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American Idol: The Final 2

blake_jordin.jpgI can't believe it's almost over. I also can't believe that they didn't milk two hours out of tonight's episode. There's always tomorrow, right?

Paula's nose did not look broken. Apparently she tripped over her dog. Of course, she had to be drunk. Hey, I did the same thing once, except what I thought was my dog turned out to be an end table.

The outfits were out in full force. Ryan had his big-boy suit on. Paula was dressed as a naughty maid, but all outfits paled in comparison to Randy's. Who is dressing this guy? Hey Randy: Michael Jackson called; he wants his jacket back.

Looking back on the contestants, Blake's hair has not only gotten darker, but shorter. Compared to now, his audition hair made him look like a member of Kid 'n Play.

Being a nice guy, Blake let Jordin choose whether or not to go first, even though he won the coin toss. He chose to kick off the show with his an encore of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." The first time he was innovative. This time, I wasn't as impressed. Also, even though he can work that stage, the guy needs a headset, because the mic came away from his face a little too much -- although that might have been in his favor.

After Blake's first performance, Ryan deemed Randy "unpopular." If he's smart, he'll blame the jacket!

Jordin's first performance was a new one from Christina Aguilera. I felt like I was actually seeing her in concert -- the sound sucked that bad. You couldn't hear the band or the backup singers, and she needed both of them to hide her singing in some spots. Overall, she is the better singer though. Randy called her stellar... Paula also said "stellar." She needed her thesaurus.

Blake went with a different Maroon 5 song for his second performance. All along, I thought Jordin was the clear winner -- even against the powerchops of Melinda and LaKisha. Now I am thinking this little guy just might take the "AI" crown. Ricky Schroder seemed to like it too.

Martina McBride must have been cheap or something, because I did not think this song was worth one of Jordin's encore songs. She was more than competant, but man... I was bored.

Next, Ryan announced the winners of the songwriting contest that everyone sort of forgot about. Way to dress up, fellas.

Blake performed the winning song, "This Is My Now." This won the contest. No wonder they didn't make a big stink over the contest; the song did that all on its own. Who judged this contest? Paula and Jim Beam? Oof. That song was so bad, they should have promoted it in smell-o-vision. I felt bad for Blake; he should get votes just for hating it.

OK... enough of my riffing. This song was obviously built for Jordin. She did a much better job with it and even cried -- and not for the same reasons as Blake. Blake should never release that song. I think he thinks that too. Frankly, I thought this selection made the final song a wash for Blake. It was almost unfair -- but what in this competition seems fair?

According to, all of Jordin's teen dreams willl come true tomorrow night. However, I am holding out hope for the underdog.

After going with Jordin for this entire season, I have decided to switch teams. I like Blake because I think he will be happy whether he wins or not. If she loses, Jordin's entire teenage world will probably implode. Blake just seems psyched to be there. Me too. See you tomorrow for the finals. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 22, 2007 9:49 PM
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