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30 Rock Fodder

A Party is in Trouble and only 30 Rock's Tracy Can Save It

Liz finds out that the whole team goes out to Thunder Thursday's without her. So to prove her fun factor, she decides to throw a party. And as everybody knows, ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party, 'cause a Liz Lemon mandatory.

Jack's impending decision between Avery and Nancy takes a backseat to his appeasement of Khonani, who was promised the late show shift five years ago. The show parodies the late night debacle between NBC, Conan and Leno. (I originally reported that this was the finale, but somebody was misinformed). FYI, that is the real janitor, not an actor.

Tracy's wife demands that he stay at home and take care of her while she is pregnant. He sends Kenneth to save Liz's party. Kenneth brings a Rotweiler along as his date.

Tags: 30 Rock
Posted by Ericka Foster on April 22, 2010 9:34 PM
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