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American Idol: 6 Men Enter, One Man Leaves

brogers.jpgFor a 30-minute show, they certainly know how to try my patience. I don't even want to get into the "hooray for everyone and everything" medley from the beginning...

So to punish myself, I needed to watch the Ford commercial twice. It took me that much to realize that the theme was "through the ages." Melinda and LaKisha weren't wearing 'fros in their segment, which sort of threw me off. It wasn't the worst Ford commercial to date, but the fact that I had to view it twice (I know, it's my own fault) made it twice as painful.

Brandon and Phil were the first to be selected for the bottom three. I am not a big Phil fan, but I can think of a few other people that should have gone into the group first. I blame it on last night's lack of a hat.

Haley and Sanjaya were the last two left, and had to sweat through a Diana Ross performance with Phil and Brandon. I think I've seen her outfit before, but I have to say that when she went over and was singing to/with the kids, she came off as sort of a nice lady, and not the bitchy/crazy diva I was expecting.

Sanjaya surprisingly made the bottom three. Between VoteFortheWorst and Howard Stern, I thought Sanjaya might make it to the finals.

Brandon was the one that went home though. Sad to see those brown eyes go, but he's really dropped the ball over the past few weeks. Forgetting his words probably didn't win him new fans either. The guys had better start stepping it up; I'm guessing each one will be picked off before we have an all-girl finals. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on March 14, 2007 10:26 PM
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