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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: Eight Men Out

will.jpgRyan Seacrest busted out a whole suit tonight -- for the guys.

Yes, it was men's night. It was their last chances to duke it out for six of the top 12 slots. I expected fight club ! thunderdome ! ultimate fighting. What I got was more like a prison's open casting call for "Bye Bye Birdie." Most of them sort of wussed-out.

Gedeon McKinney started off the show OK, but he just gets on my nerves. It makes me sad too because he's actually not a bad performer. That doesn't make him the "American Idol" either though. A lot of people have noted his smile, but it's his enunciation that kills me every week. It's not that I think he's bad, but I don't get him and I don't want to.

Chris Daughtry confessed that he used to have a Ryan Seacrest haircut. Thankfully, it's gone, but he is still here -- in all of his bald glory. I didn't care for his song selection tonight, but his version still belongs on an album.

Kevin Covais performed a ballad. Big surprise. You can't come out and talk about how you're all into Kanye West and then get all sappy and wuss out. Tonight, he was "every woman."

Best line of the night!
Seacrest: I had a dream about you last night.
Simon Cowell: That doesn't surprise me.

Bucky Covington has a twin brother. I was hoping that the brother got the fashion-sense gene in the family. After they brought him up on stage, I realized that gene died at birth. I almost wish this guy would make it because there is no way that a record company would slap this guy's mug on an album cover; there would have to be a makeover. I mean his last name is not "Allman." The makeover alone would almost make his winning worthwhile.

Will Makar might be nerdier than Kevin Covais, if that's humanly possible -- from his Japanese shout-out to 11-year-olds around the globe to his James Taylor. The big question is how Seacrest has refrained from bringing up his resemblance to Fred Savage. Well you snooze, you lose, because I think this is Will's last week.

I love Taylor Hicks, but when he talks about the thrill of meeting Christopher Cross, it makes me want to pick up the phone -- and vote for someone else. His bunny suit didn't help either. His song started off a little shaky for me, but when he started "takin' it to the streets," that little epileptic dance of his won me over.

Elliot Yamin busted out a Bryan Adams song -- a bad one. This guy has one of the best, if not the best, voice in the competition, and I felt like he totally wasted it tonight.

Ace Young surprised me tonight. I wasn't sure where he was going in the beginning, but he actually pulled off Michael Jackson very well. Thankfully there was no glove, and he should actually reconsider the beanie too.

Overall, I count on the guys to get everyone up and dancing, and tonight was just a little too slow-moving -- even with only an hourlong show. Someone's got to go though. Say goodbye to Hollwood: Kevin Covais and Will Makar. -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from this Episode

• I know this won't happen, but how awesome would it be if Chris Daughtry broke out a Pearl Jam song? My vote goes to "Black." He'd do Eddie proud.

• The discrepancy between Kevin Covais' video intro ("Kanye West is one of my favorite artists") and his performance (Don McClean's "Starry Starry Night") was so profound, so unbelievably antipodal, there's no doubt it tore a gaping hole in the space-time continuum. Physics can't handle a segue like that.

• Ryan hounded Simon on the constructive criticism thing and once again Simon offered no constructive criticsm. I hope Ryan keeps this up. Simon needs to give these contestants something more substantial than pithy quips and flimsy similes.

Bucky Covington has an identical twin named Rocky. United in blood, united in 'staches.

Will Makar's version of "How Sweet it Is" was dull and pedestrian, but his Adam Brody mop top is gonna push him to the next round.

Taylor came to PLAY! I knew he could blow the doors off a Michael McDonald song and tonight he proved, undeniably he can work it with the best of them. I even dug that dead-armed dancing. For two short minutes Taylor was joy incarnate and I loved every second of it.

• If the singing thing doesn't work out, Ace could always find work as a "Trading Spaces" carpenter. Or maybe he could team with Justin Guarini for an independently produced jazz album (had to be done -- sorry).

• When did Ryan stop the "Seacrest, Out" thing? -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on March 8, 2006 8:45 PM
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Taylor Hicks - Best if he just sings
Chris - One dimensional
Elliot - can sing well. Not sure about his voice or his face.
Ace Young -- AWFUL. I just can't see how any one like him singing. People has different taste to like him.
Katherine Mcphee - If she select the song that fits her, she will win AI with her looks and effortless vocal.

-- 1. Posted by: Alex at March 8, 2006 10:24 PM

Will Should Have stayed in, me and my friend are sooo mad!!!! My friend cried 4 3 days even at school, she talks to him on my space non stop, i problably would too if i knew how to get this to work, but will is such a nice guy. PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE bring Will back!!!!!!!!!

-- 2. Posted by: Mollie at March 15, 2006 8:22 PM

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