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American Idol: San Antonio Auditions

Simon-Paula.jpgIf you're new to "American Idol," you might be enjoying the audition episodes. Many that have been watching it since Season 1 enjoy those as well. However, I do not. It's definitely gotten way out of control.

I understand that the producers could basically run two hours Paula ranting every week, probably every night, and get huge ratings. They are smarter than I am. However, I am just sick of episodes where we see only two or three worthy competitors and the rest are quirky crap.

Well this is it, kids -- San Antonio is the final stop for auditions. Here are some of the highlights...

• This isn't the first time I've noticed this, but it seems impossible for the audition shows to start with someone with talent.
• Did Bryan Kyrish pop his kneecap? If not, that's a shame.
• Paula and Simon really are made for each other. She gets all girlie when she sees a guy that can sing, and when hot chicks enter the room, the camera immediately pans to him.
• Did anyone notice the sign that Jasmine's family had for her? "Jasmine: Are Next American Idol." I assume they meant "Our." Even though she sucked, she probably has a better chance of being the next "American Idol" than the Scripps National Spelling Bee champ.
• I hate when people come in to get judged and then say "well who are you?" They are the people that you asked to judge you, honey.
• Quote of the night goes to Jasmine's mom upon asking where Simon is from: "He need to go back to British..."
• I have agree with Simon about Baylie Brown -- but will she make it to the finals?
• No matter which city they're in, the locked door seems to have been fodder for embarrassment. Do some of these people really need help in that department?
• After Sandie Chavez's performance, I've come to the conclusion that the mayor of Houston is 100 percent deaf.
• Ashlyn Carr had the voice of an angel and the face of a person with Tourette's. I felt really bad for her; how do you go about training your face?
• I am glad that they gave Ashlyn a second shot, but I didn't need to see Simon feeling himself up during her second performance.
• They must really being looking for originality because they didn't even note that Jimmy McNeal made up his own Sam Cooke medley. It obviously worked. Good for him.

It's sort of unfair for me to say that San Antonio was forgettable since 22 people made it from the Lone Star state. All of the auditions have sort of become a blur at this point. Tomorrow night is a "best of the rest" roundup. Soak up the silliness while you can. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 6, 2007 8:54 PM
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