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Amazing Race Fodder

The Amazing Race in Croatia

KyntVyxsin.jpgI actually enjoyed this week's episode. Woo Hoo. As is TAR custom, teams leave in the order they arrived. TK & Rachel are the first to open their clue. It tells them to travel 900 miles to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Upon arrival, they must find the base of the Fort of St. Lawrence where they will find the next clue. Kynt & Vyxsin who are not far behind head off to the airport right after them. Ronald & Christina are the only team that stop at a hotel to call around and reserve a flight. Eventually everyone ends up at the airport. Kynt & Vyxsin head to an Internet terminal to find the best flight. They seem to think the best was Czech Air, and TK & Rachel headed off to wait in line at the closed ticket office. The rest of the teams (except for Kynt & Vyxsin) head off to wait in line with them.

As is also the custom on this show, teams start worrying and second-guessing themselves when they see another team doing something else. Ronald & Christina shared the secret of the Pol Air flight they are already reserved on with Azaria & Hendekea. So, Azaria & Hendekea head off to find a phone to Pol Air. Kynt & Vyxsin head to an open travel agent, and unwittingly cause consternation to the other teams. The only teams that do not get out of line to check up on what they are doing are Tk & Rachel and Nicolas & Donald. (who instead of being the last ones in line are now the second -- smart move).

Finally, the Czech Air worker shows up to open shop. TK & Rachel get on the flight without a problem. Kynt & Vyxsin book the flight with Pol Air, seeing as how it leaves later and arrives at the same time. On the Czech Air flight is also Nicolas & Donald. Nathan & Jennifer freak out when the Czech Air agent tells them that she cannot book a flight for them because it is too late and the flight is closed. Whoops! Guess you should have stayed in line. On the Pol Air flight is also Nathan & Jennifer. Azaria & Hendekea's first set of tickets were Business Class, FYI, teams are not allowed to fly anything but economy. Their run back to the ticket agent does not help them though, the flight leaves without them and they catch a flight through Frankfurt that will get them there supposedly later.

The first flight out was super-duper late arriving for their next flight, so TK & Rachel and Nicolas & Donald miss their connecting flight to Croatia. TK & Rachel manage to get on a flight through Vienna, but Nicolas & Donald are not so lucky. They catch a flight through Zagreb. The original second flight arrives just on time at 11:20 in Croatia. Teams start arriving and searching for their next clue. When found, it contains a ROADBLOCK that asks "Who has a builder's eye?". In this task, one team member must help with the renovation of Dubrovnik's city walls that have been damaged by repeated bombings in the 90's. They must search through a pile of 150 stones for one of 8 stones that will fit a specific groove in the wall. Once found and placed, a stone mason will hand them their next clue.

Nathan & Jennifer and Kynt & Vyxsin are having much trouble finding the first clue. Ronald & Christina are the first ones to arrive and Ronald finishes this task in a relatively short period of time. Kynt and Nathan finally arrive and start trying to fit in pieces. Nathan finishes first. Rachel arrives next and makes short work of it. Donald is the mason of his team and takes his time completing this task. Azaria finds the right rock for their team.

The next clue sends the teams to the roof of the Fort of St. Lawrence where they will ride a tandem zip line across the water to the top of another tower where they will get their next clue. Ronald & Christina zip their way over and get their DETOUR. In this detour, teams must choose between Long and Short or Short and Long. In Short and Long, teams must repel down to the base of the fort and must follow a marked path to a rope ladder that they must use to scale the wall. Once at the top, they must travel on foot through Dubrovnik's streets to a plaza where they will find their next clue. The hard physical task is relatively short, but they will have a long and possibly somewhat confusing walk to the plaza. In Long and Short, teams must use another zip line to plunge into the waters below. Once at the bottom, they will swim to a floating platform where they will choose a small fishing boat that they must then row around the harbor to get to the same plaza and find the next clue. So, this one has a long physical ordeal, but a short find once the task is done.

Ronald & Christina choose Long & Short. I am not sure how good that is for his hernia. Guess I'm gonna find out. Nathan & Jennifer also choose Long & Short. It must seem even longer since they are fighting the entire ride around the harbor. Kynt & Vyxsin choose Short & Long. TK & Rachel choose Short & Long. Donald & Christina choose Long & Short. Hendekea and Rachel choose Long & Short.

Nathan & Jennifer find their way to the clue first and learn that they must mow travel by taxi 4 miles away to the Stone Cross which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Ronald & Christina are right behind them, but manage to sneak ahead as Nathan & Jennifer are denied a taxi ride because they are wet. HA! Here we go again, more whining about fairness. It's a RACE! Deal with it. They manage to get a ride from a kind Samaritan (well, Croatian).

The first team to arrive at the Pit Stop is: 1. Ronald & Christina who have won a catamaran.

Now this is interesting, Nathan & Jennifer get to the Cross second, but Phil tells them that they did not take legal transportation to get here. They have to go back and get a taxi to take them like the clue says before they can be checked in. Again, HA!

2. Kynt & Vyxsin

3. Nathan & Jennifer

4. TK & Rachel

5. Nicolas & Donald

6. Azaria & Hendekea who are eliminated from the race.

Now this is something that has been the talk on a few blogs, there has not been a non-elimination round yet. Phil did say in the first episode that there would be the standard 3 non-elimination rounds, but they have not shown up yet. There is a rumor that there are no elimination rounds this time around. It may be so seeing as how we are down to 5 teams. Hm. Any opinions? Thoughts? See ya in TWO weeks, according to the preview of next week.

Posted by Wendy on December 9, 2007 11:36 PM
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