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American Idol: The Great American Songbook

paris2.jpgRod Stewart really looks more and more like a woman, doesn't he? If he gets any more womanly, he'll soon be dating himself.

More disturbing than his aging looks (yes I know it happens to all of us) was Rod holding his newborn son (which hopefully doesn't happen to all of us at that age). Something surprising, however, was what a likeable guy Rod seemed to be.

Chris Daughtry kicked off the show with "What a Wonderful World." Rod Stewart's wife seemed a little starry eyed, and she wasn't the only one. While I'm not convinced that he showed "another side" of himself, Chris did a great job, as usual. This guy is always consistent and is right on-target to win as far as I'm concerned. And hey -- even Simon clapped!

Her ever-changing looks did not help Paris Bennett tonight. She had the hair working, but the rest of her looked like a thirty-something secretary. Who really cares though; the girl sounded phenomenal. This is her definitely her genre, and I have been waiting to see her perform like this since her first audition.

Taylor Hicks had two really hard acts to follow, but he did a nice job. Sam Cooke's "You Send Me" really didn't lend itself to a lot of flailing arm movements and funky-chicken-esque footsteps. However, he got to showcase his vocal talents and then managed to throw a little of his personality into the end there.

I don't understand the people that think Elliot Yamin cannot sing. Do they turn down the sound when he comes on or something? Granted, he is not the most handsome and doesn't have the craziest choreography, but his rendition of "It Had to Be You" was hot.

I thought after tonight, maybe Rod Stewart was going to have a new wife. He seemed very smitten by Kellie Pickler's stupidity. I think she actually did better than the judges gave her credit for, but I just can't get over these "blonde" moments that have become regular segments every week.

Ace had a slicked back look tonight. At first I thought it looked kind of cool. Then, I realized that his hair looked sort of like it was in a bun. Ew. However, I have to say that his version of "That's All" worked really well with his vocal style. He should thank his lucky stars that he made it through last week, because I think he should sail through after this performance.

Katherine McPhee looked like another contender for Mrs. Stewart status. Hey -- Rod likes the ladies. Katherine was great tonight. Her voice sounded beautiful, her close-ups were super-cute and her song selection was perfect. However, there is just something sort of boring about her. Hate on me if you like. I think she certainly has talent, and I can't put my finger on it.

Despite bringing down the house, tonight was one of the best showcases of talent in many weeks. I think we've really got a contest now folks.

It makes me sad, but I think my man Elliot is going home tomorrow. He certainly has the talent, but the others have shown off a lot more personality, which will probably pack his bags. -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from this Episode

• God bless the Great American Songbook! After weeks of ho-hum performances, the contestants finally got songs that play to their strengths.

• Michael Buble has full justification for beating the snot out of Rod Stewart -- the guy stole his gig!

• The song the contestants sing when the weekly "star" appears for the first rehearsal has to be one of the most embarrassing moments in television, week in and week out. It's on par with those Ford Focus ads.

Chris did a nice job with "What a Wonderful World," but I was worried his performance would be embellished with an animated butterfly or a deer hopping happily through the background. Fortunately, my worries didn't come to fruition.

Paris, as we all could have guessed, did a great job with this week's genre (Paris and the Great American Songbook are a match made in music marketing heaven). But I'm not sure about her outfit -- she looked like Dana Scully circa '95 ("Thank yeeewww").

• Will the producers please -- please -- turn the background volume down?! Most of Taylor's performance was drowned by the friggin' horn section. Seriously. Turn that crap down and let the contestants sing! (Except Ace. Keep the volume cranked for him.)

• Incidentally, the last 25 seconds of Taylor's performance were stunning. He absolutely owns the stage whenever he breaks out his rippin' soul scatting.

• If I ever discover the Pool of Charisma (it's downstream from the Fountain of Youth), I'd volunteer Elliot to be the first into the water. He's got a fantastic voice -- a phenomenal voice -- but his stage presence is a low-boil at best. If he could find that one little spark, he'd be a superstar. (My wife described it best: "Elliot just isn't infectious.")

• Quote of the week: "Well, you took a load off my chest!" -- Kellie Pickler.

• Reaction of the week: Rod Stewart's smirking response to Kellie's comment.

• I finally understand what Randy means when he says "it's a little pitchy." Kellie's performance was a lot pitchy.

• Despite his best efforts to glam up (sensitive ponytail man?), Ace still sucked mightily. He can't handle the low notes, and that falsetto is such a friggin' cop out.

Katharine's version of "Someone to Watch Over Me" was this close to a star making turn. Beyond the vocals, she works the audience and the camera like a seasoned pro. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 18, 2006 8:20 PM
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Chris was amazing again, he really can do it all. Plus he's hot, it's a win-win for me!

Lets talk about Katharine for a second here, my friends and I also thought the same thing..that something is off. Not that she can't sing, and she's pretty, but maybe that she is actaully a mean person and not as nice as she seems. I don't know but I need this figured out asap.

Taylor is so annoying, am I the only one here who thinks this. "Soul Patrol" come on buddy it's getting old and noone likes a showoff! Just because you have gray hair and dance like an idiot does not mean you should win or Thank your "fans"(FYI buddy you've been semi-famous for like .5 seconds)

My vote is for Kellie to leave, she was terrible and the comments she made afterwards about being terrible made it even worse. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut sometimes.

-- 1. Posted by: Jen at April 19, 2006 9:44 AM

Let's be honest...poor Elliot will go home tonight. The boy can sing, but rememeber...Idol is about the "total package" and Elliot unfortunately doesnt have it.

It must be me, but I love the fact that Taylor has fun on the stage. He is honest and real. Unlike all the cookie cutters that are in pop music today...Taylor is a breath of fresh air. He won't win Idol, but I believe he is the next Clay Aiken.

Loved Kat last night. She still reminds me of a young Valerie Bertinelli (from "One Day at a Time" or for those younger readers Eddie Van Halen's Ex.) She made the stage and song her own. I dont think that she is fake (as some are saying.) She is sweet.

Now, who I do think is fake is Kellie. At first the southern belle thing was cute, but the dumb act is REALLY getting OLD! I agree that she needs to shut her mouth. If you did a lousy job (and she did) you dont have to announce it. We know you stunk. I am also tired of the "OH, I'm sooooory." to Simon, Randy and Paula. I dont think she is..fake. I think she thinks if she acts all sad she will continue to get the sympathy vote. Bye Kellie. Thanks for playing. Go to Disney and start your acting career there.

Ace-you should have cut the hair dude. You looked good last night, but the "Tears for Fears" 80's slicked back-ponytail thing looked lame. I think once Elliot is gone...then it's Ace, then Kellie, then Paris.

Paris sounded great, but I think her age is going to be her downfall. She is trying to compete with seasoned singers. She will have a HUGE career someday, just not now.

Chris~not sure about him. He sounded good, but I think that Kat can beat him. She is more versitle than he is. That is what the AI winner has always been.

-- 2. Posted by: Darryl at April 19, 2006 12:37 PM

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