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The Amazing Race Goes to Taiwan

ron-christina.jpgThis week will determine who is left in the final three. TK & Rachel are 3 hours behind the other teams to start, and they will have to do a speedbump at some time in this leg. Teams start leaving around 7 am. Ronald & Christina get their clue first, of course. It tells them to take a taxi to the buildingwith a hole in it and find the floating garden. It turns out they are going to the Umeda Sky Building. Here they have to go up to the top to find the garden. The bad news for the first three teams is that the garden does not open until 10:00. This cuts their 3 hour lead to more of a half-hour lead.

The clue found in the garden tells the teams to fly to Taipei, Taiwan. Nathan is thrilled because he loves Thai food and has some Thai friends. Too bad they are going to Taiwan and not Thailand. The teams race to the airport to find that there is a 1:00 flight to Taiwan. Ronald & Christina manage to get on the 1:00 flight and they ask the ticket agent to tell everyone else that there are no seats left. NO! It actually worked! They told Nathan & Jennifer that there were no seats left. Whether or not that is accurate, I don't know. But it is pretty cool. Nathan & Jennifer and Nicolas & Donald get on a 1:15 flight to Taiwan. TK & Rachel get on a later flight.

Upon arrival in Taiwan, teams head to the Main Station to search for their next clue. Unless you are Nathan & Jennifer, they stop to change money. This delay allows Tk & Rachel tocatch up with them and even get ahead of them in the immigration line. Ronald & Christina find the clue first, it tells them to travel to the town of Tiachung via high speed rail. They must then travel by taxi to the town of Jiji and find Acrobatics Jeep, where their next clue is. Ronald & Christina get on a rail first, the other three teams are all on the next one together. TK & Rachel manage to get into a taxi first, much to Jennifer's chagrin.

Ronald & Christina open their next clue, a ROADBLOCK. It asks them who is up for a tricky ride. In this roadblock, one team member must become a passenger in a stunt car. First they will be rocked back and forth 25 feet in the air, then switch into an amphibious vehicle. This car will take them underwater for 17 seconds. They must hold their breath for that ride. They are not allowed to exit the car or let go. When they have made it out, they will get their next clue. Ronald takes a tricky ride and gets through it very well. Rachel also does well. Nathan takes one for the team and Donald does too. One problem for TK & Rachel. Their speed bump is here. They must travel a mile, don safety suits and dash through fireworks, then be doused with water. When they finish, they can continue the race.

Teams must now travel back to Taipei via high speed rail and make their way to the GK Teahouse. They must order and drink a cup of tea, the clue will be revealed after they have drunk the tea (it is written on the bottom of the mug). Ronald & Christina drink their tea first and find out they should go to Gong Guan Night Market, where they need to find a clown. The clown on a unicycle gives them their next clue. It is a DETOUR. Fire or Earth. In Fire, teams must make their way to the park where they will participate in a mystical Chinese ritual. They must write messages of luck, good or bad on the lanterns then light the spirit money in the lantern to let it rise into the sky. Once they have sent away 20 lanterns, they will get their next clue. In Earth, teams must travel to another park. Here they must travel down a 220 foot path of jagged stones barefoot. Then turn around and walk back. When both team members have finished, they will get their next clue.

Ronald & Christina choose Earth. Donald & Nicolas shoose Earth. Tk & Rachel choose Earth. Nathan & Jennifer choose Earth. Everyone wants to walk on the stones. OUCH.

Teams must now travel by taxi to the next Pit Stop Chiang Kai-Shek Plaza. Teams arrive in the following order:

1. Ronald & Christina who win a 5 night trip to the Antilles. Sounds like fun.

2. Tk & Rachel

3. Nicoals & Donald

4. Nathan & Jennifer, who are eliminated from the race. YES! They were fighting and yelling at each other the whole leg. I spared you the gory details. Ok, just one, they both end up in tears.

Next time: Season Finale!

Posted by Wendy on January 14, 2008 9:03 PM
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What an episode... I'm sooo happy TK & Rachel passed through the speed bump and into the finals. I will not be crying any tears for Nate & Jenn being eliminated. Man if I had to hear her pout and scream at for another episode I would of freaked. Funny that Nate was the one who cried at the end.

I do have to say though this is the first time in Amazing Race history that I'm very happy with the final three and would be fine with any team winning. (OK, TK & Rachel are my favorite, but still).

Here's hoping that next weeks final will be memorable



-- Posted by: Kalico at January 14, 2008 10:56 PM

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