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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: Minneapolis Auditions

jkoch.jpgOf course, we needed to start this season with a recap. Seacrest said that 40 million people watched last year's "American Idol" finale, so I guess we needed to catch up the four people out there that might have missed it.

It was also a nice segue into the weeks of auditions we'll have to endure. These used to be hilarious. With weeks of multi-houred episodes ahead of us, they might be milking it a bit. Instead of us milking it too, we're just going to hit the highlights -- at least until we see the first glimpse of the Hollywood sign. Feel free to share your thoughts if we missed something good...

The auditions started in Minneapolis, with a huge crowd singing "1999." After all of the bitching last season, Prince really got his money's worth with his short appearance, didn't he? The sales pitch certainly worked on Jewel. Think this is the last nail in her coffin with the Lillith Fair crowd?

Here are the rest of the highlights...

• Don't sing a celebrity judge's song -- I don't care if it's Jewel, Paula, or even Randy Jackson from his Journey days.
• Jessica is not only not a good singer, but she wasn't even good TV fodder. Is it possible to get my money back without even spending a dime?
• Was that guy urban Amish or Amish homeless?
• If you have to leave during an audition, you may as well keep walking.
• I don't care what anyone says, the guy dressed as Apollo Creed IS my "American Idol."
• 16-year-old Denise Jackson was the first person to get their Hollywood papers. If she doesn't make it to the end, at least she has that claim to fame.
• Save the skits for the finale. The part with people that forget the lyrics was cute, but it seems to really annoy the judges -- why should we be any different?
• If you're a vocal coach, you'd better be really good -- or at least say you're a cashier or something.
• Who is the boss that flew his secretary out? I need that job.
• "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" worked out really well for Sarah Krueger. Something tells me we are going to see the opposite end result before the auditions wrap.
• Watching "American Idol" does not make you an "American Idol."
• Just because you've been singing since you were born, it doesn't mean you've been singing well since you were born.
• The mom that told her crying son "you're going to be famous" should rethink her nuturing. Serial killers are famous too, ma.
• I love the rockers, but Josh was no Daughtry.

I understand that the show is popular, but there's another two hours tomorrow. Who do they think they are, Jack Bauer? -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on January 16, 2007 9:26 PM
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These Auditions in Minneapolis were pretty bad, but the previews for Seattle Auditions should be downright atrocious.

Randy Jackson seemed to take on the personality of Simon this show, as being the overtly Rude, obnoxious and at time mean spirited in his comments.

Sarah Krueger seems to have the capacity with looks, charm and awesome voice to make it though several rounds of Idol if not one of the top 4.

-- 1. Posted by: American Idol Fan at January 16, 2007 11:51 PM

Did anyone else notice how white Simon's teeth were? The glare almost blinded me.

-- 2. Posted by: junger at January 17, 2007 11:38 AM

Here we go again. Another six weeks of pathetic, talentless people facing ridicule ... and not realizing they're being ridiculed.

I can't wait until the real show starts. This filler crap kills me. -- mac

-- 3. Posted by: mac at January 17, 2007 8:51 PM

At least you don't have to write about it. I actually have to pay attention!


-- 4. Posted by: Rachel at January 17, 2007 9:01 PM

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