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American Idol: LaKisha Gets Kicked to the Curb

ljones.jpgSeacrest was sporting a Homer Simpson look tonight. Maybe he was up late with nightmares after last night's show and forgot to shave today.

The producers were not doing anyone any favors (including themselves) by recapping last night. In the same fashion, when they pimped out the summer tour, they replayed some of the season's worst performances from contestants that are long gone. Save me a seat!

Pink was tonight's token "other" performance. I think I liked it better when Pink's hair was pink. Now she's more like Whitey. Also, the camera didn't seem to want to get too many close-ups on her below the neck. Was her dress made of Duct tape?

The group song was even more horrible than its usual horrible. With 40 million people watching, they couldn't have checked Melinda's mic before the song started? Then the medley went on to prove that Bee Gees night was an extremely bad idea. It sounded like 50 people were singing. My ears are bleeding. I know Blake sucked last night, but he totally made up in my eyes with that tuxedo T-shirt. Friggin' awesome.

The stars of the next "Fantastic Four" flick were forced to appear in Fox's summer movie plug of the week. Jessica Alba got the mic; probably because no one cares about the guys in the case (props to Vic Mackey!).

This led into a "who are they" segment about the Idols. All I kept thinking was... there's one of you that is wasting everyone's time. It was not Jordin. She was deemed safe.

With the final three waiting to see whose dreams would be crushed, they announced that the show was looking for good bands. Is this a new show?

After that plug, the kids had to wait through Barry Gibb. He looked a tad bit hurtin' -- sort of like he's been sleeping backstage all week. Considering that the guy is 60, I didn't think he was hideous; he just needed his bros as backup.

The show used it's last few minutes to hear that Randy had no idea who was going home, Simon said LaKisha (which caused her to look very sad), and Paula mumbled the same "you're all winners" crap that she does every week. Then, to no one's surprise, LaKisha got sent home.

During LaKisha's final song, did anyone notice that Jessica Alba was gone? The rest of the cast was still there. Maybe she was in the can. Although, I don't think hot chicks like her go to the can.

I am guessing VFTW will hop on the Blake bandwagon now, especially after last night. Even though Melinda is technically the best singer, I am seeing a Blake/Jordin showdown coming soon to a TV near you. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 9, 2007 10:03 PM
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Go B-Ba-Ba-Ba, B-Ba-Ba-Ba, Blake! *tosses away his horrible attempt at beatboxing*

No Jive Talkin'!! :(

-- 1. Posted by: Bryan at May 9, 2007 10:31 PM

I've realized since Sanjaya, every VFTW contestant was the next to get kicked-off. It's like producers are punishing the selections. First Sanjaya--thank God. Then, Phil probably would've gotten the boot, if not for Charity Week. VFTW WOULD'VE chosen Chris next, but since they were kicked simultaneously, crowned LaKisha. Now with her gone, it seems Blake may actually go home next.

Truth be told, I like them all. But I'd love to see Jordin suck ass, not only for a huge shocker, but to ensure Melinda's champ status. But she's got too much momentum--damnit. If only they didn't overpraise that bloated, crass Charity Week performance of hers, with those ridiculous over-the-top vocals. She was the best on Country Week, but give me a break.

I hope Melinda makes a comeback. Last week, she said she was going to take Paula's incoherrent advice and aim for a bigger challenge. I hope she blows Blake and Jordin out of the water. I'm afraid that her fanbase has diminished in their passion. I can only hope the repimping she got after her second BeeGees song worked. GO MINDY-DOO!

P.S. Did you notice on Wednesday night that Barry Gibb was wearing A SEE-THROUGH SHIRT?! Just...yuck.

-- 2. Posted by: James at May 14, 2007 4:20 PM

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