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30 ROCK: Flu Shot


Hello Lemonings!

Sorry for the delay in my post. I've had a busy week.

But, before we discuss the episode - congrats to the cast and crew for a not surprising sweep at the Golden Globes. 30 ROCK took best actress, actor and show. I find it a little disappointing that the Hollywood Foreign Press doesn't acknowledge writers and directors in television, yet Miley Cyrus is nominated for writing a song in a features. Whatever.

As I've said for most of this season, while I do love the guest actors cast this season, I've felt they detract from our ensemble. This week was the first time I felt like the action was centered back on our gang. (Salma Hayek, not withstanding.)

This week the flu strikes the set of 30 Rock. Only a small supply of the flu shot is available. Liz declines the shot in order to stand in solidarity with the crew. For some reason (we shall call it suspension of disbelief) no one who works there - residents of New York City, mind you - got the shot. If I were Liz, I would have taken the shot and said, "screw you. They're like twenty bucks at Walgreen's!"

(And as a side note, NBC/ Universal DOES in fact offer flu shots to their employees. Or at least they did two years ago when I worked there. Maybe they took them away and that's what inspired the episode.)

What follows is a George Romero inspired "Night of the Living Dead" treatment. (Including a hysterical Kenneth progressively getting sicker and sicker.)

I DID like the teaming of Tracy and Jenna. I feel like poor Jane Krakowski has been placed on a deep back burner and it feels like writers just now realized they could make her an over the top, selfish diva. And surprisingly, it works.

Jenna and Tracy teamed to "do something for the crew." Their quest to bring soup ended with the two of them shopping for themselves.

Liz does her sexy dance. Enough said.

I'm not a huge Salma Hayek fan. Honestly the sound of her voice drives me crazy. Her character arc involves playing a nurse and this week she took care of an older gentleman. (And the poor woman got saddled with the clunkiest line of year: "I live in the Big Apple, but I spend all my time with a Big Vegetable.")

Jack convinces Hayek's "Elisa" to bring her patient, Mr. Templeton, with them on their dates around Manhattan, including but not limited to, "The Lion King," street performers and a game of Monopoly.

Later, when Mr. Templeton's son arrives, Mr. Templeton comes out of his vegetative state and proclaims: "A man comes at night! He comes to the house and takes me! He wears a suit. His hair is thick, like a Bolshevik Commissar. He made me watch a giraffe with the legs of a man! He gave money to a silver man! He ate a plate of fire! He was in prison, but now he owns a railroad!"

My favorite bit involved Elisa telling Jack, "I'll have to go back and work the late shift at Dunkin Donuts. The customers are so sad." Cut to a flashback with Liz arriving at the counter and asking, "what time do you start throwing out the donuts?"

If you haven't seen the episode, you can catch it at

What did you think?


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Posted by Chad on January 19, 2009 12:24 AM
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what does miley cyrus has to do with this?yet another stupidass article,the girl wrote a good song,and worked hard,and she deserves it.y also bring up her name on everything,some ppl think shes smart and talented,and whats wrong with it?

-- Posted by: laura at January 19, 2009 1:17 AM

Laura, I SAID I was disappointed that the Hollywood Foreign Press does not acknowledge television writers and directors and I was using Miley Cyrus as an example that SONGwriters for feature films are nominate.

There's nothing wrong with it. Other than the fact that talented writers and directors on television shows are shut out, but acknowledged in the feature world.

And I believe "stupid ass" are two words. Or at least hyphenated.

-- Posted by: Chad at January 19, 2009 1:22 AM

the way u word it made it as if she doesnt deserve the nomination,yes there are some talented writers and director but that doesnt mean that she wasnt suppose to get nominated,ppl were impress by her work at her age and thought that she deserve a node,and once again she wasnt the only one nominated for a feature film,u could've used someone else as an example

-- Posted by: laura at January 19, 2009 1:50 AM

Yes, I could have used someone else as an example. But I didn't.

-- Posted by: Chad at January 19, 2009 1:54 AM

why?because ppl would agree with you and say why miley?instead of the someone else!i think it's pretty pathetic

-- Posted by: laura at January 19, 2009 2:08 AM

Chad, don't you know that if you get into an argument with a crazy person, you yourself seem crazy??

-- Posted by: brian at January 19, 2009 10:40 AM

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