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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: Hollywood Pt. 1

hollywood.jpgHooray for Hollywood! This is where the action starts. Well, it's actually hard to get attached to too many people in this stage, especially when so many get clipped without even shedding an on-air note.

The first 10 minutes of the show were sort of a blur. We got to know two contestants: a blonde girl and a super-skinny guy. That's the extent of what I know, so I am not kidding when I say it zipped by. I know they could sing and know they made it to the next round. Two out of 175. This is going to be a long night.

I didn't notice the background singers until RJ. Maybe I noticed because there is something about RJ that I don't like. I wasn't the only one; the judges sent him home. Anyway, are those background singers a new thing? I don't think I like it. There is just way too much opportunity to hide a bad lead in the wailing of back-up singers.

I'm 15 minutes in, and I can already telling that "Crazy Dave" will be saved for the last 10 minutes of the show. AI has this bad habit of beating the most "flamboyant" (and not in a Rip Taylor way) contestants into the ground before commercial breaks, only to save them until the end.

It took about 20 minutes to get to Paris Bennett -- and believe me, I was waiting. This 17-year-old is the girl to beat! Taylor is my next favorite. There is just something about that silver fox that I really dig.

Halfway through the episode, we got to see the other half of the lot. There seemed to be a lot of excuses. Unfortunately, the excuses were better than most of the performances.

Two votes I can toss: the Brittenum twins. They may have wowed the judges in their audition, but I thought they didn't do so well with the judges in the Memphis court system. I thought they were clipped after making those un-"American Idol" headlines. I am assuming that I keep seeing them in previews because these shows are pre-taped. Knowing they are gone now made all of their comments twice as funny.

One thing that I foresee driving me crazy all season: The camera seems to play up last year's Paula scandal. I found myself yelling at the TV tonight: "God Paula -- stop picking out your dates!" I hate it when I yell at electronics and other major appliances.

He made it through to the next round, but I was really disappointed in Garrett Johnson. I was really rooting for this little cowpoke. I understand that it's probably not easy for a guy to sing in front of a room of people when his previous audience was goats, but he needs to kick his cowboy boots up a notch if he wants to make it to the final 24.

Dave was more stupid than crazy. I blame Randy and Paula for that one. -- Rachel Cericola

Mac's Rambling Thoughts from This Episode

• Kellie Pickler: Gee. I wonder if the "Idol" producers want this cute, earnest blonde to make it deep into the competition. "Coming next week: Kellie Pickler goes on a murderous rampage through Los Angeles ... and still makes it to the next round!"

• Ronnie Norman (aka "The Flirting Tool") is gone! Hallelujah! I haven't felt this good since Justin was dumped on his ass in Season 1.

• Note to future contestants: Don't shoot your wad on a tough song. "Hopelessly Devoted" is hard to sing. Unless you're dead sure you can nail a song like that, take a pass and live to fight another day.

• "Idol" has taken filler to unprecedented levels. This week, they turned a Hollywood sight-seeing excursion into 10 minutes of showtime. Absolutely amazing. In a few weeks we'll have a two-hour "Kellie Pickler Sleeps!" special.

• Paris Bennett is going to win this competition. No one can touch her.

• Taylor Hicks comment No. 1: When "Idol" holds its Michael McDonald night, Taylor Hicks is going to blow the roof off the auditorium.

• Taylor Hicks comment No. 2: JEEEEEESUS! He's GOOOOD!

• Never, ever blame the keyboardist, the band, or the backup singers for your piss-poor singing.

• It was a tough week for twins. The Brittenum boys sucked (a huge surprise considering how awesome their auditions were) and the Simmons siblings dropped a big ol' load right on the stage.

• Keep it up Kevin Covais! You're only four episodes away from an Aiken makeover!

• I know there's a big fanbase out there for singing cowboy Garet Layne Johnson, but all you people are fooling yourselves. He sounds like a coyote in heat.

• Chris Daugherty is this year's Bo Bice. (That's a compliment.)

• I know this is a trivial talent show, but Dave Hoover's presence ruins the integrity of the program. He never should have been invited to Hollywood. (Nonetheless, he gets points for scaring the crap out of Paula.) -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 8, 2006 8:59 PM
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I just love Taylor Hick´s voice, personality and charm. He has the sweetest smile and what a voice. He is unique and so different from all the usual run of the mill "glory note". I am so sick of the same formula. This guy is the REAL THING. Of the girls I only like Katharine McPhee.

-- 1. Posted by: Audrey Lefkowitz at February 10, 2006 12:00 PM

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