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30 Rock: Emanuelle Goes To Dinosaur Land Review

After realizing in last week's episode that she's set her expectations too high, Liz revisits her gentlemen's rolodex. She revisits Drew (played by Jon Hamm), who's...changed. But not really.She also visits Dennis who is also the same old Dennis, attempting to recreate the Bubble Boy fiasco, only this time, learning from the parents' "mistakes". After coming up 0 for two, she runs into Wesley, her settling soulmate, and invites him to be her date for Floyd's wedding.

Nancy pops into town, surprising Jack on the weekend where he has promised Avery where the weekend will be filled with staring out of windows while holding a glass of scotch. Instead of making a decision between the two women, he decides to keep Nancy at arm's length over the weekend. That goes well until Nancy comes out of the bathroom wearing red lingerie. He ends up breaking the news to her in mass, using her Catholic guilt to keep her from losing it.

Meanwhile, Dot Com and Kenneth take Tracy on a trip to the old neighborhood so Tracy can connect with his past. The only way he can obtain the 'O' in EGOT(you know, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) is to tap into that emotion for more dramatic roles.

This episode is a two-parter, with next week's episode (the one that includes cutie Matt Damon), will be the season finale.

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Posted by Ericka Foster on May 14, 2010 8:26 AM
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