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American Idol: Idol Gives Back -- Again

jblack.jpgTonight the Idols gave back. I wanted to give back too -- my breakfast. Seriously though, in between all of the cheesiness, the filmed segments were very sad (and I'm not talking about that whole "Stayin' Alive" thing). It's a serious cause, and I even took a crowbar to my wallet and donated. Hopefully the celebrities will do the same (your "time" does not count people!).

The sappy all-star spectacular was just too much to cover, so here are just a few quick comments...

• Don't F with me about "shocking results" only to wuss out (see closing paragraph). I hate you for that Seacrest. I know you are just the producers' dancing monkey, but I blame you for tonight's lack of a surpise ending.

• Big announcement: News Corp. kicked in $5 million. Gee... think no one will get a Christmas bonus this year? Please. Speaking of which: How much of tonight's ad revenue went to the cause?

• You know it was a special episode, since Simon busted out his "other" shirt.

• Earth, Wind & Fire's opening sounded a lot like Sexual Chocolate from "Coming to America."

• All of the Idol kids were dressed like they were going to a P Diddy party.

• I wish some celebrity would adopt those two kids living by themselves in that scary one-room "house."

• Here's to hoping that the nickname "Cresty" sticks.

• Was this the first time that Tom from MySpace has ever been larging than a thumbnail?

• Shout out for Captain Underpants -- awesome!

• Paula may be vertically challenged, but her boobs are not.

• Judging by the "Stayin' Alive" Ford segment, Teri Hatcher might be in need of her own Idol-style benefit.

Mickey Dolenz in the hizhouse!

• Liked Ellen as a host, but was anyone else expecting her to donate $1 million? Now that's a figure to match.

• Loved the Simpsons' segment. Seacrest must have been thrilled to finally hear Simon "sing."

• I'm pretty sure that if Elvis were alive today, he wouldn't give a rat's ass about the kids in Africa.

OK! not to sound uncharitable, but what a disappointment that no one got canned tonight. However, I did almost pass out when they made everyone think that Jordin was going home. Yeah! make the 17-year-old cry. That's charitable. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 25, 2007 10:35 PM
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I figured that they wouldn't send anybody home this week. It would suck to be the person who left on charity week. I have to agree with you about the whole leaving Jordin till last thing. They should've done it to Chris or Phil, it would've been more believeable.

-- 1. Posted by: Bryan at April 26, 2007 11:05 AM

I keep hearing complaints about them singling out Jordin. While I don't think they should have done it at all, consider how "smart" (some might say "sneaky") they are:

* Everyone assumes Jordin is the safest. If they wanted to have a fake surprise, she would be the one.

* Someone had to (??) be chosen -- so why not someone new? We've seen Blake and Chris and Phil and Lakisha on the chopping block. It was either Melinda or Jordin. (And Melinda got put through the ringer last week when she was supposed to "choose" who the losers were.)

* Here's where they show just how clever they are. Simply the suggestion that Jordin might be kicked off is probably going to prompt everyone who wants her to win into voting for her, which will make it even more likely that she's going to win.

* Maybe they told her ahead of time?

* Finally, so she had to go through 30 seconds of heightened anxiety... So? She'll be able to pay for the two minutes of therapy she needs with all the millions she's going to make. I hardly think, given what else we saw on the same program, that she needs any further sympathy.

-- 2. Posted by: Chad at April 27, 2007 8:03 PM

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