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American Idol: We'll Never Have Paris

paris2.jpgWith so few contestants left, the half-hour results show seems to be dragging a bit. At what point do we just make it like the lottery drawing every night? Maybe they can just draw a name during a "House" commercial break.

Since this week had no special guest star, so we were "treated" to yet another group song. These make me want to gouge out my eardrums. They also make me appreciate bands like N*Sync. Both experiences are equally painful.

As part of tonight's filler, we got another crappy Ford commercial. However, I must give the producers props for putting Tyson the skateboarding dog in there. It was the only time during one of these segments that I actually chuckled.

No surprise that Paris was in the bottom two. But speaking of chuckles: Did anyone notice when Paris handed Seacrest her gum (or what I assume was gum)? Something tells me that he will make sure that contestants know that they might have to sing during the results show, avoiding any possibilities of handling discarded food items of all types in the future.

A little surprised that Elliot was in the bottom two. I mean every week, I expect him to go, but really let me down on this one. They were right about one thing: Paris went home tonight. I think she is really talented, and man -- did she take it well or what? Very classy.

One thing she won't have to worry about -- next week's theme is Elvis. God help us all. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 3, 2006 9:14 PM
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Hey Rachel!! Your comments on next week's show tell anyone who knows anything about the music business the how little you know about Elvis' music. He recorded 723 songs, out of which you probably are aware of, say, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or maybe a 100?

Whatever you know about him, it is clear you don't know enough. I would like any of the contestants to try to deliver, with gusto, a few songs in his truly ecclectic repertoire, namely the inspirational singles like "You'll never walk alone", "An American trilogy", "If I can dream", "He touched me" and "How great thou art", or his love songs, (also issued as singles), including "Hurt", "Anyday now", "Unchained melody", "It hurts me", or "Rags to Riches".

I would also like any of them to try to do a decent version of any of his wild rocking singles, like "Jailhouse Rock", or "Hard Headed Women", or attempt at truly recapturing the rocking Christmas spirit in Elvis' "Santa Claus is back in town".

Finally, they can try to outdo Elvis' version of "Can`t help falling in love", like Andrea Bocelli, UB40 and Bono, of U2, as well as countless other performers have, with little, or no real success.

It is not a matter of virtuosity, as they say, but a matter of feeling a song, and delivering it to those who are in the audience, as well as to the remaining 45 million watching in TV, as Elvis was able to do, time and time again, in his 23 year career.

So, for your sake, I hope the producers do not allow, or suggest to the contestants, to try those songs in Elvis' repertoire you are obviously thinking about when you said God should help us all, now that the final four will be going to Graceland and, ostensibly, try out some of his songs.

-- 1. Posted by: Jim Burrows at May 4, 2006 12:43 AM

Thank yewwwwww

-- 2. Posted by: mac at May 4, 2006 2:55 AM

Jim: Are you an Elvis impersonator?

What I meant -- and you obviously know nothing about reading, since you misinterpreted what I said -- was that I don't think any of the contestants can do Elvis justice.

A trip to Graceland does not make one qualified to sing the King.

-- 3. Posted by: Rachel at May 4, 2006 8:26 AM

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