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American Idol: No "Smile" for Gina Glocksen

gglocksen.jpgI am having computer problems, so I am keeping my comments fairly short tonight.

The contestants were put into trios: one was the top three, one the bottom three, one the middle. The grouping of Phil, Gina and Haley seemed a bit too obvious. Part of me was waiting for one of those "American Idol" shockers. My guess is they were too.

Gina looked kind of ill. Haley looked sad. Phil had a big smile. Maybe he knew he was safe.

Tony Bennett was conveniently sick. Michael Buble filled in and did a nice job. However, I was sort of confused by his Antonella comment. He's almost as funny as Seacrest.

After the performance, Gina was sent packing. Either no one likes a rocker or no one believed she was a rocker. I'm in the latter group. I think last night's performance was a bit too tender; people want to see her get all Joan Jett with the mic.

It's also a possible that she received the kiss of death when all three judges said it was her best performance. No one should ever be psyched when they do that! See you all next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 4, 2007 9:39 PM
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