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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: Oh Snap!

mdoolittle.jpgMaybe I am just feverish, but tonight's show seemed way too long. However, the E-Train pulled into the house!

We got to see Jordin's homecoming trip. She looked pretty humble and all that. But how long until she dumps that friend that she's had for 15 years? Or will she become more like a Gayle King?

Blake spent time with his parents, as well as Sir Mix-A-Lot. I thought it was kind of touching how weepy his dad was. It must have been so cool to show off all of the screaming teenage girls. I would think most dads would appreciate that more than the national anthem at the Mariners game.

Next up was Elliot Yamin. Sadly, Elliot did not call his debut album "E Train." Maybe for the follow up. Is it me or does Elliot look a lot more disturbing since last season? I think he had his teeth fixed, and they look like those fake veneers that all of the contestants from "The Swan" and other extreme makeover shows get slapped into their mouths. They are too big for his mouth now. I miss the snaggletooth. Also, I'm not sure who told him that hair was a good idea, but they were oh so wrong. He sounded very good though, and I still think he should have at least made it to the finals last year.

Did Paula have recent plastic surgery? I mean really recent? Her face looks more plastic than usual and her lips are blown up, and look like two giant Swedish fish. Maybe all of the booze has just fermented her face.

Next Melinda had her homecoming. One woman said that Melinda got her "through a lot of tough times." I needed to hear more about that. She also got a street named after her, although I think it was for effect. I'm guessing there's no Melinda Doolittle mailing address or anything.

My DVR wisely cut off Paula's rambling comments at the end, but I didn't miss the season shocker -- Melinda got voted off. blew it! Blake deserved to go, but I think a Melinda/Jordin finals would have sucked.

Undoubtedly, Melinda was the best singer. She was also the most boring contestant. For instance, I had to keep reminding myself that there was an age limit... didn't Melinda seem like she was 40? She won't have to fear her future though. There's more than one album in there. See you at the finals. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 16, 2007 10:18 PM
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I forgot..its boring to be nice & humble. Not to mention talented. Ugh..who needs those things.

-- 1. Posted by: me at May 16, 2007 11:13 PM

I actually think Melinda's shown more personality and sass over the past couple of weeks. Also, she was the best on Tuesday night. Needless to say, I am furious about the results. A Melinda/Blake finale would've been amazing. Jordin should've been the surprise cast off. She is such a phony. She appears to be so genuine, but she actually is an evangelical witch who has said some awful things. Plus, her performances are often pitchy and shouty. I hope Blake wins this farce. He's more unique and has more exciting performances. BEATBOX FOR THE WIN.

-- 2. Posted by: James at May 17, 2007 12:50 AM

It's ridiculous that Melinda is off. I've said from day one that the viewers shouldn't vote...only the judges! It becomes a popularity contest instead of voting for the best singer. Also, many, many people can't get their calls through. I, myself tried to vote for Melinda for over an hour! It makes me not even want to watch the show anymore!

-- 3. Posted by: Rosanne Viscardi at May 17, 2007 8:02 AM

I am disgusted at the results. Melinda was by far the best singer. What a sham. This competition has nothing to do with voting for the best singer. It is a popularity contest. Melinda deserved a better fate. Idol has been tarnished forever. I agree that Jordin should have been the one to go. Viewers should boycott the show.

-- 4. Posted by: Anne at May 17, 2007 9:04 AM

I love this show. I'm voting for Blake to win it all. I am 7 years old. Melinda looks like Shrek - she has no neck. I like Big Brother better than this show and Survivor...but I kinda liked Charla from the Amazing Race.

-- 5. Posted by: Captain Magic Tree at May 19, 2007 4:48 PM

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