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American Idol: Seattle Auditions

dreedy.jpg"American Idol" has taken on a new trait that I am not fond of. No, it's not exploiting the weak and talentless. I've become accustomed to that. It's giving too much backstory to the people that suck. It's fine for people like Darwin Reedy, who are so freaky that they deserve a bit of a backstory. However, it seems like they are just filling time with telling us about people that we will never see again -- and shouldn't have seen in the first place.

Here are the "highlights" (and I use that term loosely) from 2 hours in Seattle:

Last night's Apollo Creed was more believable.
• That woman was "The Hotness" in name only.
• I was really rooting for Amy, the woman whose husband didn't support her. Sadly, her husband was right.
• 30 minutes in, and we finally get to Tommy Daniels. Anyone think he channels Linc from the "Mod Squad?"
• Simon said: "I think you're easily pleased, Paula." Did he just notice this now?
• Maybe they should spend more time on the good people and less on the bizarre. Otherwise, don't blame us for our craptacular voting decisions later on.
• He wants you too, Malachai -- I mean Nick Zitzmann. He wants you too.
• Does anyone else think that Nick Zitzmann's co-workers really hate him? I see a rowdy, Nick-less party going on somewhere in Midvale, Utah.
• Rudy pulled out the Journey -- as well as Paula's eyeballs. I think she was blinded by love. Randy was blinded by memories of Steve Perry.
• 90 minutes in, I got a blindspot in my eye. Not sure if it was the bright lights in my office or the fact that I had been watching this closely for 90 minutes.
• Kenneth may have the hand signs, but he also has the look of Squiggy -- without the talent of Squiggy.
• If you cut out all of the commercials, would tonight's episode have been 30 minutes? Whoever invented DVR technology: I have a newborn son that I owe you.
• That Taylor Hicks guy is a hairstylist? I always wondered if hairstylists cut their own hair. If this guy does, he must do it with a kitchen knife.
• If Seacrest actually coined the term "Bohemian Crapsody," he might have just earned Dick Clark's seat after all.
• Speaking of Malachai... it's Steven Thoen kids! Are there cornfields in Seattle that I've missed?

I really wish Steven had made it through to Hollywood -- just for the writing opportunities. After all, he may look like Carrot Top, but as he said himself, "Everyone says that I'm way cooler than him." Is there no greater compliment? -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on January 17, 2007 9:45 PM
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Great Review! It was a freaks, geeks and circus performer show all right. There were a few bright spots such as Jordin Sparks.
Hopefully Idol will showcase the talent again instead of the Gong Show aspects of the last two nights.

-- 1. Posted by: Eric G at January 17, 2007 10:50 PM

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