramones. It just seemed like a weird selection, and I am guessing at least two of The Ramones rolled over in their graves.

Going from the beats of punk to the same beats that have been pounded into our heads for the past six seasons, the show kicked off with Tetiana Ostapowych -- a cute California girl with a very unmarketable name. Simon really hated her; I just hated her boots.

Next up was single dad Perrie Cataldo. Despite his (and the kid's ) need for a haircut, he did very well with Boyz II Men... just wish he had busted out "Motownphilly."

Hot Australian man was up next. I have no clue what his name was, but I swear that I could hear Paula drooling in the background.

At about 10 minutes in, someone must have woken producers up and told them that no crappy contestants had aired yet. This was the perfect time for a montage. I have no clue what songs they were singing, but one looked like Charro's lovechild.

Back to the sob/stalker stories... Mariah Carey -- in case you are reading this, the name is spelled: Valerie Reyes. I just figured she might need the correct spelling for her restraining order. See, Valerie is obsessed with Mariah. Thankfully, Mariah will never have to worry about being booked into the same venue as Valerie; she sucked. Maybe she should have sang some Mariah...

Samantha Musa didn't impress her own sister, but she certainly impressed the judges -- and not just with her confession of undying love for Simon. Paula actually looked slightly nauseated or bored by that part.

Here are a few other notables of the night:

• Blake Boshnack, who has auditioned so many times, he could have his own "Idol" tour.
• Alverto Hurtado, who has hair like Tiny Tim, a body like Andre the Giant, a fan that says "Paula," and a horrible, autobiographical, yet "original," song. Alverto blaming Simon for his failure is like me blaming Alverto for my burning retina.
• David Archuleta was fine, but Randy's backup vocals should have gotten him ejected from the building.

I thought the mime sounded the best of the night. Better luck tomorrow. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on January 23, 2008 1:20 AM
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