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American Idol: Isn't It Romantic?

taylor.jpgIs it me or is Andrea Bocelli the weirdest guest that "American Idol" has ever had? The contestants looked even less thrilled than I was.

I usually hate when people pull out the Whitney Houston -- especially to kick off the show. Like Simon says, it's like saying you are as good as Whitney -- and not the cracked-out Whitney. Katharine McPhee opened with "I Have Nothing." She had the diva look with the moves, the flowing hair and the huge rack out there for all to admire. I'd have to say, I was pretty mesmerized. This was, by far, my favorite Katharine performance so far this season -- and I can't believe that the judges pooh-poohed it.

Speaking of cracked-out: Did Paula swallow her microphone? It sounded like she was giving Katherine a critique through a tin can.

It was nice to see Elliott Yamin pumped for a change. I liked him giving props to the back-up singer as well. He sang Donny Hathaway. Paula was blabbering on like an idiot and the waterworks were flying. Not sure if it was because of Elliot or the fact that she is a mental case, but tell me again why people think this kid can't sing? All aboard the E-train!

A lot of people were pissed at Pickler last week. Tonight, I was pissed at Kellie's stylist. It looked like you could roll a Slinky off the top of her head. I appreciated that she tried to country-fry the Righteous Brothers, but it just wasn't working for me tonight. Her vocals were fair, but she looked pained during the song. Damn that Foster guy for making her concentrate so much on that high note. It looked like it was all she could think about during her performance.

Paris Bennett was on fire last week. This week, I wasn't psyched to see her take on Barbra Streisand. It reminded me of an old Simon comment about how she was singing songs that were a bit too old for her. I wish she had instead adapted a jazz number, since she works it so well. And as much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with Paula: she over-sang the song.

David Foster said that Taylor Hicks has the most charisma. Unfortunately, they locked that part of him in a closet tonight. He picked the perfect song though, because even without the crazy legs that we've all come to know and love, he still pulled off a decent performance.

I always think it's weird when a contestant has "extras" on stage with them. Tonight, Chris Daughtry had two gentleman accompanying him to do -- Bryan Adams. Hey -- I owned and played "Cuts Like a Knife" till no end, but he's not exactly Barry White when it comes to the love songs. I think this song was Chris' way of working the rock thing in there, without having to go too soft on us. It worked, but after seeing him in the bottom three last week, I am slightly worried.

I still think that Elliott is not the fan favorite that I want him to be, and each week I wonder if he's skating on thin ice. However, if all is right with the "AI" gods, Kellie will be singing her swan song tomorrow night. -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from this Episode

• These stretch run episodes are a double-edged sword. Each contestant is given ample time to fully sing their songs (no more 1-minute quickie tunes), but the extra length sometimes goes horribly awry (see Pickler, Kellie). On the flip side, we get a chance to see truly exceptional performers build their songs, and that's something very special indeed (listen to any of Kelly Clarkson's late-stage "Idol" performances and you'll hear what I mean).

David Foster could easily challenge James Cameron for Hollywood's biggest ego. "I wrote that song! Hey! Hey! It was me! I wrote it! Love me! Love me!"

• I totally disagree with the judges' critique of Katharine. As far as I'm concerned, Katharine had her moment. It all came in one single, growling note ... and that note may very well win her this competition (the dress didn't hurt either).

Elliott was this close to phenomenal. He brought Paula to tears (weepy drunk tears) and Simon said parts of his performance sounded like a "master class." I really hope, regardless of how the voting plays out, that Elliott lands a much-deserved recording contract.

• Attention friends of Bill Medley: You might want to check on your Righteous pal. Kellie Pickler's cover of "Unchained Melody" may have inspired spontaneous combustion and/or hari-kiri.

• I have no opinion to offer on Paris' performance because I simply cannot see past my own hatred for "The Way We Were." That friggin' song drives me batty. The only time I've ever liked it was when Tom Hanks sings it to his mom in "Big." ("Scattered PIC-tures ... of the smiles we left behind.")

Taylor's version of "Just Once" didn't light the world on fire, but he deserves extra credit for wearing what appeared to be a VELOUR TUXEDO.

• One more Taylor comment -- he should take a note from the Bo Bice playbook and go a capella. Taylor is the only contestant with the vocal tone to pull it off.

• Picture, if you will, Andrea Bocelli, sprawled on the floor, singing opera. Am I incorrect in dubbing this the weirdest visual in "American Idol" history? No. No I am not incorrect. Weirdest ... visual ... ever ...

Chris' excellent version of "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" must serve as a rallying cry for Bryan Adams Night. Seriously. What will it take to make this happen? Just imagine Chris ripping into "Summer of '69" ... Good ... Lord ... -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 25, 2006 8:26 PM
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I adore Elliot. He always brings tears to my eyes and I don't drink half as much as Paula. I'm not a music expert, but his voice is so pure and amazing. Love your comments on him - I can't wait to buy his CD.

-- 1. Posted by: wendy at April 25, 2006 10:17 PM

Kudos to the producers to have Andrea Bocelli as their guest this week. Something that Idol has been missing since the beginning is good, old-fashioned, tried-and-true vocal training. So many of the contestants from all seasons have been throat-singing, which may get them far in a pop-culture contest like this, but will damage their voices in a few belted years. If you noticed, the Idols didn't sound like they could even do Bocelli's warm-up!! Different genres, of course, but there's no substitute for correct training.
(By the way... Go Taylor!!)

-- 2. Posted by: Haley at April 26, 2006 1:01 AM

My wife while we were watching Idol last night: "You can see Katharine's underwear!" Not a good move in the days of high-definition sets and DVRs. Just ask Janet Jackson.

Also, did Kellie Pickler's hair remind anyone else of that scene in There's Something About Mary? You know which one I'm talking about.

-- 3. Posted by: junger at April 26, 2006 8:05 AM

I guess I wasn't watching Katherine that closely (I was too busy taking notes!), but I did hear people on the radio today talking about her "performance" -- and some seemed to think that wasn't her "underwear" you were seeing. Ew.

-- 4. Posted by: Rachel at April 26, 2006 8:09 AM

Haha, that's all I've seen in the way of pictures from last night's performance: Katharine's panty shot. And I wondered too, for a split-second, but come on now...she was wearing a dress with a slit up the side. Would she honestly think going commando was a smart move? I think she has more brains than that! Yet still, Rachel, people all over seem to think so...oy.

By the way, GO SOUL PATROL!!!! Last night proves Taylor has some range and can try different styles, but still be very Taylor. I'm afraid for him though. But I went even crazier than last week, voting-wise.

Because of Elliott's consistent lingering in the Bottom 3, I voted for him 52 times. Amazingly, I found him to be in the Top 4 the following day. Last night? Approximately 160 votes for Taylor...What the hell is happening? I used to HATE this show!

Well, nonetheless, I'd like to see Taylor win most, followed by Elliott, then maybe Chris or Paris--more so the latter, but I'd be fine with the rockstar. Still, Mr. Hicks would be the best and most unique Idol in history, probably for years to come!

-- 5. Posted by: James at April 26, 2006 5:25 PM

My take on Tayler.. He is a complete natural. He can play just about any instrument.. he has a complete ear for music. He doesnt have to "try". He has fun performing and he just doesnt give a damn. He has my vote!

-- 6. Posted by: Tam at April 26, 2006 10:50 PM

hi I want some Amercane action picturse
thank you

-- 7. Posted by: safi at April 27, 2006 6:14 PM

Kat is the one!!! She should win based on her vocal ability, etc. etc. She has a beautiful voice, talent and looks.

-- 8. Posted by: Anonymous at April 28, 2006 1:07 PM

Ooooh I love Elliot Yamin's voice. But I don't think America is giving him enough props, errr makes me mad. On plus side they do give props to Tayklor Hicks who is another favorite of mine. But I want Elliot to win, that boy was born gifted.

-- 9. Posted by: Sarah at April 29, 2006 11:06 PM

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