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American Idol Fodder

Jennifer Hudson Set for "Sex"

jhudson2.jpgThis is where the TV Fodder and Film Fodder worlds collide... It seems that Oscar winner and "American Idol" cast-off Jennifer Hudson has signed on to star in "Sex and the City: The Movie."

Hudson will star as Louise, Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) assistant. Assistant? This movie has a lot of 'splaining to do. Is she buying Carrie's shoes for her?

Whatever -- we are happy to see that Hudson isn't a one-hit wonder with her movie career. She is also set to star in "Winged Creatures," which will be out next year.

I guess a lot can happen in four years, which is when the movie is supposed to be set, says E! Online.

Other than that, most of the movie is pretty hush-hush. That should change once filming starts next week. -- Rachel Cericola

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Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 12, 2007 10:03 PM
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