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American Idol: Hooray for the 21st Century

bucky.jpgTonight was sort of a "hooray for everything" night with songs from the 21st century. Surprisingly, the show was only an hour; it must have been a slow ad sales week. And for such a short show, I certainly have a lot to say, so let's get to it...

How did Lisa Tucker get her eyeshadow to so perfectly match her shirt? Styling questions aside, she was probably wishing that Kelly Clarkson never gave permission for her songs to be used. Her rendition of "Because of You" was fair, but frankly, her performance just reminded me that she ain't no Kelly Clarkson.

Simon is brutal. That's why we love Simon. Even more painful than his brutally honest comments is how everyone pooh-poohs what he is saying, but you know they are thinking how right-on he is. (Maybe that's just me.)

Is anyone surprised that Kellie Pickler sang "Suds in the Bucket?" She is as cute as can be and actually did pretty well tonight, but we just don't need another Carrie Underwood -- and a retarded one at that.

Maybe I am having a Randy kind of night, but Ace just didn't do it for me. He attempted Train. It derailed.

Taylor Hicks opted to bring things down a notch and not go crazy with his dance moves tonight. Those moves were sorely missed. He must have missed them too, since his body appeared to be curling around that mic with every passing second. Maybe he needed a hug. He certainly needed a new stylist. He must have stole the tight clothes and leather jacket from Ace's wardrobe. He also got a haircut -- boys' regular #3, I think. I have no idea whose song he performed, but finally someone started making some music tonight.

Mandisa is a force not to be reckoned with. Again, I wasn't sure what her song selection was, but she gave it a lot of energy and she's got the pipes to back it up.

It seems that Ryan made an attempt to clear up the Chris Daughtry controversy. Chris even said (as one of our posters said before), Live is one of his favorite bands, so put it to rest people. The guy's version of "What If" kicked even your mom's ass -- and I'm not even a Creed fan.

Katherine McPhee is gorgeous and can sing, but I think this wasn't even close to her best week. Simon said she was almost as good as Christina Aguilera. Say what? Her cleavage must be like the sun; if you look directly into it, you go completely blind.

Oh Bucky. You may have a Tim McGraw hat, but you sir are no Tim McGraw. Kind of shocking: Bucky did pretty well tonight. Even more shocking: Bucky has a wife. Something that wouldn't shock me: Bucky makes it through tomorrow. However, mark my words: This guy's days are numbered.

Go Paris! Her outfit reminded me of those rhinestone guns that you use on a jean jacket, but nothing could stir my attention from her excellent vocals tonight. She smoked everyone.

Elliot got to close the show. He received the Paula-Standing-O award of the night. Maybe she realized the show was over and she hadn't nabbed her chance to shine. She surely got attention by calling him a "funky white boy." Maybe she missed his "dance" moves. He can sing though. I hope people keep him around for a while.

Not to bring out my Simon side, but if I hadn't been glued to my TV for so many weeks, I would have thought tonight was audition night. Say goodbye Lisa, sweetie. I think you are going to be singing your goodbyes tomorrow -- and Wyclef and Shakira will be a tough act to follow. -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from this Episode

• Tonight's episode featured "Songs from the 21st Century." We've officially reached the bottom of the theme barrel.

Lisa took on Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You." Bad, bad idea. It came off like a "I'm all alone so I'll sing real loud" bedroom performance. Good lord. I wish Kelly had suddenly appeared and booted her off stage (all while singing the song better).

Kellie Pickler reminds me of Parker Posey in "A Mighty Wind." If she was a featured singer in the New Main Street Singers this would be a compliment. If.

Ace could have used some of Bucky's conditioner. He looked like Elaine in that "two-face" episode of "Seinfeld". On top of that, he made the mistake of taking on a song (Train's "Drops of Jupiter") that was way outside his wheelhouse. People don't realize that Pat Monahan of Train has an awesome voice (seriously, you should hear this guy rip through Zeppelin). As we learned tonight, Ace does not have an awesome voice. Bad combo.

Taylor sounded fine but I wanted him to let loose like he did a few weeks ago with "Taking it to the Streets." As it stands, the song (which I have never heard before) felt a little muted. Nonetheless, my boy can sing and everyone should vote for him. Thank you.

• Ryan's "burn" of Simon made no sense. "If this [pointing to Taylor] is like Clay Aiken, then that [pointing to Simon] is like Kelly Clarkson." Uh, what?

• The "Idol" lawyers might want to do a trademark search on "Mandiva." I'm pretty sure Elton John is the rightful owner of that phrase.

Chris went for the Creed ("What If") and it convinced me of one thing: he needs to front his own rock band. I wasn't overwhelmed by the performance but Chris has undeniable rock star charisma.

Katharine's Xena outfit was distracting, but I've got to give her props for handling a Christina Aguilera song. Christina is risky (and supremely gifted; I'm convinced XTina can sing anything).

• For the 12th week in a row, I ask the same question: How is Bucky still on this show?

Paris kicked ass tonight. She did Beyonce proud with a high-octane version of "Work it Out."

• Sidenote: Does anyone else think it's odd that Paris says "thank you" all the time? I think she's talented as hell, but there are times where she comes off like a precocious thank you droid.

• Have Elliott and the guy from Jamiroquai ever been seen together? I'm telling you -- slap a funky hat on Elliott's head and watch him bust a move on a treadmill. They're the same guy.

• Simon aptly described tonight as "unimpressive." Besides Paris, there just wasn't a spark. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on March 28, 2006 8:04 PM
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Tonight was borrrrrr-ing. Yawn, zzzz, snore.

There better be a great Ford commercial tomorrow.

(Taylor, I exclude you from all negative comments, always. Paris, you were good tonight, too. But please figure out your hair. Thx.)

-- 1. Posted by: Amy at March 28, 2006 11:58 PM

What you said about Kellie was in such bad taste. I still can't believe you did that. You must be a sad person.

-- 2. Posted by: Pat Eyer at March 29, 2006 7:32 AM

Kellie is lucky she is good looking... otherwise, she wouldn't have made it past auditions.

-- 3. Posted by: Sad Person at March 29, 2006 7:55 AM

Last nights showing of Idol was the most hideous performance of a somewhat talented group of singers I have ever seen. Even past "Idols" bad nights were terrific compared to last nights waste of my time show. Can Chris do anything except sing heavy rock. I was appaled when he turned "Walk the Line" into a heavy rock song. Simon, once again, was right. Can he sing anything else. If he gets voted the next "American Idol" I am thru with watching and I have been a faithful fan of Idol since the very beginning. However, in defense of Chris, none of this years contestants are "Idol" material. What were Randy, Paula and Simon thinking???

-- 4. Posted by: Kathie at March 29, 2006 9:39 AM

Thanks for the recap again, you never fail me! I had a date, and I almost rescheduled to watch AI, I know sad isn't it?
Besides that I hear I didn't miss much.
Just one quick comment, your Kelly comment is totally justified, she was asking for it!

-- 5. Posted by: Jen at March 29, 2006 9:49 AM

OHH NO YOU DIDNT KATHIE, Chris is my boy! He prob can sing something else, but why should he...he is awesome at what he does! I'm tired of ballads and he sings stuff that I actually want to hear.

-- 6. Posted by: Jen at March 29, 2006 9:52 AM

What the hell.....?!?

That's all I kept thinking last night. What is going on?! What is wrong with everyone? Lord. The show was not good. Not at all. I haven't said that in a long time.

Frankly, I thought just about everyone - even my beloved Chris - was off their game and just didn't bring it. I liked Taylor a lot, and I enjoyed Elliott's performance (yay for the uptempo, Elliott - do that some more!), but other than that, I was bored. I can't praise Paris because 1) she gets on my last nerve, and 2) I think she's egotistical and thinks she's grown and sexy, and 3) I bet you anything she named HERSELF 'Princess P', as Ryan referred to her last night (which made me throw up in my mouth a little - come ON, already).

Thank the Lord that Kellie kept her mouth shut and didn't make any stupid comments, for once. Yes, Kellie, that's what you do - nothing. Stand there, smile, look cute, and say, 'Thank yeeeww!' after Ryan compliments you. Done.

One other thing: I actually thought Ace did better last night than he has in a while. I liked the song for him and liked seeing a different type of song coming from him, although the whole stroking the hair, showing the scar thing did not work for me. Then again, I'm not 15 anymore. ;)

I hope next week is MUCH better.

-- 7. Posted by: Sher at March 29, 2006 11:17 AM

Mac: Pat Monahan is awesome - I agree. Ace is not awesome. But I still thought he did okay, all things considered.

LMAO at the Kellie comparison to Parker Posey's character! Holy crap, I can totally see it!

Agreed, also, that Chris can rock the house, and he definitely needs to be fronting a kick ass rock band. I was underwhelmed with his 'What If' last night (and to be fair, I detest Creed, although I do like that ONE song of theirs), but still think he is one of the best up there and should smoke his competition. (Chris, will you smile, though? Just once? Pretty please?)

Paris' 'thank yeeeeew' kills me. Every time she says it. It's like that's her 'Kellie Moment', as in, 'Aren't I cuuuuuuute?!?' This happens about 20 times a night. Hell, at least she doesn't sing it, because then I might have to go all Elvis and shoot my television.

-- 8. Posted by: Sher at March 29, 2006 11:25 AM

Does anyone else find it so annoying how Kellie always says, "I'm sorry" in that whiney voice when the judges tell her she sucks?

I love Chris- he's my boyfriend- BUT last night seemed stale - like he was just screaming.

Maybe Barry Manilow should be a permanant part of the show so the contestants actually appear to have talent when they perform.

-- 9. Posted by: jlou at March 29, 2006 5:26 PM

I thought Lisa deserved to go, but I still felt bad because she always seemed down to earth.

Is anyone else besides myself creeped out by 17 year old Paris, who looks 14, overdoing the sexy bit two weeks in a row?

I would pay to see Taylor Hicks! Can AI get an Isaac Hayes night so he can cover Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'"? I think he would tear the house down.

I really like Katherine. I hope she doesn't win because they are going to make her lose 20 pounds for video purposes. I love those curves! And even though Tuesday was not one of her better performances, she can sing too.

-- 10. Posted by: Fred at March 30, 2006 5:29 PM

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