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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: All Hail Queen

paris.jpgLooks like Seacrest's beard was the one that was out tonight. Unfortunately, he did not pay homage to Queen and dress up like Freddie Mercury.

The contestants, however, put on their best rock faces. Some were more rockin' than others though!

Bucky Covington gave "Fat Bottomed Girls" a bit of a country twang. He did a decent job. I actually see him sticking around for yet another week. I still don't understand one word that he says when he talks though.

Was it me or did Brian May give a lot of lip to Ace Young? My guess is that after Ace's rendition of "We Will Rock You," Brian put his guitar through the TV. I think after tonight, this song will never be played at a sporting event again -- and that includes at the high school level.

What was the camera angle on Kellie Pickler at the beginning of "Bohemian Rhapsody?" Between the smoke and the lighting, she looked like Dolly Parton -- and not a young one. This performance doesn't make me a Pickler fan, but I was happy to see her do something different and have to give her props for that. Of course, she had to blow the moment by saying something stupid during Simon's comments.

"Innuendo" is not my favorite Queen song, but Chris Daughtry made it one of my favorites of the night. The guy knows how to rock. However, he should cut down on some of the eye makeup.

With that lighting, Katharine McPhee looked absolutely beautiful, even though I wasn't wild about her outfit. I also wasn't wild about her performance. She was good and I agree that she "almost" had her moment, but the whole thing just bored the crap out of me.

Elliot Yamin trimmed down his facial hair and pumped up his performance. He picked a great song with "Somebody to Love." It's also a really hard song. He said he'd never heard it before? Wow is all I can say. He did an excellent job. He was definitely my pick of the night.

I knew a few notes in that "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" was not going to be good for Taylor Hicks. It was "Country Roads" all over again. He has a great voice, but this song was not the one to showcase it. However, it did put the spotlight on his dance moves -- and shouldn't that be enough?

How does Paris Bennett pull off a different look every week? Her stylist must be working overtime. Her hair and her rock moves reminded me of Tina Turner. Simon said it was "all a little weird." I wish he had elaborated, because I sort of agree. She was great vocally, but the image was a little too adult for the Paris that I know.

Overall, the night was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. It was actually better than country night. Well, not for everyone: Ace the face, the beenie, the scar and everything else has got to go! -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from this Episode

• I've always found it ironic that Queen songs are featured at sporting events. Season after season, a band named Queen fires up some of the most homophobic people on the planet. Amazing.

• Thank God Freddie Mercury is dead; Bucky would have killed him with that horrendous version of "Fat Bottomed Girls."

• The scenes with Ace and Queen were priceless. Ace: "Can you do 'duh-duh-duh, chicka chicka?'" Queen: "Uh, no. We're not doing that to our song."

• I can't judge Ace's performance because, to me, "We Will Rock You" borders on parody. It's been played into oblivion, so Ace's rendition was yet another brick in the parody wall (sorry, mixed band metaphors).

Kellie Pickler and "Bohemian Rhapsody" ... well, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but she wasn't half bad. Her Lita-Ford-meets-Neo outfit was a little bizarre, but hey, she deserves her moment in the sun so let's move on ...

• I don't think the audience knew how to handle Chris' song -- everyone was stuck in that "pause-clap" thing (do we clap ... NOW? or ... NOW?). Maybe they were thrown off by Chris' mascara.

Katharine gets points for singing a song from the "Highlander" soundtrack, but she loses points for veering into screams during certain high notes. I agree with Simon's comment that Katharine "almost" had a moment; she wasn't quite there, but she was definitely in the moment's neighborhood. Maybe next week.

• The producers need to turn down the volume on the band and the back-up singers. Elliott's performance was drowned out by the background music, which is a shame since what I did hear sounded pretty good.

• Only Taylor could whiff on a mic-stand kick and have it add to his charm.

• Taylor is, by far, the best "Idol" performer and there's one simple reason why: He's not weighed down by self consciousness. He unabashedly embraces his inner dork and dammit, we love him for it. You're my boy, Taylor!

• The wig industry is praying Paris wins this thing. That girl has more hair styles than Madonna. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 11, 2006 8:34 PM
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Elliot Yamin has perfect pitch with great vocal technique that allows him to successfully and incredibly sing “live” any variety of song styles. Professional arrangements and studio recordings, in his future, will only magnify that gift. Then someday when any of us are listening to the radio to one of his songs from the many dozens of future “Elliot Yamin” cds, we will wonder how in the world did he not win American Idol in 2006.

Of course, I could be wrong and we will be lucky to listen to Elliot Yamin’s gift every week till he is crowned the winner of American Idol in May.

Then after that we can turn on our radios or snap in a Elliot Yamin cds and enjoy a career of magic.

-- 1. Posted by: GW Arseneau at April 11, 2006 10:32 PM

taylor will always be my numba one man, but thank god for elliot as well. dude, he played my heart strings tonite. without those two, this night would have been all for naught.

um - how incredibly awkward were those scenes with queen and ace? the idol producers must seriously hate him to have aired all that. but i was glad. he needs to hit the road. yesterday.

-- 2. Posted by: Amy at April 11, 2006 11:12 PM

Why on earth does anyone praise the same old shtick of (Spastic Chubby Thing Called) Taylor? His white-guy dork act is about as lame and tired as Kellie Pickler's channeling of the Three's Company-era Suzanne Somers. It's stale, particularly when he's paired up with a song that's ill-fitting as last week's John Denver fiasco. The performance was tired, and it was silly to watch. If I didn't already know he has some serious chops with the bluesy blue-eyed soul he's actually good at, I'd pray he'd follow the white-trashy Bucky and the deluded ("I thought I rocked") Ace into the bottom three...

-- 3. Posted by: T.R. at April 12, 2006 1:15 AM

Ace pretty to look at, ugly to listen too. Chris great voice, could have picked a better song. Elliot great voice, difficult song, good job! Paris, great pipes, pretty good song. Taylor, practice your aim. Kellie, just okay all the way around. Bucky, are you still here? Katharine, beautiful voice, did okay. Bottom three Ace, Bucky, Taylor. Bye Ace.

-- 4. Posted by: Janny at April 12, 2006 8:31 AM

Ok so last night was the first time I literally had to turn away from the TV when someone was singing...ACE that was horrible! You should be embarrassed, I know I was for you.

FYI Taylor is not that good, hahaha yea that dance is funny and a little cute. But really his voice isnt great and I'm pretty sure he's doing drugs, that can be the only explaination.

I know I said this before, but I LOVE CHRIS, but I'm pretty sure he won't win. Only because a lot of old people watch this show and they won't like him.

My vote for bottom three:
Bucky, Ace, and Taylor
Goodbye Ace, I will surely miss your pretty face..but not the scar or the voice!

-- 5. Posted by: Jen at April 12, 2006 10:01 AM

I agree with Rachel: this wasn't near as bad as country night, and let's never speak of 'Songs of the 21st Century' again. All of them doing a group 'Hokey Pokey' would be better, and that's all I have to say about that.

I admit to being pleasantly surprised tonight, because I truly thought most of these kids would suck horribly. They didn't, really, although I did not like the performances by Katharine, Paris, or Kellie at ALL. Katharine sounded like she was screeching to me (although she is a stunner and easily the most beautiful woman this competition has probably ever seen), Kellie scared the hell out of me (and should quit with the falling to her knees thing, AND walking out to the audience - always looks like she's going to fall), and Paris just ticked me off. Note to Paris: Honey, Freddie Mercury wrote 'The Show Must Go On' after he found out he was dying, and it was his message to his friends, family, and band that everything would be okay. Your 'HA!' and laugh at the end of the first verse was totally inappropriate and you sang the song ALL wrong. And yes, it was weird. (See Kellie singing 'Fancy', a song about a girl being forced into teenage prostitution, like a circus theme. WRONG.)

Ace - what were you thinking? First, you picked THAT song, and second, you tried to tell Brian May how YOU thought they should do it? Uh, no. Just no.

Bucky did alright, I thought. Not great, not horrible.

Chris rocked, and as a fan of Queen, I can admit that 'Innuendo' wasn't one of their best songs. But he was great.

(Side note: Although I 'got' it, and realized that the contestants, male AND female, were made up and dressed kind over the top in true Queen style, I didn't quite know what to make of it. However, Chris looks hot in eyeliner. LOL!)

Taylor got back to the good ol' drunk, spastic Taylor we all know and love. (Well, most of us.) I liked it, although I said 'Total cop-out song' to my husband about 10 times. At least he changed his mind and didn't do 'We Are The Champions'. Thank you, Taylor, for that.

Elliott was awesome. Great, terrific, wonderful. 'Somebody to Love' is a great song, but all the key changes make it hard as hell to sing, and he did it beautifully.

My tops for the night: Chris and Elliott.

My Bottom Three: Ace, Paris, and Bucky.

-- 6. Posted by: Sher at April 12, 2006 11:10 AM

If we don't keep/start voting for Elliott, we're going to lose him. Sure, you may not think he's the worst, but come on!!! Bottom 3 again? NO WAY. Get off your soap boxes and vote for talent...isn't that what this is about? CAL-I-MARI????? Right.

-- 7. Posted by: Cal at April 14, 2006 11:28 AM

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