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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: Hollywood Round 1

AIjudges.jpgDay one and people are sleeping during the first official "American Idol" breakfast. You can sleep on the plane ride home, people -- look sharp!

Sleepiness aside, Hollywood week has begun. Tonight we squeezed a lot of songs (or at least snippets of them) into one hour.

Santa Monica's Jory Steinberg was a nice way to kick off the show. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she may have been the first person this season to kick off a show and actually be able to sing. Unfortunately, singing ability didn't help her. She went home, along with the other first six females.

Perla Meneses took the judges' advice and sang "Hips Don't Lie." Apparently, the advice was good because she made it through to the next round (but not beyond it).

Pop-princess-in-training Baylie Brown sounded a little pitchy, if you ask me. However, as Simon mentioned before, she is a record company's dream, and that apparently got her a second chance.

Ashlyn Carr got sent home. Not sure if that's because she gave a horrible audition or if it was because the recent release of her record -- her criminal record.

Funny that Nicole Tatton and her mom got more stage and screen time than people that made it through. I guess a little drama always makes things interesting, although it never seems to get you a second chance.

Day two gave the guys a chance to shine -- or not.

L.A.'s Brian Miller sang the same song from his audition. I know the guy is 19, but doesn't he know any other songs? I guess he counted on them not remembering and went with what he knew best.

Jarrod Fowler seemed like a really nice guy, but he bored the crap out of me. Matt Sato had a much sadder story, and made it through -- not through the entire episode though. I wonder if his mom still loves him (what was up with that?).

I was also happy to see Chris Sligh (the Jack Osbourne-look alike/funny guy) make it through, and was surprised that they didn't display any of his audition. I guess he wasn't crackin' wise. He did show up later, with his group. Those guys might be the next *NSYNC!

About 30 minutes in, we're already up to the group round. Why are we whipping through the talented people, while we wasted weeks on the freaks? Even the overnight rehearsals seemed to fly by in a matter of minutes (I think it was 5 minutes, to be exact). I know "House" was on tonight, but what's the hurry?

The performances got a little more screen time. I am happy to report that there is still a chance that I might see the words "Sundance Head" on an album cover.

Despite good looks, the hot chick trio didn't do so well. The two were lucky they made it through, because I was pretty sure that Antonella was the only one that would make it. I felt bad for Baylie (as well as those salivating record company execs), but she can't blame anyone for forgetting her lyrics. I couldn't wait until the other one in her group (whose name escapes me -- not Antonella) would bite it. Not only was she nasty to Baylie, and lied about not spending the night flirting, but she also said that she made it (and not Baylie) "because God likes good people." I guess he must have checked the wrong list, honey. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long; she got the axe in the "rooms" round.

The rooms were divided. The decisions were made. Many hearts were broken. Looks like tomorrow we will get much of the same, but the final 24 will be revealed! -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 13, 2007 9:19 PM
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re: "Why are we whipping through the talented people, while we wasted weeks on the freaks?"

I couldn't agree more! The really bad singers, freaks and weirdos weren't funny to me any more. I was actually annoyed by almost all of them and only chuckled a couple times...literally. The most annoying of all had to be that girl that wasted my time and the rest of America's time with all of that nonsense about the fact that she doesn't sing, but doesn't think she needs to sing to be the next american idol...and then cried when they told her no. What?! #$$@#! ...Get off my TV screen!!

Anyhow, I was looking foward to the Hollywood round where most people have talent and it is a more compelling talent competition. Watching these talented people struggle to make the cut is much more interesting. Watching them stay up all night, watching fantastic singers blow it by forgeting their lyrics and watching the drama that unfolds with the group dynamics is much better TV than the umpteenth freak that's a really bad singer. I was extremely disappointed that they whipped through so much of Hollywood in one episode.

By the way, I could have sworn I saw Ebony--the really amazing singer from that trio of roller skating watress girls from the "best of the rest" show--getting eliminted in one of the groups. Was that her?

-- 1. Posted by: Hurley88 at February 14, 2007 4:57 AM

Right on Hurley88! I know exactly which girl you were talking about. She was annoying. Yeah... I'm the next "American Idol" too. At least I sing in my car!

According to the Long Beach Press-Telegram (, Ebony may still be in the running. It seems like no one really knows! I am guess that is some kind of local paper for her hometown. It was such a mess last night, it was hard to tell who got the axe.

Stay tuned!

-- 2. Posted by: Rachel at February 14, 2007 7:57 PM

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