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American Idol: NYC Auditions

Idol-NY.jpgThere was twice the show tonight, and twice the talent. Tonight's show actually seemed to focus more on the good contestants than the bad. However, I didn't. Here were my highlights...

• Separated at birth: Carole Bayer Sager and Joan Collins.
• Ian Benardo has now sucked on two Fox reality shows. That's quite a feather in his cap!
• Ian might not have been a superstar, but he would make a great reality TV show. I know I wanted to see him purchase that first-class Hollywood ticket on his own.
• Anyone else think Sarah's dad actually was very mad?
• Loved the piano music behind Ashanti's sob story. They should do that with all of the contestants.
• Why do people think if they bust out a song during their rejection, that they will be given another chance?
• How long until "Maxim" pictures of Amanda and Antonella are found on the Web?
• Being from Delaware, I really wanted to root for Clifton. Unfortunately, his appearance reminded me of why I moved.
• Paula isn't making anyone forget the Corey Clark situation with comments like the ones after Jenry's performance.
• Carole hit the nail on the head asking Sarah Goldberg if she thought she could sing. They should ask every contestant that.
• I feared for Paula, Randy and Carole during Sarah's nervous breakdown.
• Oh more thing about Sarah: Honey, some of those people may have important things going on in their lives, but you are not one of them -- not if you had the entire day to hang out waiting to try out for a singing competition, knowing in your heart of hearts that you had zero singing ability.
• Since when did they allow 47-year-olds to audition? Is this connected to "The Apprentice" lawsuit?
• During one of the montages, if you blinked you might have missed Olivia Newton-John appearing in the judge's chair.
• Christopher Henry looks like George Michael and sounds like Judy Garland -- the later years.
• Chris Richardson resurfaced some memories of Elliot Yamin. Where is the E-Train parked these days?
• Nicholas should not get a second chance in Hollywood. Sorry, but I am surprised that the judges are so forgiving.
• Julie is no "Lady Marmalade," but she did sum up the NYC suck very nicely.

Not everyone was a Julie. Apparently, 35 people are going from NYC to Hollywood. Not a bad haul for a 2-hour episode. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on January 24, 2007 10:19 PM
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This episode was really in New Jersey not New York

-- 1. Posted by: tilly at January 27, 2007 7:17 PM

E-train parked? Not parked at all, but zooming! :)

-- 2. Posted by: purplestorm at January 30, 2007 8:47 AM

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