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American Idol: Dead as Disco

ljones.jpgOnly one Gibb could show up tonight; we got Barry. Not sure if I've ever heard Barry speak before, but he sounded a lot like Sean Connery.

Each contestant got two songs tonight, which was good since almost everyone tanked on their first time out...

Melinda Doolittle
Paula really piled on the makeup tonight. It almost distracted me from Melinda's performance of "Love You Inside and Out." Melinda was great, but not her usual great. She has spoiled us as well as the judges, who pooh-poohed her killer performance.

"How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" was a lot more soulful. I thought she was going to burst a blood vessel... she put so much into it.

Blake Lewis
Blake kept the dark hair and the beatboxing. The echo was not doing him any favors. His vocals sounded too high -- like someone was squashing his nuts or something. Despite the judges hating it, I think the beatboxing sort of saved his performance.

He kept up the beatboxing with "This Is Where I Came In." It was funky, and sort of reminded me of some kind of '80s ska/pop fusion. Simon said it was a weird. Is weird bad?

LaKisha Jones
It seems that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't -- especially when it comes to Randy. When you mix things up, he doesn't want you F-ing with the music. When you sing it like last call on karaoke night, he faults you for not being original. We all know the musical stylings of JOURNEY inspired many hair bands, but was LaKisha that bad? Her rendition of "Stayin' Alive" started strong, but the chorus just showed that singing uptempo is not her strong suit, and the last note was brutal.

LaKisha is a great singer, but I am annoyed that she never wants to sing uptempo. The times that she has had been a big mess. I understand it, but don't like it. There are enough ballads on the radio; I don't need an entire album's worth.

Jordin Sparks
Jordin decided not to go all disco and it paid off for her. Even though I was sort of hoping that she'd get jiggy, "To Love Somebody" was a good song choice and she made it sound like a current chart-topper.

Keeping things mellow, Jordin chose "Woman in Love" for her second performance. She looked hot from the boob area up -- underneath that her dress looked like a big sack. However, I thought she sounded great. I understand the age thing that Simon was saying though. It would have been nice for Jordin to leave us on a high note. However, this kid still seems on track to win the whole thing.

VFTW had better look for a new singer to champion (after tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Blake). I am guessing that LaKisha will get her walking papers tomorrow.

Also, was tonight the first time this season we got the Seacrest signature signoff? Ryan, don't mess with perfection! -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 8, 2007 10:03 PM
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