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American Idol: Eliminations - Round 2

sway.jpgDoes anyone else want to gauge out their own eardrums when they hear the group performances? I understand that it's a tactic when they have hundreds of people to choose from, but we all see how well that turns out.

For some reason, I don't remember as many group performances in previous seasons. It's as if they did a poll and actually found out that people liked them. Who are these people? I want names!

Speaking of names, here are a few that you won't be seeing anymore:

Brenna Gethers got voted off tonight -- and I would be pleased if the door actually hit her in the ass on the way out. I gave her the benefit of the doubt during auditions, but her behavior the other night is what really sealed her fate as far as I'm concerned.

In true Brenna fashion, she was unbelievably annoying until the very last moment. She reminded me of Rosie Perez in "It Can Happen to You" -- posing and mugging for the camera. She said she was ready to make "some good music" and "some money." She reiterated the money thing in her final performance. No one wants a greedy "American Idol." I didn't see Carrie Underwood walking out with money spilling out of her bra. Sure, we know you are going to make money -- you just don't have to scrounge for it like you are clearing the stripper catwalk.

And if she really meant the thing about making good music, she had better take up the triangle and look for a backup band.

Joining Brenna on the pain train was Heather Cox. She was cute and even had a nice voice, but hey -- someone's got to go. Blame Mariah.

Maybe my soft side is peeking out, but I think it's incredibly mean to make contestants "guess" if they are in the bottom three -- especially if they are in the bottom three. I was really hoping that Elliot was going to pop Seacrest for that one.

David Radford was the first guy to go tonight. Score one for me! I think he's cute and he would be a great wedding singer -- as long as I'm not the one paying for it.

The next one to feel the wraith of Seacrest's painfully long elimination (and Paula's drunken behavior) process was Sway. Again -- not surprised. He was on borrowed time after last week's performance. He should thank his pimp hat for getting him through that one. This week, there was no hat. Hence, he got clipped. See a connection?

Have no real comments on Carrie Underwood's performance. She is still cute in my book, but I wouldn't buy that song with borrowed money that I didn't plan on returning. It was all filler for me. Fox has to have something to pad around the commercials.

Kevin fans: you are on notice! -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Random Thoughts from this Episode

• If I had a great voice and actually made it to "Idol" as a contestant, they could never, ever get me to participate in the group sing-along. I'd also refuse to do those Ford ads. This is reason No. 2,008 why "Idol" will forever remain out of my reach (Reason No. 1: My singing voice is offensive to everyone, even deaf folks).

• Carrie Underwood is cute and all, but I could honestly give two craps about "Jesus Take the Wheel." Give me Bo! Or Tamyra! Or Kelly!

• Carrie Comment No. 2: Does Jesus have his license? I know he's got mad skillz in the miracle department, but I'm a little concerned about this "take the wheel" stuff.

• No surprises with the bottom three women (Kinnik, Brenna, Heather). Even better, the Brenna Gether nightmare has finally come to an end and Heather Cox was sent packing for that god-awful Mariah song. Well done, America!

• Bottom three guys: Sway, David, Kevin. The only one I had a problem with is Kevin. That lame-ass Chicken Little crap they pulled on him should have led to an automatic pass to the next round. As for the booted, David's crooner skills weren't going to cut it and Sway made a critical error when he took on a Stevie Wonder song.

• I find it odd that nixed contestants are asked to bid adieu by singing the song that got them booted. It's kinda like pouring salt into an open wound.

• Someone needs to check the liquid in Paula's Coke cup. Whatever's in there has to be at least 100 proof. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on March 2, 2006 8:43 PM
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I think that David is so good! He was daring to be different from the rest of the crowd who choose either pop, rock, or country songs. I think that he so much better than a wedding singer and I think that he can make it with out American Idol. And John Stevens was very good too. I'm proud to say that I own his CD and will own future CD's. I hope that David makes one soon! For being only 17 years old he has an amazing voice and I think he knows how to control it very well. I don't think that I will be watching the rest of the season if they can't even realize the talent that they lost tonight!

-- 1. Posted by: Rachel Iles at March 2, 2006 10:17 PM

If Brenna ever makes a CD I will be the first in line to picket any store that wants to sell it. She is unclassed and pathetic. How could she ever think she has the skills to make it to the top twelve. When she was in the bottom last week there was no surprise from the audience. In fact when she made it to the next round did you notice the silence from the audience. She had to start the clapping for herself because no one else wanted to applaud for her.

I also noticed how Brenna never made any real connection with the other ladies on the show. She was always standing in front of everyone even Ryan seeking attention. Please, get to the back of the line with the rest of the ally cats.

Thank you America for doing something smart and not giving this creature the satisfaction of ruining another week by giving her votes. I can watch the show now and not have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing she's there!!!!

-- 2. Posted by: Marnie Singleton at March 2, 2006 11:45 PM

david was hot and i was so pissed. i cried for 2 hours. :(

-- 3. Posted by: jens at March 3, 2006 12:30 AM

OMg I so totally agree with all of you. I loved David!! He is soooo hot, and I thought he had an adorable voice. Me and my best friend were screaming on the phone when he went to the bottom three. I was so sad. I really felt like crying. I mean, what was America thinking, to not vote for that adorable face?? :( I really don't think there is any point in watching the show now. My favorite is gone. :( I really hope someday he will come out with a CD. If he does, I will be the first to buy it.
P.S. I also agree about Brenna. I don't see how she even made it that far.

-- 4. Posted by: Han. at March 3, 2006 6:44 PM

I thought Carrie Underwood's song showed painfully that this years crop has a long way to go. None of the girls are in the same ballpark with her. Carrie would have won this year easily. Only Chris may have given her some competition.

-- 5. Posted by: Chica at March 4, 2006 10:11 AM

"Carrie would have won this year easily"

In a pigs eye.

She does ok when she sticks to her country schtick, outside of that she boring. She has very little stage presence- do they have a school for that? She ought to sign up for all of the classes offered- she needs it

-- 6. Posted by: Anonymous at March 8, 2006 10:58 PM

Mandesa, or whatever the heavy chicks name is, could EASILY blow country girl out of the chicken coup.

Carrie doesn't have that kind of power and doesn't cross musical genres as easily.

I'm sorry but the whole blond hair cute face doesn't cut it for me. I don't care about your cuteness. I want to hear the vocals.

Don't care about your cool clothes and shoes- I want to hear the vocals.

Bring the vocal chops and I'll give you respect. Bring the vocal chops and great stage presence- THEN I'll take note and vote for your ass.

America too easily goes for good looks and don't pay enough attention to the singers vocal talent. I'm not a video junkie and think because of this I have a better ear than most

-- 7. Posted by: Anonymous at March 8, 2006 11:04 PM

When I first heard Mandesa sing I knew she had the talent to go to the very end and become "The American Idol of 2006". Her vocal talent, personality and her beauty, far exceeds all of those in competition this year. How many times have have other contestants not exceeded their full potential on more then one occasion and remained in the competition? Many times from what I have seen! Yet,Mandesa makes has one less then perfect performance and she is kicked to the curb. Although it is in my opinion and I'm sure of many other people's mind, what were people thinking? I believe that most of the remaining contestants are not even in the same league of talent as Mandesa and could learn a few things from this great talented woman.

-- 8. Posted by: teresa at April 6, 2006 6:37 PM

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