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American Idol: The Final 24

AIjudges.jpgIt's been a wild ride so far, but this is really where things start to get good. While there has been plenty of drama and Brittenum breakdowns, so many different faces have passed by, they are all starting to look alike.

Tonight's show opened with some cuts. What's up with that? No bad performances to show? That's a surprise, since the show has been busting with them so far. Crystal Stark got a clip, but still got cut. It was kind of shocking, since she was actually pretty good. Maybe she had a bit too much of a LaToya London thing going on.

Katharine McPhee was the first one to make it through. Then she proceeded to make out with all of the judges. Well not exactly, but I bet she would have if allowed. Who could blame her? The girl is excited!

After a variety of uneventful thumbs ups and other choice fingers, Regina got the boot. I can't remember her last name, but it's OK. She's gone now. She cried a lot and got a hug from Paula, which must have rejuvenated her because she was cursing up a storm in no time.

That girl Brenna (?) is really annoying. She had excuses, she annoyed other contestants, and had a scrapping with Simon moment. She still made it though, which is kind of shocking because she really wasn't all that. She's cute, but I think her attitude might make it easy for America to figure out who needs to go in the first round of cuts.

At the 30-minute mark, I had yet to know that fate of any of my three favorites. About 10 minutes later, Chris (my hairless favorite) finally got his shot and got stuck in the elevator. Talk about torture. They should have at least yelled down to him and told him whether he made it or not. Even time could not separate him from his destiny; he made it through.

Paris (my cutie-pie favorite) made it. No surprises there. She's going all the way, baby!

Thankfully, they wrapped up the Brittenum saga, and it was pretty funny. There was a moment where the two of them talked about how flawless they were over the past week -- a very nice lead-in for the news report of their criminal pasts. I wonder if they talk to the prison guards like they did to everyone on "AI." Now there's a reality show!

Last on my list: Taylor Hicks (my gray-haired favorite). He walked in playing one mean harmonica. Man, that guy is freakin' talented! Unfortunately, he's a young guy in an old blues man's body. I have faith though, and so did the judges.

On a final note: It was sort of nasty to give the last spots to people in pairs. One is a winner, one a loser. Nice TV, but sort of shitty for the people going home. I was happy to see Fred Savage make it though.

Now we can get down to the nitty gritty, learn some names, some faces, some back-stories -- and more importantly, place some bets. -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from This Episode

<sarcasm>Aww, the Brittenum boys are gone. So sad.</sarcasm>

• At first, I was disappointed we didn't get to see more of the a capella performances. Then I saw a few clips and I realized the producers were saving us from experiencing a very disturbing event. So, I extend a heartfelt thanks to the "Idol" crew -- me and my ears are forever in your debt.

• Incidentally, the all-time greatest "Idol" a capella performance was Bo Bice's rendition of "In a Dream." Bo should have won the competition that very night.

• Kudos to Mandisa Hundley for throwing Simon's bullshit fat comments right back in his face. She slapped him hard with the "Jesus forgives" defense.

• Certain songs should be retired from the "Idol" competition because they can never be eclipsed. My first nominee: "A House is Not a Home." Tamyra Gray owned that song in season 1. No one -- no one -- will ever sing it better (I'm looking at you, Lisa Tucker and Sway Penala).

• Mark my words: Elliot Yamin will be a dark horse in this competition.

• There were at least five people shown in this episode for the first time (April Walsh? Who the hell is she?). These same five all got booted. I believe this constitutes a new level of suck: they finally got on-screen and then they got chucked.

• I'm glad they didn't beat around the bush with Chris Daugherty. The guy got stuck in the friggin' elevator.

• When Randy Jackson looks at you and says "Moment of truth ... you ready?" How do you not bust out laughing?

• Least dramatic moment of the night: Will Paris make it? I mean, c'mon now. Of course she made it. She's a 17 year old who sings like a Grammy winner.

• Taylor Hicks is my absolute, no-holds barred, No. 1 favorite contestant. The gray-haired wonder boy sings with the soul of Ray Charles and he plays a bad-ass harmonica. You're my boy, Taylor! -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 15, 2006 8:58 PM
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