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30 Rock Fodder

30 Rock coming to Comedy Central!

Comedy Central just reached a multi-year deal with NBC Universal to license five seasons "30 Rock" starting in 2011. That's a pretty sweet gig for Comedy Central, since the show only just wrapped up it's third season last spring.
I used to watch the cable comedy network round the clock a decade ago, but not so much anymore. About the only thing I'll tune in for (and by "tune in" I mean "DVR") is the Daily Show. With some of the low-brow, simple-minded dreck they've been turning out lately it seems like Comedy Central has been going for a...different kind of demographic than it used to.
But with the acquisition of the quintillion-Emmy-winning (well, okay, only 17 Emmy's in 2008) '30 Rock,' maybe the all-comedy channel is trying to bump up their clientele a bit.
And it's about time. After all, when you're the only 24/7 comedy network on TV--and face it, TBS, no one's looking at you here--appealing to a broad-spectrum of funny bones should be a number one priority.
(On a side note, I'm going to go ahead and read between the lines here: Does this mean that 'Rock' is guaranteed to run for at least two more seasons? Let's hope so. Not that there was every any doubt about the show's longevity.
But still. This is TV land. The only thing networks make more of than TV shows is canceled TV shows.)

So what are your thoughts? Will you be there in 2011 to watch your favorite New-York-based variety-show-within-a-show sitcom? Do you think '30 Rock' is a good fit for Comedy Central? Sound off in the comments area!

Posted by Bobby Bierley on July 10, 2009 5:06 PM
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