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30 Rock Fodder

It's Mother's Day at 30 Rock

In this episode of 30 Rock, the mothers of the whole team come to visit. Well, except Tracy's mom because Kenneth had trouble finding the woman who was wearing a red shirt in 1987. So that he wasn't left out they hired a stand-in.

Elaine Stritch returns as Colleen Donaghy to drive Jack up the wall regarding his two girlfriends (as well as EVERYTHING else). She can't to help but to meddle in Jack's love life, telling Avery about Nancy.

Jenna's mom, Verna has trouble holding up her part of the deal to be nice to Jenna, even though she needs the second half of her money to get the other half of her boob job.

Liz's finds out that Margaret Lemon's true love was astronaut Buzz Aldrin (played by himself). Liz wonders if she should settle, like her mom did.

Tags: 30 Rock
Posted by Ericka Foster on May 7, 2010 7:39 AM
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