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American Idol: The E-Train Has Derailed

Elliott2.jpgAn entire hour to eliminate one person!?! No good. Instead of whipping through the opening like a normal night, we got more Seacrest than usual. Surprisingly though, the show moved along at a fairly nice pace.

The night's first "big" surprise was that each of the contestants got a copy of the new "X-Men" movie. This is the second week in a row the show has mentioned the movie. We get it. It's a Fox production.

An even bigger surprise was that Taylor got to take a private jet to his hometown. Just assume that he doesn't win... won't it be really hard to go back to coach after that? His homecoming was unbelievable. I don't think Ray Charles and Joe Cocker combined ever got a turnout like that.

Taylor performed "Takin' It to the Streets." It was almost as good as the first time he did it. I think he was distracted by Katharine and Elliott dancing. I certainly was. I hope that the producers made them do that. One of them will need to get votes next week, and I don't need that image burning a hole in my memory.

Katharine didn't get a private jet, but she did get to meet Jillian Barberie. Life is just not fair, I guess. Since she practically lives down the street, her segment was more about the McPhee family dynamic. It was nice, but she wasn't exactly made out to be the Pope of Alabama like Taylor.

I thought it was kind of funny how Katharine took her shoes off during "Think." I realize that maybe she foresaw a spill, but it seemed a little too incorporated into her movements. She sounded good though, and I loved seeing her smile. She always seems to be in such a funk on elimination night. I can see why, but have fun while you can! The show doesn't last forever.

Elliott got the private jet treatment too, as well as a police motorcade. He was sporting a lot of hometown pride, and I was really happy for the guy. He genuinely seemed touched, which showed a very sweet side of him. The best though was the three little kids that had "Elliott" painted across their chests. I foresee a lot of ballgames in their futures. I could understand why Elliott was crying, but why the hell was Paula crying? Was it the Prozac?

He jazzed it up with another performance of "Moody's Mood for Love." He was good, but I couldn't stop thinking about what a train wreck Paula is. She seems to get fixated on various male contestants. She's not exactly helping to shake the controversy from last year.

Clive Davis came out next to get his props. He also got a plaque. Do you think he hangs that in his garage? The guy's house must be wallpapered with crap like that. Simon looked a little bored during this segment. He wasn't the only one. I mean, we know "AI" is great -- we are all watching, right? I was annoyed watching the clock tick though, knowing that whoever was getting the boot was going to get the hook pretty quick. After all, at this point, there was less than 9 minutes left. You would think with an entire hour, they could have spared some extra time for the exiting person's final song and/or show recap.

Apparently the voting was very close, and Seacrest had the percentages to prove it. With 33.06 percent of the votes, Elliott had to go home. It was not surprising to anyone but Paula. The camera immediately cut to her after the announcement -- I think even before going to his parents maybe? (Sorry, I didn't rewind my TiVo.)

Looking at his recap, Elliott's look has actually gotten a lot better over his weeks on the show. So did his performances. I'm not shocked, but I am sad. I hope that kid goes somewhere -- except back to working at the pharmacy in Virginia. Despite his stage peformance, the guy has a great voice, has heart and was very humble. Not such a bad traits for an "Idol," even if he is headed home. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 17, 2006 9:46 PM
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Go Katherine!

-- 1. Posted by: David at May 17, 2006 10:44 PM

I couldn't watch, because I don't want anyone else to be eliminated.

-- 2. Posted by: Anonymous at May 17, 2006 11:18 PM

Katherine does not deserve to win. Elliot is a much better singer.

-- 3. Posted by: Shelly at May 17, 2006 11:43 PM

Katherine is just so dull! Come on, Taylor!

-- 4. Posted by: Emma at May 17, 2006 11:59 PM

Yeah, I hope Elliot goes somewhere too, considering he has by far the superior voice. Its a joke to think that taylor, who is a karoke singing talent and a comic act as a dancer is even in the same room with Elliot or for that matter katherine, who is a dime a dozen voice who happens to look good(especially with her phony hair extentions). Looking good is great for modeling and acting, if you dont watch Katherine and actually listen to her she is a mediocre singer at best.Her voice will take her nowhere after this show is over. Thank God for disneyland and dinner theaters.
Taylor is a disaster. He is unoriginal joe cocker rip off,and his inccessant soul patrol soul patrol has gotten so annoying except to the under age 10 crowd.He is the only hick left so he will reel in the hick vote like George Bush does. Reading your comments it's obvious that you are the typical voter who doesn't understand the rules of the contest. It's not about dancing, or looks or catch phrases or wardrobe or who the judges like. I mean Simon has been great this year until last night when he picks a song for katherine and than procliams it as the best performance of the year. Gosh, I wonder if he was biased or something, hmmmmmm....... It's fine if Simon wants to say what he thinks about a performance but to make predictions about who gets to go through to the next round is really out of line and unfair to the contestant and ruins the whole format of the show. It's no wonder that american idol has not produced more than 1 real star in all the seasons (kelly Clarkson) it's been on the air. Clive Davis who got the big award tonight(producer) was just plain creepy(tales from the crypt anyone??)I'm suprised he didn't have elliot sing a Pat Boone song. I wonder what elliot thought when he was handed the journey song by that old geeser. i'm sure he thought he was really being hip by picking a cheesey song from the eighties.Do you think he owns a piece of that bands copyrights?(how disgusting if he does).Kind of like having a great chef come over and cook some hotdogs in the microwave. I was hoping for a soulful rendition of a reo speedwagon by elliot, dang!
Those stuck in the eighties judges need to go host VH1 or something.A real travesty to have Elliot off the show, maybe they should rename it American Idullllllllll.......

-- 5. Posted by: craig at May 18, 2006 12:29 AM

I hope Elliott has a fantastic singing career. He has the best voice and I think he has the potential to be more successful than whoever wins this thing. Oh, and as far as looks go, I think he's CUTE!!!!!!

-- 6. Posted by: Anne at May 18, 2006 1:12 AM

Craig, your post says it all ... This show is a joke. I have to say i watched each season and this year was by far the worst. Elliott should not have went home, nor should Chris. We are left with Taylor,who has no voice and is all act... and Katherine, who does not have a strong voice, but the looks. After seeing Elliott go, I will never watch this show again, as it is just a joke about jokers.. not real singers.

-- 7. Posted by: Scott at May 18, 2006 2:28 AM

I'm psyched the Soul Patrol made it to the final (who could have called that?), but it's a shame Elliott didn't make it to the finish line. He worked harder than anyone and, beyond that, we watched him become a star over the course of the show. It was a stunning run and I hope massive success comes his way.

-- 8. Posted by: mac at May 18, 2006 3:14 AM

Craig: Not sure if you are talking about MY comments or someone else that commented.... but I voted for Elliot!

And sadly, it isn't just about the singing... I think Elliot's downfall was that he didn't have this HUGE personality or some type of schtick. Look at the "AI" message boards -- some people actually thought he could not sing (!) and some also found him dull. I actually just considered him to be humble, which is a great quality in an "Idol" contestant!

-- 9. Posted by: Rachel at May 18, 2006 6:01 AM

I like the kind words you said about Elliott, I will read this on my show today. I'm a Taylor fan but his visit home was very touching last night.

-- 10. Posted by: girl600 at May 18, 2006 7:21 AM

Craig I hear what you're saying and I agree with most of it.
Elliot was THE best singer of the final 3 and the most evolved contestant.
If the crypt keeper had any sense about him he would have picked a funky song for Elliot to sing.
I can hear it now..."She's a brickhouse......." That would have been groovy!

-- 11. Posted by: DAWN KATE at May 18, 2006 8:01 AM

Simon knows when he tells someone he/she won't make it to the next round that the voters listen to him. Simon, you got this one wrong! Elliott has the best voice--by far--of the three that remained. The people who are swayed by your comments will now be stuck picking between two mediocre singers. This show should be re-named, "American Idol: Comedy/Beauty Contest." The singing talent part is no longer important. I hate to see this favorite show of mine go down the tubes, but, I believe it will if we keep seeing the most talented SINGERS knocked off because of the show's politics.

-- 12. Posted by: rhonda at May 18, 2006 9:54 AM

Elliott is so underrated it's really sad. American robbed the best voice of the competition.

Now all my Elliott votes will be going to Taylor.

-- 13. Posted by: Dee at May 18, 2006 10:15 AM

I was upset that Elliot went home!! Elliot is a wonderful, souful, very talented performer...and yes, seemingly sincere, genuine and humble. Admirable traits. His rendition of James Moody's classic was awesome!!! I hope he gets a real career and achieves great success. I"d buy his records. Taylor is great, too, but different...more charming in an a happy, extroverted way. Taking nothing away from Elliot. Taylor is entertaining in a more "out there" manner. Kat is beautiful and has a great voice and good range...but seems contrived and would do better in standard pop or jazz, even. The contemporary R&B style that so many of today's female singers possess is old and tired. She needs to find a classic style to showcase her talent and be more genuine, loosen up and not be so contrived.

-- 14. Posted by: RJ Reinhard at May 18, 2006 10:21 AM

I can't believe Elliot's album. It is Awesome!!!!!!. I love his album. It is better than any American Idol album yet. I listened to his album and love every song. I can't wait until we can see more of him, more videos,interviews etc. Please put him out there and let everyone here how great this guy is.

-- 15. Posted by: melissa llinas at August 18, 2007 2:14 PM

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